Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2023

So it seems like I have more fun and potential than I thought when it comes to VTuber clips and vertical videos, considering this thing being the most Liked video in my channel now, for one. And I seem to find more fun in being mindfully slow and quiet about it, something all them many better HOLOSTARS clippers and Starlights reassure me about through their work. And speaking of HOLOSTARS, the English branch’s Tempus has gotten a second wave, the Vanguard, while the first wave is now called the Headquarters. So far, Shinri is my fave Vanguard member thanks to his serenity. And again, HOLOSTARS continues to humble me with their abilities and character and make my appreciation for hololive Production as a whole and VTubing in general more solid. And hey, the English branch of the Stars is now six months old, and it’s got me feeling how Stars EN is currently the VTubers I’ve had the most fun tuning into throughout my time as a VTuber fanboy. Makes me feel like creatively coming clean about my cishet male perversions, too, and again, I hope to overcome them in ways God Almighty wants.

As for other humbling stuff involving HOLOSTARS that’s happened to me and I’d like to discuss in more detail, I got a YouTube Community share by this dedicated Pinoy holo fan going by the name Rob L. Callistis for my English cover of Roberu’s POP-TALK. Honestly, I’ve never really watched his content much yet, but just the sight of this man having the guts to be a full holo fan, a holoPro fan, not just a Live fan or just a Stars fan, on top of striving to be a creative inspires me to keep on being myself, whatever that’s supposed to be. So yes, I thank him very much for this piece of support he did as himself. Thank you very much again for your humbling work, Rob, and I wish you more strength and worthwhile times.

Now, for other things that happened, I got these new meme vids spawned from my gutter brain and this poem inspired by the homily of the Epiphany Mass I attended. No new vlogs and livestreams, also. There was also my maternal grandfather’s death, which I discussed in my commentary for my POP-TALK English cover. And I ended up back in my immediate family’s house on top of having to go my day job’s office to sign some forms, mainly tax ones. I think I missed more than I thought the quiet of my immediate family’s house, too, and a recent recording session I did here probably was the main thing that got me realizing that. Getting a bit more used to commuting around by myself again, also, and the Nintendo Switch be growing on this more Nintendo-grown nut some more. I seem to have gotten into Project Sekai’s Vivid BAD SQUAD and this guy going by natori as well.

As for things coming up, I’m planning to release a fanfic and two song covers here next month. As for things beyond next month, I’m making progress with an original song. I’d also like to finish the three gaming stream series I currently have going on but haven’t gotten back to for about two to three months now. And get some VTuber clips and at least one meme video up. With offstream gaming and e-book reading as my breaks in between. I really should learn how to better handle being a streamer fan, look back at my childhood experiences with the television especially.

And I guess that’s as far as I’ll talk about for this month’s digest post. Again, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback, and may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding us all.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – December 2022 + 2022 in Review

Happy Birthday to the Word That Became Flesh, and may He challenge and guide this wannabe writer and artist and entertainer and more into being more lovingly careful with his words, among other things, for I often put too much emphasis on the “careful” part, and like my fellow fools, I was born to not just be loved but also love. And I feel like He’s been doing that work freaking well even before this latest demand of mine, most especially with how much I’ve been enjoying hololive Production and VTubers and more way beyond what my down abyssal butt ever expected through HOLOSTARS English. Those boys made me feel like I can have fun even with my slow growth and even without the rushing I honestly wanted to do with that slow growth after ending Lisa the Tearer earlier than I planned and starting streaming some time after on top of churning out all them covers and one name-your-price fan song and a bunch of other works more dumbly exhibiting my heavier desperation for power and responsibilities I don’t know how to handle. Watching the rest of HOLOSTARS on top of holoTEMPUS’s streams thanks to the latter inspiring me like how Calli and holoMyth inspired me into becoming a hololive fan on top of becoming a VTuber fan, I’ve gone as far as also watching and enjoying the second concert by the 1st-3rd Generation of HOLOSTARS, the nine whom I also call the HOLOSTARS Nine, and the 3D debut of UPROAR!!, whose variety program Jump UPROAR!! I’ve also grown to enjoy looking forward to and tuning into. I even found myself taking my Japanese, subtitling, and video editing skills to the next level because of them, considering how I’ve been translating Gamma Hizaki’s YouTube Shorts and how I’ve started clipping VTubers. Combine that with stuff like the appreciation for my HOLOSTARS covers, especially the ones for Kaika Sengen, Monologue in a row, and Silent Night Requiem, and here’s this freaking motivated me who feels like he has an improving sense of direction now. Yes, I’m pretty scared about coming out with skeletons like how down abyssal I am about the Live ladies in the process, especially by hinting to you about the fact that I’ve been writing and posting smut starring some of them out there, and how I realized that I’ve been watching the Live girls and the Stars boys way more shallowly than I thought until the Tempus boys came around. But I’m reassured about my capability and need to do better, especially as a man, by the Stars boys’ ability to be responsible with the lesser power they have, so much that my interest in following the girls got renewed and this piece of fanfiction starring Tempus and Kronii got made. Perhaps this meme vid and this vlog can give you a better idea about my improvement this year, too.

