With the remake arrange, Tobby tried to sing “Torinoko City”


Yeah, I had a considerable amount of impulse in me when I decided to produce this. Perhaps there’s some good in making music uploads more regular, but there are some other stuff that I want to work on, like some stories of mine. Of course, school, chores, and other responsibilities are there as well. Better keep it balanced, yo.

Anyway, working on this song cover involved me trying to sate my curiosity about how to sing the above song better than my previous uploaded attempt. As most of those recent curiosity moments have resulted, I ended up singing the song better with the instrumental in a different key (one semitone higher than the original key, in this case). As for mixing, I’d like to mention my observation regarding how my voice sounds clearer to my ears when I cut down on the 500-600 Hz frequencies. That’s just one step and not all the steps, though. I had struggles with maintaining a balance between the volume of the instrumental track and the volume of the vocal tracks, and I wonder about whether or not I put a little too much bass boosting into the main vocal track. My attempts at mastering the cover mixdown, with said mastering attempts often involving the use of a hard limiter, probably dealt with that issue somewhat, though.

Also, considering how my nose was feeling somewhat runny during the production days of this cover, I think I’ll be lessening my singing time and increasing my sleep time in the near future. Being lazy is bad, yeah, but being too busy is also bad, yo.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3. And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, yo~

Tobby tried to sing “Daremo Shiranai Happy End”

Greetings, peeps. Although this was also worked on while I stayed up late one night, I feel pretty confident about this cover of mine. The added harmony and ornamentation tracks, the more meticulous audio engineering work (which included an attempt at mastering the cover), and the singing with what I consider a compatible key got me listening to a track that makes me feel excited about publicly uploading it! Still, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated!

Oh, and by the way, I wanted to cover this song in English, but remembering the referenced tales in it made me reconsider. Also, this song made me cry once back then. 40mP is freaking awesome, yo~

And now, this cover’s mp3.

And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

Meanwhile, I gotta sleep more, yo…

Tobby tried to sing Mozaik Role with 40mP-sensei’s Arrange

I decided to sing this while my throat was recovering from singing a bunch of harder songs. Oh, and I’ve seen my improvement in mixing while I was mixing this cover too. I can see it in my more frequent double-checks and audio track comparisons, yo. But for me to know the full extent of my improvement, I’ll still need to know your thoughts, dear nutshellcrackers, especially thoughts from those who are more experienced when it comes to music.

In other topics, I’ll be posting a story in the near future, and I guess it’s a start of another series. I think I can call it a short story series too…

Anyway, here’s this cover’s mp3.

Sinubukan kantahin ni Tobby ang Ren’ai Saiban sa Tagalog

Naisip kong gawin itong cover na ito para sa wedding anniversary ng mga magulang ko. Medyo naaalala ko sila sa kantang ito, at lalo ko pang naaalala ang mga sitwasyon na mararanasan ko talaga kapag may girlfriend na ako. Itong kanta na gawa ni 40mP-sensei/Iname Tooru-sensei ay isa sa mga paborito kong kanta, at sa tingin ko, dapat marinig ng mga Pinoy ang kanta na ito, kaya gumawa ako ng cover sa wika na madali nilang maiintidihan. Sa mga kapwa kong Pilipino, kung may gusto kayong sabihin tungkol sa cover na ito, sige, i-type n’yo ng matapat at i-post n’yo sa comments!

Ah, and of course, anong tingin n’yo dito sa cover ko, Mom and Dad?

Oops, bago makalimutan ng tuluyan, download links!

Paalala: Kung nais mong gamitin ang lyrics ko sa mga bagay tulad ng cover, paki-credit ako sa upload description, at least!

Tobby tried to sing Torinoko City

…aaaand I’ve started listening to 40mP-san’s/Inametooru-san’s music more again lately. I haven’t heard all of his published works yet, so I guess I should set some time for going through his other works that I haven’t checked out yet…which adds lots and lots more music to the list of music that I should check out sometime, hahaha…I should get enough sleep and manage my time better. 😐

Now, here’s a link to an mp3 of this cover. Also, here’s a link to a video of Inametooru-san singing Torinoko City.