teniwoha – Empress – TOB English Cover

This is not a cover of a VTuber original, but Calli has her own official version of this song, which is a physical edition bonus track in her Your Mori. EP. And as far as I can see, Calli’s version feels more like a reward sneak peek into teniwoha’s NO BOY album for those appreciating his production enough to buy a physical version of the Calli EP he produced, especially considering how more polished the Vocaloid version featuring Rin is.

Now, assuming that I got the translation right, I find “Empress” a freaking thing of beauty telling a tale about beauty. I very much love how it goes from “My ugly self is out of my beautiful crush’s league” to “We’re not perfect, so I’ll love us even better.” And I felt daunted enough translating this very profound piece to seek a translation checker again, with this case featuring notable VTuber clipper Neko Mikuri, who took the time to humor my bugging, somehow thought my translation decent, and bore witness to me committing a basic English blunder with the utmost confidence. I think it was all worth it, though, and if there are any translation errors here, they’re all on me. So yeah, thanks very much again for the help, Neko!

As for the vocal work on this, well, my recording session for this further got me feeling the weight of my recently increased use of my voice, making me think that if I have to more frequently record myself singing right now, I should record for one song a week at most. I mean, I think the vocals I recorded here got some good emotional weight, and I’d like to thank Shigeru very much for emphasizing that in yet another instance of him as my audio engineer, but I also think that I could’ve recorded less strained and more beautiful vocals if I cared for my voice better at the time. Funny how I’m fussing this much over vocals for a song fussing over beauty, hahaha… X”D

But hey, what do you think? If you need some more time to think, then get the mp3 and the lyrics sheet while you’re at it! And please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff!

And of course, please make sure that your feedback’s honest and constructive!

Ina’nis Ninomae – VIOLET – TOB English Cover

If Cover’s looking for lyricists who can write in English for hololive English, then I’d like to present this as another sample for that…though I don’t know how well my translyric writing skills would translate (heh) into my original lyric writing skills.

So yeah, my covers of VTuber songs are still all holos, and this new addition is the totally human girl with the totally normal name that is Ina’nis Ninomae. My voice is definitely not as comfy as hers, but I did enjoy going and lower and softer for this song with a composition by seibin and original lyrics by LUMINA. And speaking of my vocal work for this, I think the hardest parts of the vocal work here are the choral parts. I mean, for one, you’ll notice that I skimped on the bridge choir.

As for how I wrote the lyrics for this, well, I decided to write them in a way that more obviously relates to the title of the song, hahaha~ That, and whether or not I subtracted from the meaning, I definitely made a lot of additions to it, probably even more than the subtractions from it. Also, I think “It now all feels secondhand, but let the second hand on” is one of the first lines I wrote in these lyrics. And I hope that Ina likes my wordplay at least.

And again, I’d like to send big thanks to Shigeru for mixing and mastering for me. And I’d like to give special mention to his work on them choral parts and those interlude lines. Freaking beautiful work yet again, yo, and with such amazing work speed as well!

With all that said, here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Again, please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff~

And of course, please feel free to give me honest constructive feedback!

I Shared a Kiss with Calliope Mori – A TOB English Remix

Happy First Anniversary to hololive English, holoMyth, and last but not least, Calliope Mori, the rapping Reaper who was also the very first to debut in holoEN and holoMyth. It’s a late greeting, but considering what I made, well, maybe the world’s lucky that this wasn’t posted on time, hahaha~ X”D

Anyway, I made a remix just for her, and it’s a remix of Mikito-P’s “Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss wo Shita,” which is also known in English as “I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku.” The original’s more wholesome than it sounds, and I’d like to say the same about my remix, but I feel like I’d be overconfident there, to be honest. Still, I wanna get this and more out there and see where all that stuff will go as far as I can.

Now, I’d like to send my thanks to the three people I commissioned to help with this production: Shigeru for the mix and mastering, Denyel for the illustrations, and Lance for the video. Also, I’d like to send you my apologies for any potential weird looks from others thanks to your involvement in my antics.

And yeah, I’m feeling kinda tight-lipped here, and I’d rather have my work speak for me more, so yeah, here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Again, please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff, and I’d love some honest constructive feedback. God Almighty keep on helping us all, too.

Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) – After Story – TOB English Cover

My previous song cover was also a Jin song, it’s been two weeks since this song was released, and I impulsively made a straight-up English cover of it. Feel free to wield a higher level of heat if you’re gonna roast my translation skills, also~ And yeah, I uploaded this a day later than planned ’cause I’ve been such a slow guy about my day job stuff.

Anyway, it seems like it’s almost a decade since I started tuning into Jin and his work. KagePro has been pretty much the main reason for my interest in him, and while I can’t say a lot about his non-KagePro work, which I hadn’t been bothering to check out and analyze as much as I do KagePro (and I still haven’t fully read the light novels and the manga), this song makes me feel like he’s really going somewhere in terms of the creative quality of his non-KagePro work. Maybe it’s because of the KagePro sound influence, e.g. the “Remind Blue”-reminiscent melodies at the earlier parts of “After Story, as well, which, as Mekakucity Reload has shown, has evolved even further. And maybe it’s because of how wisely youthful it sounds, too, making me think that he is taking pages from his KagePro work really well, which I think he should keep up. On the other hand, I guess I can hope for a lot more throat-friendlier songs now if he’s going to make and release more original songs with him on main vocals, hahaha! XD

Still, I guess it ain’t gonna be a Jin song if it ain’t requiring a lot of power in terms of vocals. I mean, for example, I can do the final sustain/shout of this song, but I have a particularly hard time yelling the “Let the end of this notice all this now” part as well as Jin does, and I only have so much time to record, so I settled for a falsetto instead. And then there’s Shigeru making my vocals sound so freaking clear and youthful, freaking nuts! I think I’m at a loss for words about that now, hahaha! Thanks very much again, man!