But if you’re looking for more signs of improvement that are posted on this blog and aren’t just HOLOSTARS content, then you might want to look at my other stuff from this month first, them being the one TRY for this year and my latest collab cover. As for categorized older stuff from this year, there are:

In terms of individual older stuff from this year, I recommend:

And looking at the 2021 review post, I guess I have at least a bit more evidence that I went above and beyond my overall expectations and/or went against my dumb expectations for myself and my Tobbyworks this year. As for my expectations next year, I think I’d like to make more content as a fan of VTubers, especially holoPro, probably even in a way that would get me some sort of sideline, though may God Almighty help me handle that more properly if I’m meant to have that. On top of that, I think I’d like to release one or two original songs, make more time for my gaming backlog on stream and off stream, go through more of my reading backlog and maybe even my podcast-listening backlog, post one or two fanfiction pieces worth sharing here, post one TRY and one Superheroes vs God Almighty piece, and do something I’d find more healthily entertaining with my handwritten reflection habit. And while I don’t think this desire will be that fruitful this coming 2023, there’s still my desire to get a lovely lady. Whatever the case, may God Almighty challenge and guide me towards what He wants.

Now, I’d like to show my appreciation for some more ordinary life stuff that allows me to do these Tobbyworks. There’s my day job’s company doing better, and I wouldn’t be able to up my production values and my sister’s fun in life without that. There’s my more personal space I have while being mostly emotional support for my grandparents, which also contributed to my streaming ability especially. And there are my long-time friends and my immediate family I often take for granted, my loved ones who learn and do their best to support me more than I like to think. And of course, there’s God Almighty, the Word whom I underestimate and overestimate like how my fellow fools underestimate and overestimate words. May He keep on challenging and guiding as all as He wishes.

And again, this hopefully even more smartly obvious villain of a man we can healthily cancel anytime asks for honest constructive feedback, for yet another miracle. Merry Christmas, my fellow filthy animals, and may we have a Happy New Year.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2022

If you’ve had the guts to bore yourself to death by fully watching my instances of streaming this month and before this post, you’ll have already learned that I’ve gotten some more free time, a new controller cable, and an additional monitor. Still, I don’t know how much use I’d get from all that, especially from my additional monitor, if I weren’t staying at my grandparents’ place with my more personal space and the stronger Internet connection. So yeah, may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding me to learn and do my best to be of service to my grandparents.

Oh, and speaking of hardware upgrades, I now feel like I should’ve mentioned this some time in a monthly digest post right after I got it a few months ago, but I also got a new phone, one that can help me be a VTuber. But since I’m pretty picky about quality on top of being this squishy-brained bum, you’re gonna see more of me taking advantage of the HD front camera first. Also, speaking of YouTube stuff, I think I forgot to mention this in the last monthly digest post, but the Community tab in my YouTube Channel is now open, so yeah.

Other fun stuff this month worth noting here…Well, I think I really further got into holostars’ Uproar, especially Gamma, particularly through his YT Shorts I’ve been doing translation attempts on in their respective comment sections. Jumproar and Uproar’s 3D debuts also helped a lot. And one song cover by all four of them has been kinda stuck in my mind lately. And so continues my discovery and appreciation of holostars’ bro energy I’ve been missing out on and been in denial about for so long because of how I’ve been cynically leaning into my stereotypical cishet maleness, which I think my struggles with also helped spawn this reflection I posted this month.

