Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Nald Tabuzo’s Black Blood

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Nald Tabuzo’s Black Blood

edited by Gabby

Published on July 2018 under Precious Pages Corporation’s Black Ink imprint, a komiks revival effort that also takes cues from Japanese popular culture, Nald Tabuzo’s Black Blood is a refreshing Filipino take on the Japanese light novel.

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Mekakucity Days, Records, and Reload

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Mekakucity Days, Records, and Reload

edited by Pat/Burrito of Feels

The defining work of Jin, a.k.a. Shizen no Teki-P, is a big multimedia mess with beautiful Vocaloid music at its very core. Its light novels and manga are a stack of supplementary flashbacks pretending to be stories, while its anime is also a big and non-sexual piece of fanservice exclusive for the established follower, but the Vocaloid music is where the actual stories are, even making all those adaptations and supplements bearable for the imagination.

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Circus-P’s 715

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Circus-P’s 715

edited by Pat/Burrito of Feels

Independently released on July 15, 2017, his twenty-second birthday, and covered by Sleppu’s drawing of Glacier, a winter-equipped child in pastel colors, it’s as if he revealed that, yes, 715 is the birth of the true Circus-P in all his vengefully scheming ringmaster glory, though with a deceptive appearance looking way more harmless than his horned and fox-eyed “Patches” persona. And no, “revelation” doesn’t sound as fitting as “birth,” as the former can’t make him sound as crazy as the latter can. Not only that, 715 is also his first completely English full-length. Has anyone in the Vocaloid scene even released an entirely English full-length before 715?

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Boogie Man

tbm jacket

Hi, nutshellcrackers. By the time I started writing this, I have finished playing Uri-san’s The Boogie Man. I livetweeted about it too. Look up #TobbyPlaysTBMAlone on Twitter if you wanna see the tweets. And for those who are worried about spoilers, I tried to not to fill them with spoilers, but if you get spoiled, well…I apologize.

Anyway! I’ve got a lot that I’d like to talk about regarding this game. One, I’m a voice actor in it. Two, I’d like to make a review about this game. Three, I’d like to talk about my experience with the project and the production crew. Four, YEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! and other related stuff.

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Paranoiac

I have finished recording and editing my third Let’s Play series (as for why the second one, Yanderella, doesn’t have a Recommendation Yell for it, well, I was lazy at first, and now, I feel like it’s not worth recommending), the Let’s Played game is another game by Uri-san, and I’d like to recommend it!

Say hello to Paranoiac, nutshellcrackers! By the way, it’s a horror game. If you don’t like horror games, then feel free to stop reading.

Anyway, Paranoiac. It’s a freeware horror adventure game by Uri. It was also made in the WOLF RPG Editor, just like the two Strange Men Series games (By the way, Paranoiac is not a part of the Strange Men Series) that I had recommended, The Crooked Man and The Sandman. Its story is centered on Miki Takamura, a novelist who starts living in her aunt’s house. This game is a horror game, so I feel like I should just let you go see the game for yourself if you want to know more about its story.

Hm, maybe I should drop some hints about this story in this game while I talk about my thoughts on the game. Yeah, let’s try that, crazy bear boy. And don’t spoil your audience here, please.

Okay, so it has mentally messed up characters in it. I’m not that well-versed in the field of psychology, but I feel like those characters were depicted well. I wonder what well-trained psychologists would say if they clear this game…?

Another thing I’d like to say about the game is that the freaking chase-and-hide segments are freaking tough. Uri-san, what’s the logic behind those hiding spots? Being chased and finding out that you’ve been hiding in the wrong spot via jumpscaring photo and sound can be scary, but when put together with Paranoiac’s chase-and-hide and mechanic, it gets less scary and more annoying. Still, I think I did get creeped out at certain points there. And maybe I wasn’t feeling as creeped out as when I first watched a Let’s Play series of this game. I thank PewDiePie and Markiplier very much for the horror endurance training that I got into via watching their horror game Let’s Plays. Hm, I think my mental fortitude has something to do with the uneasiness level that I had when I Let’s Played this game…

But yeah, I think Paranoiac has a significant creepiness factor, despite the freaking tough chase-and-hide mechanic, and I think the story makes up most of what makes the game creepy. And speaking of the story, I think it’s freaking interesting, and I think it reminded me well about the do’s and don’t’s in giving support to depressed people. Also, this game has a good ending, and I think you should work hard to find it if you want to play this game.

