Maarbble – Again again, and again – TOB Remix

Did another lyrical remix of an originally instrumental track by a creator I first met as a fellow fan through the VTuber scene. Last time, it was of Joshua Hartshorn’s “Faceless Entertainers,” and now, it’s Maarbble’s “Again again, and again.” Both tracks even have arts made by their respective composers! And both remixes have Shigeru involved, though this time, he worked on all the vocal audio engineering.

Anyway, this is a short and upbeat track I made really, well, weird with my lyrics, which I’d basically describe as an attempt to better stylishly express my current crushing. Like, there’s an attraction, but whether or not it’s the romance meant for me and her, I’d rather not pretend that it’s gonna be all sunshine and rainbows, that I’ll be happy with everything about her, and that I’ll be a good guy all the time about my crushing and all that. I’d even want to say that she also has traits that piss me off, and that I’m very likely to react really improperly against them! Still, I’d love to love her, even if that love is meant to be just friendly love. And I think I’d love to write more lyrics about this sort of thing.

What do you think, though? I’d love to know, especially your honest constructive feedback. And hey, here’s this remix’s mp3, and here’s this remix’s lyrics sheet. Do credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, okay?

DEMONDICE – wanting, getting, wanting – TOB Remix

So this wannabe rapper boy came across this wannabe rapper lady who got some inexplicably warm welcoming back with her recently released EP, with this track I remixed being the first single off it. Now, I could act like I can’t be an overrated blowhard with dumb luck like her, but I cannot deny the potential I see in her as this svengali-in-the-making I actually am. I mean, I feel like I can make her style look more awesome AND my own. Really, I bet I’m just projecting how well I’m working with her style. And I bet it’ll still be a win-win even if we end up having a rivalry instead of having collaborations. Not even me being very likely to be a regular loser in a rivalry between us would stop it from being a win-win. I mean, I feel as if this niche we inhabit is quite stagnant right now, and I think this sort of battling would bring some way better life into it. And if it hasn’t fully sunken into your brain yet, then I’d like to tell you that yes, you can call this remix a diss track.

So yeah, I’m very thankful for your work here, but I’m also really sorry for turning you into my lackeys for this, alfonsomusic and Denyel. Please feel free to cut ties with and distance yourselves from me if worse comes to worst. Indeed, I am this bloodthirsty…among a lot of other horrible things.

Now, to further prove that, here’s a link to this remix’s mp3, and here’s a link to this remix’s lyrics sheet. Do credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, though I understand if you violate that request because hey, why should an actual villain like me get respect, right? And to further prove how much of a delusional and megalomaniacal idiot I actually am, I’d like to ask y’all to give me honest constructive feedback. Though hey, maybe wise luck will be around and keep this thing and me from breaking out. Gonna be big pain to me, but it’ll be big relief to you all, don’t you think?

Oh, and one more thing: that “villain” remix of mine? Her English cover of that song definitely inspired that quite a lot.

Joshua Hartshorn – Faceless Entertainers – TOB Remix

With that open space in the middle of the hypnotically groovy Faceless Entertainers EP’s title track, I felt like writing and singing lyrics over it. And I feel like I made all that pretty faceless, even with all them lyrical acrobatics and especially with those flat vocals. It’s an honor to have them vocals edited by Shigeru mixed and mastered by Joshua Hartshorn himself, too. Josh also helped tune up my lyrics, so yeah, thanks very much again~

Now, with that faceless paragraph above out of the way, have some more facelessness in the form of a link to this remix’s mp3 and a link to this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you’re bothering to use my boring stuff, of course, and again, please give me honest constructive feedback.

teniwoha – villain – actual freaking trap remix

Why does this musical attempt at a Gothic horror story tinged with Shakespearean tragedy and weeb madness made out of a Ranpo-influenced LGBT+ anthem originally sung by an androgynous Vocaloid exist? Well, it’s because I’m a disgusting straight man who likes to spend his time trying to flex on everyone with his huge-ass upper head and his pinprick lower head. To further prove that, I’d like to say that one of my fetishes is the man with feminine physical beauty hiding toxic raging straightness.