And speaking of holostars some more, I’ve made my first cover of a Rikka solo original. More holostars covers to come in the next few months, too. I also made a fanfic starring Tempus and Kronii. Even got the strength to write more English translyrics for holoPro originals. Also, to conserve my strength and all that in line with doing what I like, I’ve decided to lighten up on original music plans.

And the following month shall be my birth month, with me turning 26 on the 13th. I’m planning on releasing something big on the Sunday before that, too. And apparently, all of Uproar’s gonna stream in 3D together on December 3. And of course, there’s Christmas, which happens to be the day of my final monthly digest post for this year. May I also have the strength to endure them crowds during them celebrations.

Now, honest constructive feedback, please~

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – October 2022

I now feel like I’m living a better version of my routine during my last years at university. I’m practically living with my own room at my grandparents’ house, provided I help give her peace of mind especially as she also looks after my senile and bedridden grandfather. Said room I’m staying in even allows me to record singing vocals, and the Internet’s way better than my immediate family’s house’s for streaming. And I have a day job, a work-from-home one, that I somehow still like and am improving at, even with stuff like the further increased workload this month. And I’m fanboying like the cishet trash that I am for a much newer and still underdog group of idol bros handled by a company from Japan. Still into K-Pop too, but mainly NCT now, though I think I’ve been kinda getting into SHINee lately, especially thanks to Key’s solo releases (Hate that…, which features Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, is probably the Key song that’s most stuck in my mind right now, by the way).

And again, I struggle with myself, with part of that being how weird I feel about being what we call a “normie,” which I assume is also someone who thinks that stuff like school and work and family are necessary evils rather than dignifying responsibilities, while indulging in all this nerdy stuff that helped make me and are still helping in making me. And don’t get me started on these supposedly anti-decadence communities’ decadence that I have to live with, especially when we start going down infernal and “You deserve this! I deserve this! We deserve this!” and “Speak up ’cause silence is death!” Still, even if I am being oppressed like that, I still got a hold on my self that God gave me and I can use, and doing my usual psychological kamikaze combo of complaining about others on top of loathing myself would only make my issues worse. Especially since I want to help give my grandparents some good quiet without turning myself into a doormat wasting this quieter space I have here.

And so goes another vague venting in these monthly digest posts. And man, I’ve made so many of these posts already, huh? Like, six years already. I guess I’ve grown more appreciation for obscurity too. And especially thanks to holostars as well, I think I’m really starting to give up on pursuing my thinly veiled ambition of getting into hololive Production to wreak manchildish havoc. Still gonna pursue being an artist, though, and speaking of my VTuber fanboying some more, I’ve finally done a song cover that isn’t of a holoPro original. I also got the strength to make and release another insomniac musing in writing and another Some Trios Walk into Ahnenerbe installment. And while I’ve only streamed twice since the last monthly digest post (I like to think getting back into gacha games and getting into Blue Archive have a lot to do with that), I did manage to make and release some new vlogs that are hopefully improved in editing at least. And I might be improving at taking things one at a time, at least a bit. So yeah, I’m still managing, praise and thanks be to God Almighty yet again, and may He keep on challenging and guiding us fools. Maybe the All Saints’ and All Souls’ season have been helping me a lot more than I thought in writing all this, huh?

As for stuff to look forward to from me right now, well, the one-cover-upload-a-month in terms of music continues, I might be able to upload yet another insomniac musing, and I really want to give more life to Tobby’s Recommendation Yells. And considering my weakening old main reason for doing streaming, I might do a few times like this passing month had, but I still feel like doing streaming, at least to finish those three playthroughs that are still in progress.