If you wanna play Paranoiac, then here’s a link to the English-translated version of it. If you wanna share your thoughts about it, then feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! ^_^

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Sandman

It’s been months since I recommended a game by Uri-san. Huh, I better remember to not spoil people when I recommend stories. Anyway…today’s recommendation is the second installment in Uri-san’s Strange Men Series:TSM game cover jacket

The Sandman.

It’s a freeware horror-style adventure game made in the WOLF RPG Editor, and it’s the sequel to The Crooked Man. The Sandman isn’t as scary as The Crooked Man, but still, it can be shocking at times.

Now, the game is about a girl named Sophie Grundler, a girl who has been spending a bunch of days with difficulty in sleeping, bullies messing around with her at school, and a father who has been spending less time with her because of his work. As she struggles to endure the chaos, time suddenly stops during midnight…and that’s not the only strange thing that happens…

I’ve cleared the game recently, and freaking nuts, it’s freaking beautiful. Thank you very much for being an inspiration again, Uri-san! I highly recommend this game, especially to people who are having trouble with getting enough sleep.

This game is originally Japanese, but vgperson has made an English translation, too! Here’s a link to the English-trasnlated version of The Sandman:

If you decide to play this game (or maybe watch someone else play it; Daveosity, ManlyBadassHeroand I have made Let’s Plays of this game, you know…and by the way, if you want to make an LP video series of this game, please remember that monetized videos of Uri-san’s games, from this game onward, are forbidden. Oh, and did you know that there are also people who have made Let’s Plays of The Crooked Man, too?), then I hope that you have fun! And don’t forget to keep calm while playing it, too! Keeping calm while playing the game can help you in learning the very valuable lessons inside the game, you know!

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Days of Happiness

Days of Happiness cover

As I was lazily wandering around the Internet, I found this short story by Kenshi Yonezu, a well-known Japanese musician who also goes by the name “Hachi.” This story about happiness…ah, it reminds me of those days when my old pessimistic self started to shatter greatly…and I really need to read more stories that are like this beautiful short story.

Anyway, I’d like to recommend this story to all the sad people out there. The world needs more happiness, you know. Also, I’d like to thank vgperson for translating this beautiful story. You can go to the translation by clicking the picture above or by clicking here. If you want to read the Japanese original, then go here.


Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

I'm very thankful for getting and reading this book. Thank you very much, Bridgebuilders (was that the name? I kinda forgot, so I'm not sure, but anyway...), and thank you very much, Sean Covey and the people who helped him make the book!
I’m very thankful for getting and reading this book. Thank you very much, Bridgebuilders (was that the name? I kinda forgot, so I’m not sure, but anyway…), and thank you very much, Sean Covey and the people who helped him make the book!

I first heard about Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” from my principal during high school, but I only learned the names of the Habits and then eventually forgot them temporarily. Then, during last summer vacation, I learned more about them in a seminar-workshop, and from that same seminar-workshop, I even got a copy of the book, which I just finished reading a few weeks ago. And yes, I’m a teenager, but I won’t tell you my exact age yet. It will be revealed in due time…

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and I would like to show you what I’ve learned through my drawings and words!

Habit 1: Be Proactive

And by the way, the "-zord" in "Tobby-zord" is kind of a reference to the Megazords in Power Rangers.
Tobby, you need to remember that you’re the only one who can control the Tobby-zord, or else you’ll be watching XX (Whoops, better not drop any Dangan Ronpa spoilers here) getting high on your despair multiple times, which isn’t–Wait, I think getting recruited by XX would be worse than that, so yeah, please remember that you’re the only one who can control the Tobby-zord, Tobby.

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: I can’t control others, but I only I can control myself! I can choose to be happy even if others are sad, I can choose to look for a solution to a problem even if everyone else thinks there no solution to the problem, and I can choose to do what’s right even if many people would hate me because of it! The world around me is an influence, like I am to the world, and only I can decide how the world around me will influence me!

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

And speaking of which, flapping arm-wings reminds me of Flappy Bird!
Tobby, you just surrendered yourself to doom. Open your eyes and flap those arm-wings back to safety already!

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: I should have a clear goal in life that I am committed to, a goal that only I should decide on, a goal that can help me become a better person, because if I don’t do this, then the world around me can easily drag me away from the right path. I should also know what my strengths and weaknesses are, because knowing them can help me in choosing the right path, too!

Habit 3: Put First Things First

I feel like this is something that many teens can relate to, but seriously, I'm not encouraging this. This really bad habit of focusing so much on play time (like surfing the net) and forgetting work (like homework) and other more important stuff (like sleep) really landed me in really bad spots (like a class attendance record that is currently near the "get-a-failing-grade" zone), you know.
Not this again, Tobby. Well, looks like it’s time to bring out the big guns…

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: I need to balance my time. I need to discipline myself. I need to gather willpower to do the more important things even if the going gets tough. Hardships and failure are things that I will definitely encounter in life, but I shouldn’t give up, and I should also learn from these hardships and failures in order to accomplish my goals.

