HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- – Always Tied – TOB Vocal Cover

I gotta admit, this short and sweet song is my favorite Stars EN original song so far, especially with how much I’ve been looping it lately. Happily dance-worthy on top of solemnly fantastic and filled with powerful vocal synergy, it’s something I consider easy to sing by oneself but a lot more fun sung by a group. Now, if I felt like a more easily sociable person, this would’ve been a group cover.

Anyway, as for what I like in particular about my work here? It would be the pronunciation fixes. And the determined tone. I’d also like to send big thanks again to k. for her audio engineering work, especially her clarity, and making it even better is how she finds this song super fun to mix!

And it seems like this commentary will be short like the song I covered here, huh? Well, considering how daunting I tend to get when I talk longer, I guess this is a good thing. Anyway, here’s a link to the mp3. Looking forward to your honest constructive feedback as well, peeps!


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