With that, I guess I’m done with this month’s digest post. And again, I’d like some honest constructive feedback.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – September 2022

Starting off by talking about the sort of creative pursuits I’ve been spending the most of my budget on lately, I’m feeling more like slowing down on my music cover productions as well lately. Day job’s been busier, I got a phone upgrade courtesy of my mom that I need to pay off, and I want to go bigger with the covers in some way, with my cover of Tempus’s “Top of the World” being my top example among my two covers this month. Not like I don’t got confidence in my cover of Calli’s “Kamouflage,” but if I could handle a bigger budget, I would’ve had the visuals for that be more personalized like I did with the “Ijimekko Bully” cover (which is still rising up the ranks in my YouTube Channel for some reason). And covers aren’t the only music productions I wanna work on. And I wanna do singing collaborations, which are just covers at the moment, but still. And I think I should explore others’ music more, which I’ve been managing to do especially with the help of Spotify again. I don’t think I’ve felt like exploring this much since when I was in university, specifically when I would be listening to downloaded albums on the mobile app while in them long bus rides. I guess turning my daily handwritten religious reflection habit into a gratitude list really helped there lots, too.

And speaking of writing, I’ve made a proper fanfic writing comeback, and by that, I mean a safe-for-work fanfic release. As for the NSFW stuff, yeah, more happened. Again, I’m not gonna give you a lot of specifics about that here, but if you do find them for some reason or another, I encourage roasting me along with them, especially since they’re fantasies about real people, though if you like them, then I’d rather have your honesty there, whether I’d like it or not. Anyway, the safe fanfic is a work for Fire Emblem, though it’s for some installments I’ve never played before. On top of randomly wiki-walking about the franchise, some wonderful works of and chats with a particular writer who goes by the name of the franchise’s third installment pushed me a lot into actually writing and posting the fanfic. I think I’d rather play more Valkyria Chronicles than Fire Emblem right now, though.

And yeah, I’ve managed to stream a few times this month, with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 and The Silver Case also continuing slowly but surely. As in, one’s made some grinding progress for its True Ending, while the other two have revealed to me some very major spoilers. And with how I’ve been wanting to practice streaming more on top of trying out some games I got interested in through Tempus like Dicey Dungeons and the Hitman games, I guess it would help that if I take it easier on the cover production. Plus, I’ve been getting the urge to read original fiction again, particularly in the form of light novels and manga, with the latest localized volume of We’re New at This being the last thing I read.

Now, considering how I’ve had lots of fun exploring others’ creative works before, even with few things among them being stuff I’d really like, I’m getting the feeling that what’s killing my sense of contentment about it is my desire to fish for praise from and connections with others while trying to dodge mockery and loneliness. Especially by posing as someone who’s good at confrontations, like in this new attempt at a meme vid. I strongly believe in the ideas I’m trying to deliver, but I’m very doubtful about how I’d rather deliver those ideas. Thinking about that some more, especially with the tiredness such posturing gives me, I think I’d rather make stuff more like and better than this new attempt at a vlog. Besides, I’ll still have to deal with obscurity and zealotry even if I didn’t, and even the best life, while certainly worth cherishing, isn’t anything to brag about. My two poems this month, one about apparently killing God and one about sitting on thrones, probably depict that struggle of mine best right now.

So yeah, for now, in terms of Tobbyworks, I’m basically gonna take it easier on the posts I’ll feature on this blog here at least, while meme vids and vlogs and streams might get a bit more frequent. I think I can say, then, that the covers are likely to be once a month for the next few months, and that Bear Lords It Over You will be more guerrilla like my streaming and my writing posts for now. Seriously, I’m finding more relief in my day job right now, yet I still want to be this artist and entertainer for some reason.

Anyway, however I’m supposed to go, praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for the challenges and guidance, and may He keep on helping us all. Also, as usual, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2022