With all that said, here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff, yo~

Also, honest constructive feedback, please~

Tobby tried to sing “Yuukei Yesterday”

So, Jin’s “After Story” is freaking awesome, and you should check it out. Also, Jin himself is singing there.

Now, as for the Jin stuff that’s the main star of this post, I picked “Yuukei Yesterday” thanks to my own experiences with what I think might be my own brand of tsundere that I’m not gonna explain further so explicitly right now. That, and for a KagePro song, it’s pretty easy to sing. And then there’s how my more popped-up taste in music got me grooving to this more lately. Yeah, I think I realized how much this song really screams tsundere in a deep and profound way, especially with how it paints a picture of how hard it is for us foolish humans to identify and, by extension, wield true love. I mean, seriously, us imperfect nuts are supposed to love our fellow imperfect nuts? Yeah, that’s a question we foolish humans often struggle to properly ask and answer.

As for the more technical stuff in the making of this, I very much enjoyed putting character into my singing here, and I felt like I really have improved in singing with character. RERO definitely helped enhance how that sounds on the record, too, also helping me make my first KagePro vocal cover with actually decent audio quality, something I never bothered to have in the years before, hahaha…Anyway, again, thanks very much for your help, RERO!

Now, here’s the mp3 for this vocal cover, yo~

And hey, I’d like some honest constructive feedback!

NCT 127 – Simon Says – TOB English Remix

Even as I thought that “Simon Says” would be an NCT song I’d be able to cover by myself, I once again found myself feeling how the original feels very much like a song performed by a group working together so well that they feel like they’re way more than the sum of their parts. And of course, there’s remembering that them boys trained very hard.

I feel like I’m improving, though, especially considering my performance in the bridge and, of course, my lyric writing in this remix. My certainty there increases when comparing this remix to my previous NCT cover, too. There’s also the feedback I got from Low Was Taken, who suggested that I add more backing vocals on top of doing mix and mastering, and man, I’d like to thank the guy very much for all that!

As for the visuals, illustrations were done by recent birthday man Genka! Happy Birthday and thanks very much again! And yes, we pretty much took pages from the visuals for my cover of BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” Of course, there are some new things, like a certain Roman numeral I’m making a pattern with lately…

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3, and here’s this remix’s lyrics sheet. Please remember to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff, yo~

Also, honest constructive feedback, please~

Kiara Takanashi – SPARKS – TOB Vocal Cover

Another cover of a song written and produced by KIRA, and with the addition of this sunny phoenix named Kiara Takanashi, I’ve once again added variety to them musician VTubers I’ve covered, although they’re still all holos, hahaha~ Oh, and there’s also this production being probably the third one which I consider a vocal cover with added raps.

And yeah, this one’s a pretty impulse production. Or, well, more impulse than my usual, I guess. Though ironically, during the early parts of the recording process, I usually found myself going too slow with my singing. As for what I particularly like about my performance here, those would be my added raps and my rough and wild voice moments. Also, I think my video encoding skills improved some more here, considering how I figured out how to really make this vid HD with the tools I have. And it’s been a while since I last used a reprint of a source MV for a cover vid.

I’d also like to thank Shigeru very much again for continuing to wonderfully put up with this more or less weekly and month-long barrage of work I’ve been giving him right now. Special mention also goes to him keeping up with my orders that include rapping. Also, I’d like to apologize again for being slow with my responses to his updates, especially considering how I send all those orders with such short timeframes. Gotta take care of myself better and be less of a burden and more of a help not only for myself but also for others, alright.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

And of course, don’t forget to give me honest constructive feedback, please~

Rico Blanco – Amats – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

Rico Blanco – Amats – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Mag-hello na po kayo sa stalker na feelingerong gwapo, madlang people.

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DECO*27 – The Vampire – TOB English Rap Remix

Rapid-fire rapping plus ceiling-hitting singing really made this a lot of work on my part, alright. And then there’s Shigeru having to deal with another piece of chaos from me, hahaha… X”D

And yes, I intended to be that rougher with this, even down to the visuals. Sure, the original’s already pretty fun, and financial constraints certainly factored into my visual production choices, but I felt the impulse to rap over this with more monstrosity (probably my history of being a failure of a boyfriend calling to me there at best), and I don’t think fancier visuals would help drive that vibe more effectively. The rapid-fire rapping also wasn’t in my earlier plans for this, and it only happened because I realized that said earlier plans didn’t feel like something that was really pushing my rapping abilities. I also wanted to add color to the video text, but instinct told me that that would be too jarring, so yeah. Oh, and I very much enjoy those yells~

Now, I’d like to send my thanks to Shigeru again for the audio engineering work. And there’s also my thanks to mauweeen, this vid’s illustrator, for the quick and sharp avatar work~

And of course, here’s the mp3 copy of this cover, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Don’t forget to credit and link me if you’re using my stuff!

Also, please set me on fire better with honest constructive feedback!

Yorushika – Burglar – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

Yorushika – Burglar – Lisa the Tearer Vocal Cover

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Now here’s something that’s more like Lisa the Tearer, especially considering how much of a knockoff he is.

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