So yeah, I gotta say that I’m still surprised that the likes of Shigeru, Amei Arts, and Jaey of PLVTINUM not only bothered to work on this piece of garbage but also went beyond my expectations of them. Makes me remember the Resurrection-happy God I’ve killed a myriad number of times already. As for why I remember Him, it’s because I’m one of those pieces of scum that call themselves Catholics.

What else do I have to say? Here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet, my fellow filthy animals, and I’m sure you can remember to credit and link my inflated ego if you’re ever using my stuff. Also, please interact with this proud man more, preferably in ways that take and keep him down several notches.

get up, harebrain – A TOB Remix of Calliope Mori’s “guh”

On the road to learning and doing good self-deprecation, there is the struggle to differentiate it from bad self-deprecation, a.k.a. self-loathing. As appreciative as I am of a certain rapper going by the name Calliope Mori striving to go down that road well, stumbles are to be expected here and there, and “guh,” her crazy groovy and somewhat profound track dedicated to self-deprecation, ignited an urge within me to do a riskier take on its themes, because for one, I’m pretty sure that truer self-deprecation is likelier to put a status like she has right now as a hololive VTuber in danger. And I think it’s likelier that she won’t bother with this, let alone notice it, for a variety of good reasons, but there’s also me on another part of my quest to better figure out and deal with these complicated feelings I have for this woman, and getting this out here the best I can right now is my minimum goal for this production. Besides, I think I’ve also found other ways to get those other things I want. I mean, there are the other covers I’ve been and I’ll be making, for example.

And I gotta send big thanks and apologies to my collaborators here. First is Joshua Hartshorn, who enthusiastically and wonderfully remade the complicated instrumental originally produced by teniwoha. With that said, I’d also like to recommend his groovy Faceless Entertainers EP, and I hope he isn’t too bothered by the lyrics that are playing with fire. Then there’s Shigeru, who definitely had to go through my stupid bars over and over as he worked on the audio engineering for my choking vocals and all that again. And then there’s Juanny Rese, my younger sister who drew the museum piece of an illustration in the MV. I don’t think she’s in the rabbit hole (yet, probably), and I had this chance to have her draw for me basically because I bought her a Seventeen album (a mini album, to be more exact, I think?) she wanted. So yeah, again, to all my collaborators here, thank you very much, I’m very sorry for dragging you all into this bonkers production of mine, and if you have to deal with flak over this, then I hope you get way less flak than I would.

Also, yes, I did use Comic Sans on the music video for extra pain. I was also going to add some commentary on the top left part of the video, but I decided not to in the end because I considered it likely to turn into TMI…or TTMI, if you think my lyrics here are already too much for you to handle.

Still, along with the mp3, here’s the lyrics sheet. If you want to, you can use the sheet to help you cover this cover on top of having something for your reading convenience, but of course, you gotta remember to credit and link me if you’re gonna do that! If you don’t, well, for one, you’ll be taking the very punishing justice that must come to me, hahaha!

And hey, honestly, I’d love it if Calli considers me a worthy opponent of hers. But hey, what do you think? Whether or not you think I’m worthy, I think y’all can give me honest constructive feedback, and again, I’d like to ask for that.

I Shared a Kiss with Calliope Mori – A TOB English Remix

Happy First Anniversary to hololive English, holoMyth, and last but not least, Calliope Mori, the rapping Reaper who was also the very first to debut in holoEN and holoMyth. It’s a late greeting, but considering what I made, well, maybe the world’s lucky that this wasn’t posted on time, hahaha~ X”D

Anyway, I made a remix just for her, and it’s a remix of Mikito-P’s “Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss wo Shita,” which is also known in English as “I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku.” The original’s more wholesome than it sounds, and I’d like to say the same about my remix, but I feel like I’d be overconfident there, to be honest. Still, I wanna get this and more out there and see where all that stuff will go as far as I can.