You know, I guess having tuned into holostars English as much as I have so far filled my time even better than I expected, considering how stressed I was by traveling around for my work ATM card and having to deal with my immediate family’s house’s Internet connection being hard to work with in terms of streaming. Call me shallow, especially since the work I’m aiming to do with the practice isn’t really up there in terms of secure ways to earn a living, but yeah, been having the itch to practice streaming even more than I expected, especially with stabler hardware, as shown by my more recent Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 and The Silver Case stream episodes in particular, with the Valkyria Chronicles stream episodes being a contrast out of great luck as well, long stream times aside. Though I also found myself pushing myself too hard about participating in the fandom again while getting into Tempus, trying to commit to a fan Discord server until I found myself burnt out around a crowd again. Makes me wonder why I still try to do these attempts at making a name for myself when I could just shut up and game and read and watch with all this money I’m getting…Oh, yeah, I wanna have bros and rivals I can make worthwhile art with, which Tempus helped me understand and appreciate further along with other parts of my self. There’s also getting the girl, because hey, I’m actually cishet trash. I guess because of that madness as well, I’m feeling lucky that those meme vids and vlogs of mine didn’t get a single update before this post. I mean, I’ve been feeling like the creep I’ve been struggling to overcome some more with them, you know? And the moments when people actually have been out for my blood are way rarer than I like to think. Now that’s what’s truly the most frustrating thing about me lately.

But more on the bright side, I’d like to send thanks to AK Enoch for having me in a fun recent video of his, which is about the so-called “perfectly cut scream.” Been over a year since my playlist of others’ shows I’m featured in got updated, too. And I honestly haven’t been tuning into his content much, so yeah, I’m surprised that he still has that much trust in me. Then again, I guess I can make stuff like this Bear Lords It Over You vid. And then there’s how this blog is already nine years old.

Also being another confidence boost is the feedback I’ve been getting on my English cover of Izuru Kanade’s “Monologue in a row.” A freaking difficult production to work on, and I’m wishing that someone would outdo me in covering the song in English, but still. I’d also like to give a shout-out to RingNin, a skilled, hardworking, and modest Youtaite whom I first encountered showing appreciation for my Kagerou Day/Azami birthday commemoration release that is my English cover of “days.”

And hey, I got to post four poems this month! I got one with the love-and-war theme, one with the love-and-treasure theme, one with the death-seeking theme, and one about, well, words. And so far, there’s one more I consider ready for upload in my production queue, which, needless to say, will show up on this blog next month.

As for more talk about plans for next month’s blog posts, I’m also hoping to post one or two music uploads and, surprisingly, one fanfic! Even more surprising is how they all started out of impulse! Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for that and more, then!

So yeah, I’m itching for some more honest constructive feedback again. And may He keep on helping us all!

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – July 2022

I think the most obvious sign of it is this month only having one music post (which kinda blew up and got me feeling like I should have more faith in my fellow Starlights), but I’ve been feeling like I’ve been pushing myself too hard with my routine, especially in terms of prayer, so I went and restructured it. I’m not going to share all the details about it, but I will say that the centerpiece of it is turning my daily journal writing (and handwriting maintenance) from random self-loathing to gratitude listing. Not only will I be more pushed to focus on the positives of my daily life, it will still help expose what I need to improve on. So far, specifically in the one to two weeks I’ve been doing it, I think I can say that it’s been helping me be more motivated and focused about my daily activities and more open and flexible to variations changing circumstances offer me, taking the days for granted less and all.

Still, there are matters like how I wrote and posted smut for the first time. And of all things, it’s hololive smut. It’s also something that reeks of how cishet I actually am, even with the digestibility it gained thanks to its beta reader, so at least it’ll be something that has the potential to disturb the two sides I’m playing, I guess? And out of some attempt at prudence and the like, that stuff goes on only one site, which, along with the identity of the beta reader and to emphasize said attempt, I will neither name nor link in this post. And especially considering that that one smut piece may not be the last one I’ll be posting, please remember that I can’t exactly stop you from digging up the truth yourself and even exposing it to the public, though, whether I like it or not. I’d also like to say that I’d like to discuss sexual stuff with humble positivity more, whether in private or in public.

Now, back to posts on this blog this month, there’s another Bear Lords It Over You update where I also play the Devil again, and then there’s a reflection that spawned with the help of Sunday readings that also included the part where Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m glad that this blog this month got more filled, but at the same time, I feel like when I was trying to handle producing my music posts all by myself, pretending especially to myself that I could do more than what I could actually do. And now I’m thinking that even if I made the right choice leaving all those Discord servers I left, even if I could actually do even more than I can right now, I have to remember that I still need other people, and what matters is that I find the ones I can be more and more myself around, not hoard as many apparent friends as possible. I hate having to face the error part of “trial and error,” but I gotta accept that that’s how looking for good friends will go, and that making friends is just the beginning of friendship.

