No Sympathy from the Devil

And here we have yet another Devil roleplay monologue, with the character having a more human design made with the help of Denyel, because hey, humans are the real monsters, right? And speaking of real monstrosities, one of them is self-loathing, which I’d also like to call modesty taken to the extreme, and I think I display a lot of that in my content. And if the stuff I learned through some jokes in a Max0r vid about my fellow Roman Catholics is anything to consider, you can 100% trust what I’m saying here.

And hey, remember how we like to call mental health issues “demons”? Honestly, even if I weren’t Christian, I think I’d still have mixed feelings about proudly calling oneself a demon while making a habit out of calling one’s own mental health issues “demons.” Sure, I guess it can make us look like we can go toe to to with our issues, but like any other lie, we end up needlessly amplifying the painfulness of the truth with it, and it only looks awesome to people who are dumber than us.

Also, the next scripts shall not star the Devil himself, but of course, they will remind of you him. Now, again, honest constructive feedback, please. And if you’re a writer who thinks they can make a decent script for this series, then please feel free to ask me about that.

Just Proud of You, Never Loving You

Yeah, this is basically Lisa the Tearer but without the tryharding at being a VTuber. And by that, I also mean that these videos will be more independent of each other. I was thinking of not having dedicated blog posts about these, too, but I think I’d be underselling myself like that, so yeah, here’s me with a commentary, especially for folks who bother to check this blog out.

Now, yes, I attempted to do a Devil roleplay monologue here as a Roman Catholic. This may not be the last attempt at such, too. In fact, it’s pretty much the core of my villainous roleplaying here. I’ve been wanting to write villain protagonists this evil as well, but I feel as if I cannot ever meaningfully portray such characters through plain prose writing, and I remember how I would enjoy going through memorable clips and quotes of popular characters, so stuff like that led me to tell stories starring these evil folks through roleplay monologues like this.

And why call someone the Devil if they aren’t some scumbag like the guy in the above portrayal? Some of us would think that the Devil’s side is just in bigotry done in the name of religion, while others would think that it’s just in activism done in the name of irreligion, but all of us are ignorant of how the Devil actually plays all sides for himself and himself alone. Yeah, if you thought wrapping your head around the most infamous criminals’ behaviors is hellish, trying that on the Devil’s behaviors is going to be, well, hell. It’s pretty much by the grace of God that we can understand and fight him, then. And if this roleplay does help someone out there be a truly good person, then chalk that up to Him and His hilariously awesome grace and not me and my unfortunately convincing acting.

As for more technical stuff, well, I had this wonderful illustrator named Syd, whom I first encountered through the KoMETA Virtual Live fan community, do the character art in the vid. I was looking for a more effeminate design, actually, but fortunately, my attempt at even more toxic masculinity was foiled, leading to that character art that looks a lot more like yours truly and his fat bastardry. Also, as I want folks to better understand what the heck I’m saying, I’m having them speeches transcribed in the videos. I’d like to be more stylish about it, though, so yeah, expect me to fumble around some more with that stuff.

Further plans for this sort of content? Well, I got two more scripts ready, and I’m planning to release once a month. Now, I’d like some honest constructive feedback, please.