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Realization in
Realization in three…two…one…

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: Everyone is equal, and it’s just that each and every one of us have different features, strengths, weaknesses, and development timetables. Still, everyone can be great. No need to worry so much about winning or losing competitions against other people, I just need to do my best and have fun! No need to compare myself to others, too. Instead of being envious of others’ success, I should use their success as inspiration to do my best and have fun, and try to help them out in things that they’re not good at, too! If I won’t be able to find a Win-Win solution with someone, then it’s better to go No Deal and stop for a while.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

The sledgehammer throw here reminds me of a certain scene in the movie "Now You See Me."
I know you want to help the wall, but the wall needs cement, not a sledgehammer, Tobby.

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: I should listen carefully to people first before responding to them with what I think. I should also be constructive in giving criticism to people, too! And when listening, I shouldn’t just focus only on their words, but also on their tone and their body language, too!

Habit 6: Synergize

We're all unique, Tobby, believe it or not. In other words, there's something weird in each and every one of us.
We’re all unique, Tobby, believe it or not. In other words, there’s something weird in each and every one of us.

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: No person is more superior or inferior to another, just different. I can also find inspiration in others’ differences, even if I don’t agree with some of those differences. I should respect others, no matter who they are, because we’re all inherently good and we all have the potential to be great, and with our differences, we can work together to find better ways to solve problems! I can’t properly go through life all alone and self-centered, too!

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

Would you like to know more about the Kagerou Project?
Tobby, use a whetstone on your sword before XX (censored KagePro spoiler) decides to offer you as a sacrifice to XX queen.

What I learned in a freaking nutshell: I need to have balance in my life. I need to keep my body fit, keep my mind sharp, be kind to myself and to others, and keep on renewing and awakening my inner self, because if I don’t, living life happily and properly would become difficult to do.

To be honest, I’m still struggling with some of the Habits, but still, I won’t give up! Anyway, if you, dear reader, are a teen and are struggling with life, I’d like you to read Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens!” It’s freaking humorous, light, and inspirational, you know! “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” is definitely worth a read!

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Alchemist

A long time ago (during my final year of high school, I think…or maybe a year before that), I became interested in Paulo Coelho’s books. Yeah, that Paulo Coelho. That famous Brazilian novelist who is one of the most widely read authors in the world. I thank a certain high school English teacher of mine for introducing me to him and his books.

Well, I’ve only read and finished one of his many famous books, though. And that book is the one that I’ll be recommending to you people today.

The Alchemist. A story that teaches us readers about the importance of listening to our hearts as we go on with life, learning to read omens that we encounter in life, and most of all, following our dreams that we wish to fulfill in life. It is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago, who dreams of traveling in search of treasure. For those who are interested, I would like you people to read the story for yourselves. Even if I was stuck midway in the novel for a long time because of lack of interest, it still amazed me when I continued and finished reading it yesterday. I especially recommend this book to people who fear failure or feel unworthy in fulfilling their dreams. And I also recommend this to everyone, because we’re all dreamers. Each one of us has a dream in life that we want to fulfill, you know.

If you’re interested, why not give “The Alchemist” a read?

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Crooked Man


Today, I played (and finished) an amazing indie horror adventure game by Uri. As you can see from the cover art up there, the game is called “The Crooked Man.” When it comes to recommending stories, I won’t be spoiling stuff. I’d like you to check it out yourself.

Anyway, the game’s about a man named David Hoover, a guy in a tough time of his life, and he just moved into a new apartment. Of course, as this is a horror game, strange stuff happens, and because of that, he decides to know more about the room’s former owner. And so, David’s search for this mysterious man begins…

Well, I’ll only give you that much info about the game’s story. But I’ll tell you, this game is really scary (For those who can’t stand jumpscares and grotesque imagery, I advise you to not play this game. Seriously.) but underneath the scariness is a beautiful story that teaches really valuable life lessons. Well, that’s how I see after I finished the game, but I’d like you to form your opinion about it, if you’re interested in this game, by playing it yourself.

Oh, and by the way, the game’s freeware. Also, it’s originally Japanese (Uri-san is Japanese, you know.), but it also has an English translation made by vgperson.

Link to the English-translated version of the game:

If you decide to play this game, I hope you have fun! And don’t forget to keep calm while playing it, too!