Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2023

So it seems like I have more fun and potential than I thought when it comes to VTuber clips and vertical videos, considering this thing being the most Liked video in my channel now, for one. And I seem to find more fun in being mindfully slow and quiet about it, something all them many better HOLOSTARS clippers and Starlights reassure me about through their work. And speaking of HOLOSTARS, the English branch’s Tempus has gotten a second wave, the Vanguard, while the first wave is now called the Headquarters. So far, Shinri is my fave Vanguard member thanks to his serenity. And again, HOLOSTARS continues to humble me with their abilities and character and make my appreciation for hololive Production as a whole and VTubing in general more solid. And hey, the English branch of the Stars is now six months old, and it’s got me feeling how Stars EN is currently the VTubers I’ve had the most fun tuning into throughout my time as a VTuber fanboy. Makes me feel like creatively coming clean about my cishet male perversions, too, and again, I hope to overcome them in ways God Almighty wants.

As for other humbling stuff involving HOLOSTARS that’s happened to me and I’d like to discuss in more detail, I got a YouTube Community share by this dedicated Pinoy holo fan going by the name Rob L. Callistis for my English cover of Roberu’s POP-TALK. Honestly, I’ve never really watched his content much yet, but just the sight of this man having the guts to be a full holo fan, a holoPro fan, not just a Live fan or just a Stars fan, on top of striving to be a creative inspires me to keep on being myself, whatever that’s supposed to be. So yes, I thank him very much for this piece of support he did as himself. Thank you very much again for your humbling work, Rob, and I wish you more strength and worthwhile times.

Now, for other things that happened, I got these new meme vids spawned from my gutter brain and this poem inspired by the homily of the Epiphany Mass I attended. No new vlogs and livestreams, also. There was also my maternal grandfather’s death, which I discussed in my commentary for my POP-TALK English cover. And I ended up back in my immediate family’s house on top of having to go my day job’s office to sign some forms, mainly tax ones. I think I missed more than I thought the quiet of my immediate family’s house, too, and a recent recording session I did here probably was the main thing that got me realizing that. Getting a bit more used to commuting around by myself again, also, and the Nintendo Switch be growing on this more Nintendo-grown nut some more. I seem to have gotten into Project Sekai’s Vivid BAD SQUAD and this guy going by natori as well.

As for things coming up, I’m planning to release a fanfic and two song covers here next month. As for things beyond next month, I’m making progress with an original song. I’d also like to finish the three gaming stream series I currently have going on but haven’t gotten back to for about two to three months now. And get some VTuber clips and at least one meme video up. With offstream gaming and e-book reading as my breaks in between. I really should learn how to better handle being a streamer fan, look back at my childhood experiences with the television especially.

And I guess that’s as far as I’ll talk about for this month’s digest post. Again, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback, and may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding us all.


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