Other stuff this month worth noting here? Well, it’s not much again, but I did manage to do some streaming this month. Also been figuring out how to more quickly finish a few harder maps in Valkyria Chronicles, already at endgame in my playthrough of Hyperdimension Re;Birth2, and I have to remember to have a lot of water for when I push my throat to the limit by doing my cheap voice acting for The Silver Case. Also got some new meme vids, with my return to holomemeing also being the second catschais meme compilation video I got featured in. And speaking of more of my YouTube stuff, my “Ijimekko Bully” vocal cover has gone past 100 Likes on top of being my channel’s most Liked and second most viewed video right now, and my channel has already gone past 250 subscribers as well. Again, thank you very much for the humbling support.

As for plans for the following month, I think I’ll be able to upload at least one music post, which will be an English cover of a Japanese song, specifically a KagePro song because hey, it’s August. And August is also the month I consider this blog’s and therefore The Overlord Bear’s anniversary, which will be nine years old at that point. I’m also planning to post some poems I wrote, and hopefully, there’ll be a Bear Lords It Over You update featuring a different villain. I’m also not sure if I’ll have the strength to write fanfics and reviews to post here next month.

And now, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback again. And again, may God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – June 2022

I think I’ve been around a month at my grandparents’ place already. And judging from my increased comfort thanks to having more room for me, my stuff, and my solitude here, I think my recent bout of slowness about going through life here, especially making my Tobbyworks, is me regressing into idle wanderings to the trivial and perverted as I sober up about and run away from how horrible a bunch of my current interests actually are again and/or me further experiencing growing pains as I learn and do better. For one, I left the few remaining fan Discord servers I was in, as I had to remember that I have a very low social battery. I’ve also been buying and reading more light novels and manga via Bookwalker. And then there are also games on Steam, like The Silver Case, which I’ve been streaming along with Valkyria Chronicles and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2, though I’ve been streaming games and even gaming off-stream less since the last monthly digest. After all, there’s also the matter of sleep, which I’ve been struggling to have some more, and that issue seems to have acted up further as I posted this month’s features on this blog:

  1. an English cover of Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “ZIGI,” another track from his Allegories mini album
  2. “Just Proud of You, Never Loving You,” the start of a villain roleplay monologue video series called Bear Lords It Over You
  3. “From Prison, The TV Killer,” a Persona 4 fan song and my first Bandcamp and priced release

I think the second and third make the first one look like light work, though. The first one’s a sort of thing I’ve sort of gotten used to doing, then I tried to crack open my thinking process for writing and acting the Devil in the second, and then I decided to go name-your-price last-minute in the third. All while starting the writing of the blog posts in the late hours of the upload days themselves rather than in advance. And while obsessing over being a schmooze as an artist, which I feel like I’ve been doing way more than I’ve been doing in my day job. I feel like I barely even schmooze at my day job!

I think the core issue here is, yet again, FOMO. The feeling of missing out. And considering stuff like my latest vlogs and meme vid, which might as well be considered my usual vent posts already, I’m desperately dealing with it as well. Again. Maybe I do have to catch up with some things, but no matter how many they should be, I really should go about them one at a time. I don’t need to fake it ’til I make it. I don’t even need to brag about it! The wonders of my life years before are proof of that, and I was also suckier back then, so what more will I get as this improved easy-to-miss guy?

So yeah, on the even brighter side, while I may be planning to stick to two music posts a month for the time being for the sake of saving up for stuff like original song production while keeping up stuff like them villain roleplay monologue vids, I’ve gotten inspiration to write stuff like fanfiction and Tobby’s Recommendation Yells again. If they don’t really materialize, then hey, I hope I take a good break at least, ’cause I want and probably need more of that. God Almighty keep on helping us all, alright.