Now, I’d like to send my thanks to the three people I commissioned to help with this production: Shigeru for the mix and mastering, Denyel for the illustrations, and Lance for the video. Also, I’d like to send you my apologies for any potential weird looks from others thanks to your involvement in my antics.

And yeah, I’m feeling kinda tight-lipped here, and I’d rather have my work speak for me more, so yeah, here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Again, please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff, and I’d love some honest constructive feedback. God Almighty keep on helping us all, too.

NCT 127 – Simon Says – TOB English Remix

Even as I thought that “Simon Says” would be an NCT song I’d be able to cover by myself, I once again found myself feeling how the original feels very much like a song performed by a group working together so well that they feel like they’re way more than the sum of their parts. And of course, there’s remembering that them boys trained very hard.

I feel like I’m improving, though, especially considering my performance in the bridge and, of course, my lyric writing in this remix. My certainty there increases when comparing this remix to my previous NCT cover, too. There’s also the feedback I got from Low Was Taken, who suggested that I add more backing vocals on top of doing mix and mastering, and man, I’d like to thank the guy very much for all that!

As for the visuals, illustrations were done by recent birthday man Genka! Happy Birthday and thanks very much again! And yes, we pretty much took pages from the visuals for my cover of BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” Of course, there are some new things, like a certain Roman numeral I’m making a pattern with lately…

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3, and here’s this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please remember to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, yo~

Also, honest constructive feedback, please~

DECO*27 – The Vampire – TOB English Rap Remix

Rapid-fire rapping plus ceiling-hitting singing really made this a lot of work on my part, alright. And then there’s Shigeru having to deal with another piece of chaos from me, hahaha… X”D

And yes, I intended to be that rougher with this, even down to the visuals. Sure, the original’s already pretty fun, and financial constraints certainly factored into my visual production choices, but I felt the impulse to rap over this with more monstrosity (probably my history of being a failure of a boyfriend calling to me there at best), and I don’t think fancier visuals would help drive that vibe more effectively. The rapid-fire rapping also wasn’t in my earlier plans for this, and it only happened because I realized that said earlier plans didn’t feel like something that was really pushing my rapping abilities. I also wanted to add color to the video text, but instinct told me that that would be too jarring, so yeah. Oh, and I very much enjoy those yells~

Now, I’d like to send my thanks to Shigeru again for the audio engineering work. And there’s also my thanks to mauweeen, this vid’s illustrator, for the quick and sharp avatar work~

And of course, here’s the mp3 copy of this cover, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Don’t forget to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff!

Also, please set me on fire better with honest constructive feedback!

Rikka and Calliope Mori – spiral tones – TOB English Remix

Now that I think about it some more, Calli seems to be taking it easy in “spiral tones”…though maybe a bit too easy, if you ask me, especially about how she uses the “out with the old, in with the new” messaging. Maybe it’s an attempt to stick to the idol tradition some more, though I think she’s already pushing said tradition’s limits well with her own brand of gap moe, for one. And then there’s how she’s jokingly called a boomer and a dad. Thinking about it that way, I’m even more underwhelmed by this “actual boomer dad trying and failing to fit in with the kids” level of competition I’m facing here, especially after going through the work I and my commissioned folks have done for this remix production.

Still, I’m pretty sure that a considerable effort was made for the original, and I do quite enjoy Rikka’s powerful songwriting and performance along with Lefty’s groovy arrangement. And while I never really thought about Calli’s work in “spiral tones” that deeply until I started writing this blog post, I had already intended to work this lyrical remix into a clapback of sorts, mostly because of how I really want to prove myself to Calli some more and how I think doing that would have to involve challenging her as well. Yeah, I could’ve tried to be more brutal with my remix lyrics, but I honestly think it’s good that I didn’t think about the original lyrics that far until now. And I could’ve had Rikka added to the illustration, but with the way I’m hijacking the track, well, I think I would’ve been more brutal if I had his face added there, hahaha…But anyway, this is still a chance to outdo that one previous fanwork event attempt of mine, so yeah, here’s me taking it.

