VOISes of Fiction: Qrow Branwen

With how Vic Mignogna sounds when he voice acts as Qrow Branwen, Metal Gear references become parts of the stuff that I expect from the guy.

And yeah, it’s been two years since the previous entry in this series. You can thank Uri and her Strange Men Series games (particularly The Hanged Man) as well for the continuation of this.

Anyway, here’s the transcript:

You know, I should have a comedy show starring me, ’cause I’m sure everyone would love to watch the misadventures of the unluckiest guy on Remnant. It helps that I’m a pretty handsome guy, and I hear that having a midlife crisis adds to the appeal. I’m not forty yet, though, but I do have two nieces, and they call me a cool uncle. Still, as the Textbook of Darkedge dictates, I am bound to keep my distance from my loved ones if I would like them to not be in too much danger. Now where’s my booze…? Aw, crap, it’s out…

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VOISes of Fiction: Ken Kaneki

As of now, my knowledge regarding Tokyo Ghoul was mostly gained through reading fanfiction and watching abridged series.

Anyway, here’s the transcript, yo:

G-Get away from me…urgh…I-I don’t want to be a murderer…hurgh…Stop talking to me, Rize! Agh…stop staring there, you idiot…before I go appreciate how tasty you are…I haven’t eaten for a long while, and you…you will do…I don’t know how you taste…maybe you’ll taste bad…’cause you’re an idiot…hehehe…HAHAHA! Hold still, idiot, and let me…eat you…let me smell you, let me taste you, let me feast on your body and DON’T EVEN TRY TO RU–Mmfh! Grugh! Mmf, BLARGH! HURK! COUGH! KAGH! [insert more barfing noises here] Ugh…huff…agh…huff…that was a genius move…shoving a burger into my mouth…Thanks very much…for not making me…into a murderer…I should…always have…a burger…or some other normal food…with me…especially when I go out…

VOISes of Fiction: Shuuya Kano

“Hi, I’m Shuuya Kano! I’m the leader of the Mekakushi Dan. Don’t worry, you can be my best friend! Just because I’m the leader doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to be friends with me! And don’t worry, you’ll be well-protected under my watch. With me, there will be no crazy snakes possessing people and ruining lives, and there will be no need for you to die and leave me! Am I lying? Nope! You think I’d lie to you? Why would I lie to you? You’re my new friend! I don’t like losing friends, so I prefer smiling all the time so you don’t have to worry! I smile all the time! Hey, where are you going? Why are you stepping back? Come on, I’m not gonna hurt you! I’ll even let you hurt me!

OW! [sobbing] Uuuuu…Why’d you do that? That hurt! You don’t understand how I feel! I just want some friends! Don’t hate me…Was I lying? I don’t know! Probably! Uh, hey, don’t run away from me, please! Uuuuu…”

VOISes of Fiction: Hirotaka Wakamatsu

Hey, I’m back with Voice-Only Impersonation Skits of Fiction! Today, here’s another character from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Hirotaka Wakamatsu.

And here’s this impersonation’s transcript:

“*yawn* Man, I’m sleepy…As usual, Seo-senpai’s been rough on me during basketball practice…Ugh, why does she treat me like that? I’m always the one who receives her charges, I’m always the one who receives her throws, I’m always the one who has to carry her things, I’m always the one she treats to dinner! WHY? Tch…Lorelei’s way better than her…Ah…her angelic voice…Lorelei’s beautiful singing voice always helps me get a good night’s sleep…I’m sure that she has a pure heart…unlike Seo-senpai. Huh, Nozaki-senpai? Why are you grumbling on the floor…? Did I do something wrong? Wait, why are you rolling away? Hey!”

I need more practice when it comes to voice acting…and I’ll definitely need a better mic, too…

VOISes of Fiction: Mikoto “Mikorin” Mikoshiba

Welcome to Voice-Only Impersonation Skits of Fiction, or VOISes of Fiction for short, nutshellcrackers, where I try to imitate various characters from the world of fiction. Today’s character is Mikoto “Mikorin” Mikoshiba from Izumi Tsubaki’s Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Here is the transcript for this impersonation:

“Oh, Sakura? You need love advice? From me? Dear, dear…you really don’t want to stop chasing Nozaki, huh…I thought he would bore you eventually…Hm? Why did I say that? It’s because I want to tell you that you’re free to call me if you ever get bored. I can be so much cooler than Nozaki…and my coolness can make you feel even hotter if you ever let me…warm you up……………………..Guh…Do I look like I’d seriously do that, Sakura? Huh? Stop looking at me like that. I wasn’t serious there! Why are you still looking at me like that!? It’s not like I like you more than I like galge heroines or anything! Tch…argh, leave me alone…”

I think my voice would sound more compatible with Hirotaka Wakamatsu’s character…