And again, I’d like some honest constructive feedback.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – May 2022

And now, in Flexes You Don’t Need To Know But I’m Shoving Down Your Throats Because I’m A Redundancy That Is A Religious Poser: Glad to have this month getting me more used to going out again, especially through the Masses I’ve been attending in person, which have been mostly with my family and just recently by myself. And speaking of religious stuff, I’m surprised by how I’m progressing in trying to make more of a habit out of Confession and Communion along with that. I mean, yeah, I do want more of those properly, but it’s real easy to mess up, you know? If you want evidence of how easy it is, then my meme vids and my vlogs are probably more than enough to give you a good idea already. Though if you want some more (hopefully healthy) positivity about that, then you can check out these poems I posted this month as part of my poetry writing revival:

The third one feels a little too subtly religious for me to tag it as such, but I still hope I did well in drawing them religious influences into it as well. And while I’d like to say that writing poems with narratives isn’t new to me, I feel like it should be pointed out that the aforementioned poem is also more a fable than a reflection. Now, on to the next topic before I go even more TMI about my poems here.

Though we’re still not out of talking about this month’s verse work, for there’s still this month’s two English covers:

  1. a lyrical remix of Maarbble’s “Again again, and again”
  2. a translyricized take on Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “MERMAID”

Yup, managed to upload two covers this month, alright. I think I’ll post at least one of those in the coming month, and I’ve also been itching to work up more holoPro English covers, especially holostars English covers, something that got more motivated by me getting into the boys’ music through their official Spotify playlist. And again, like whenever I try to sing K-Pop boy group songs I like, I found myself admiring the boys even more as I hit my limits my hard with a lot of the songs I’ve tried to practice singing so far. Oh, and speaking of holoPro covers, my “Ijimekko Bully” cover is now my YouTube Channel’s highest rated and third most viewed video. Like, wow, thanks? And it’s still high up on the results for what I consider relevant search keywords on YouTube. So, yeah, thanks very much again? Honestly, while I will not deny being a Dead Beat, especially a freaking gachikoi one, I expected my English translyrics to get more attention than something like that one cover, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how weeby a lot of my fellow VTuber fans are.

Now, tangential jump to streaming stuff: I’ve done the most streams in a month this month, and before the month even started (and after the last monthly digest post), I managed to complete my killer7 stream series. I’m still a mostly invisible guy fumbling around, but hey, more progress, yeah? Also, in place of that, I did a one-shot stream of SUPERHOT and then started a stream series of Valkyria Chronicles. And the Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 stream series is still going, yes. And right now, I seem to stream most comfortably…late at night…and still guerrilla. And let it be known that I managed to stream as much as I did this month because I got more free time at my day job, which I don’t want to go on for too long unless I got some better day job opportunities and personal resource management skills close by.

And speaking of personal resource management skills, I really should get back to improving those, so yeah, asking for honest constructive feedback again, and may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding us into becoming the good folks He wants us to be.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – April 2022

So this month, vacation at my grandparents’ got extended for around another week than expected, but at least there’s stuff like two music covers uploaded this month, with those two being:

  1. an English cover of Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “Erase;” and
  2. a vocal cover of Calliope Mori’s “Red” with the Lo-Fi Version

As for other uploaded videos, there’s one meme vid, and then there are them killer7 streams, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 stream, and the end of New Game Plussin’ Live With Tobby along with the end of the NGPLWT of Persona 4 Golden. More streams to come as this month ends and the next month starts, hopefully. Might be mostly spontaneous in terms of streaming in the coming month, too.

Oh, and speaking of my planned activities next month that I think I can share without too much trouble right now and aren’t videos, I’m reviving my poem posting here. Unfortunately, it’s very religiously motivated, so please prepare your pitchforks and torches and the stake for this one of many demons posing as God Almighty.

As for music next month, I hope to upload at least another two covers. Also, I’m itching to write more original lyrics, but ordering original instrumentals, among other things, takes a lot, so yeah, you’re likelier to find me doing lyrical remixes in terms of that.

Some other not yet mentioned fun things about this passing month that I’m comfortable about sharing here? Well, there’s me doing more of a return to gaming offstream and reading light novels. Been playing NieR Replicant again (and completed that freaking Life in the Sands quest along the way), and finished a volume of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! and started another (and gained increased interest in Grimm and Lilith along the way). I also think I’m getting back into the groove of my day job, considering some recent faster progress on a sort of work I slowed down at big time last time I did it.

And I guess that’s that for this month’s digest post here in this blog. Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, and may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding us all as He wishes!