Now, while I’m more confident in my lyrics and performance this time, my confidence is even more boosted by the audio engineering work, with Jenn handling timing and tuning, while Leanna handled mixing and mastering again. It’s not the first time I’ve had their services, but it is the first time I’ve had the full duo themselves working on my stuff, as Leanna also handled timing and tuning for that previous work due to Jenn being too busy at the time. Again, I got some freaking impressive work here, especially with how loud and clear my vocals sound. So yeah, thank you very much, you two!

As for the illustration, I commissioned Genka, who drew for one of my Lisa the Tearer vids before. I was intending to have only my avatar drawn, but then I felt like I might look too focused on myself, so I decided to have him draw Calli as well in a split screen. Also, I’m appreciating his shading skills even more now, especially after having watched the corresponding timelapse vid he sent me. Special mention also goes to my avatar’s gold/yellow eye, which has me amused while it reminds me of Shadow Selves from the Persona games. With all that said, thank you very much for your work, bro!

As for the video, I have some strangely particular confidence in my Japanese attempts there. And I intended to have the Japanese not be accompanied by English translation at first, but after realizing that I might be able to reference “Dead Poets Society” in English translation under one Japanese attempt, I decided to try having some more fun and add English translations to the rest of the attempts.

And speaking of boosted confidence, I got enough to share an mp3 copy and the lyrics sheet! Don’t forget to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, of course~

But hey, with all that boosted confidence, honest and constructive feedback is even more encouraged here! Besides, I’d be defeating my messaging in this remix if I don’t do my best to encourage and appreciate that stuff. So yeah, go for it, people!

UPDATE (August 16, 2021): I made it… TwT

fool’s eyes – a Tobby remix of nostraightanswer’s “bokeh”

I’m on time this time, and this time, the post is…a remix of a track from specters? Didn’t you try and fail to roast that before, you stupid bear?

Haha, yeah, I did. I mean, I’m also having a harder time looking back at those posts now thanks to embarrassment. But hey, that time’s yet another thing to be thankful for, too.

Though I’ll discuss more about the album and how I changed my mind about it in my next Tobby’s Recommendation Yell. Right now, there’s this remix I made out of “bokeh,” specters‘s opening track. I think I started writing the lyrics for it during September 2020, in the early days after the roast fail. “bokeh” was the only track I could bear listening to from the album at the time, but while I was captivated by its sound, I couldn’t (and I still can’t) really relate to being someone with visual acuity problems. There may also have been inspiration coming from Calliope Mori happening to me, busting my brain more open to the idea of making lyrical remixes of music from my favorite artists as well, and not just in rap. So yeah, I think those are the inspirations that kickstarted the process of me writing lyrics about my thoughts on and struggles with moral and spiritual blindness, both my own and others’…though probably more my own, hahaha… X”D

And while I’m still nervous about having to endure some highly likely, if not inevitable, suspicion drawn by my “cultured” self prancing around in public while claiming that I reversed my opinion on specters, I do have some confidence in this production. I mean, aside from taking time to sharpen my lyrics and vocals, I’m also glad that I took time and saved up for some freaking beautiful audio engineering from Leanna and some freaking cool illustrations from my cousin beesdeknees. On the other hand, I’m still not that confident in my video and marketing skills, as I still feel like I’m running on instinct more than I should there, but still, I’ll keep on learning and doing my best.

So yeah, here’s the mp3 and the lyrics sheet now. Please credit and link me if you’re using my stuff out there, and please give me some honest constructive feedback.