PARADE (Lyrics and Translation Transcript)


Music, Lyrics, and Singing: Itowokashi (Itou Kashitarou and Lefty Monster P)

Mix: Taruto P

Video Editing: taiga

Romaji and English Translation: The Overlord Bear and Emma

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Flash Fiction: The Two Types of Poison

About this story, I can now honestly say this with confidence:
Freaking realistic, indeed.

Vantablack is the blackest thing

Currently, there is a total of two girls. Both vying for my affection.

The first girl is full of poison.
Every word she lets through that pretty pink lips of hers is full of malice, designed to hurt people whether she means it or not. The little affection she shows are also laced with daggers, so you hurt yourself trying to uncover its hidden meaning no matter what. Her voice actually sounds like the twittering birds in the morning, except the birds are hurling really personal insults at you. Waste of her voice, I think, that it’s used to tear your heart into a million pieces while soothing your ears. She laughs, yeh, and they’re the clearest and the prettiest laugh you’ve ever heard, except they’re used for laughing at people, their taste, their dreams, all of their life’s meaning…
Yeah, even mine.
Don’t laugh.

The second girl is full…

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Tobby Received the Creative Blogger Award!


So, I got this award from Medieval Otaku. Thanks very much for this award, yo! And I should work better in making stuff for this blog and for its readers as well…You can do it, Tobby!

And now, the rules for this award!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you nominated.
  5. Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

With the rules listed and the thanking for MediOta done, it’s time to share five facts about myself!

1. I’m not a dog person. Not like I hate the existence of dogs, though. They can be scary when they’re guarding people’s houses, there are dogs who do important jobs with security personnel, and I like some cute dog videos too, but when dogs bark go wild again and again and again…Well, my patience easily runs out.

2. I’m more of a cat person. In my case, cats are more tolerable than dogs. They have their own ways of pissing people off, though (for example: eating my family’s food off the table or the kitchen without our permission), but my patience doesn’t run out as easily as when I deal with dogs.

By the way, I’m a fan of Maru and Hana.

3. I think that fiction is a depiction of a reality similar to what the writer experiences combined with the writer’s desires. I also think that fiction is not supposed to be an escape from reality, but a guide to properly facing reality.

4. I hate “love songs” that mostly go along the lines of “I like your crappiness,” “I’ll hate you if you like another person,” or “I can’t live without you.” If there’s a girl who I wanna be lovers with, I want to write a love song that shows my imperfections and my desire and efforts to be a truly better person, especially for her.

As an example of the love songs that I really like, here’s this freaking beautiful song by 40mP-sensei.

5. I play Kantai Collection. Yes, I’m leading fleets of shipgirls, beings who, in the hands of my fellow foolish humans, wrecked people in the past, in a time when they were still chunks of metal, fuel, ammo, and bauxite. Also, when it comes to fanfics of that series, I like reading about the shipgirls–even the ones outside the presented group in the game itself–being in a realistic setting. I highly recommend The Greatest Generation (which was given up by its first author, sadly, although it was adopted by some other people), Belated Battleship, and War Surplusyo.

And now, the bloggers who I’ll nominate:

  1. Melanie Jean Juneau
  2. MagnAvaloN
  3. Noeybody

I apologize for not nominating enough. I haven’t checked out a lot of other blogs lately, and the above nominated are the only ones I consider deserving of this award as of now. And I guess I should read more blogs. I hope you find some truly worthwhile blogs, Tobby! \(^o^)

Now, see you again in the den, nutshellcrackers!

40mP (Iname Toru) – Kami-sama no Okurimono

A new favorite song of mine from 40mP-sensei/Iname-sensei, “Kami-sama no Okurimono”! Also, I’d like to thank MagnAvaloN for the English translation! \(^o^)

· MagnAvaloN ·

Kami-sama no Okurimono

Third MV from 40mP’s Iname Toru (イナメトオル) Project and his first original song under the new name!

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Thought Bubbles

Freaking nuts, I found a short hero origin story that impressed me very much! 😀

Writing Away

“Jordyn?” Danny said.

I opened my bright blue eyes to see his hand waving in front of my face. I had been escaping my surroundings in a cushioned library chair in the lobby.

“Hey Danny,” I said with a weak smile. I tried not to look above his head but I couldn’t resist my eyes from wandering there. At some point in time I had started to see thoughts, like I was reading a comic book. Now Danny was thinking about how he would really like to take me back to his place. I sighed. This definitely made it difficult to have discussions with guys. I had begun wearing baggy articles of clothing once I saw their thoughts of me in my tight jeans and low-cut shirts. It had helped, but not eliminated their thoughts.

“What are you up too?” he asked with a smile. His smile made him look…

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Eyesight Test (Eng-Subtitled Vid and Lyrics Transcript)

シリョクケンサ/Shiryokukensa/Eyesight Test

Music and Lyrics: 40mP (a.k.a. Iname Toru) [NND MyList, YT Channel, Twitter]

Singing: GUMI

Movie: Tama [NND MyList, pixiv profile, Twitter]

Mastering: madamxx [NND MyList, Twitter]

Related links:

English Translation and Romaji: The Overlord Bear

Also, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback regarding my translation, especially from those who have a decent grasp on the Japanese language, so that I can make more accurate translations in the future. Continue reading

Hearted Doll (Eng-Subtitled Vid and Lyrics Transcript)

ハーテッド・ドール/Hearted Doll

Music and Lyrics: Yuzy [NND MyList, Twitter]

Singing: Hatsune Miku

Instrumental Mix: yasu [NND MyList, Twitter]

Movie: Mafuteru [NND MyList, Twitter]

Romaji and English Translation: The Overlord Bear

— This song was written for and first featured in Mafumafu‘s album, Yamiiro Night Parade (Darkness Night Parade)and the official Mafumafu version PV of this song can be viewed in Nico Nico Douga as well.

Also, I’d like to ask for honest constructive feedback regarding my translation, especially from those who have a decent grasp on the Japanese language, so that I can make more accurate translations in the future.

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Boogie Man

tbm jacket

Hi, nutshellcrackers. By the time I started writing this, I have finished playing Uri-san’s The Boogie Man. I livetweeted about it too. Look up #TobbyPlaysTBMAlone on Twitter if you wanna see the tweets. And for those who are worried about spoilers, I tried to not to fill them with spoilers, but if you get spoiled, well…I apologize.

Anyway! I’ve got a lot that I’d like to talk about regarding this game. One, I’m a voice actor in it. Two, I’d like to make a review about this game. Three, I’d like to talk about my experience with the project and the production crew. Four, YEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! and other related stuff.

So yeah, I guess that’s what I’ll talk about in this post. Now, time to get started. And I guess I should start with the review. I’ll put the rest of this post under a Read More, as I’ll definitely be letting out spoilers along the way. Continue reading