Calliope Mori – Kamouflage – TOB Vocal Cover

So Calli along with holoMyth and holoEN is going two years, and this cover of a track from Calli’s first major-label EP, SHINIGAMI NOTE, is pretty much my commemorative upload for it. And yes, I decided to use the presence of the lyric “‘Play the role of ‘bad girl”” as a way for my take on this to be sassier on top of manlier, because hey, that is how I look at Calli at the very least: a crudely badass woman I’d like to spend my time fancily bullying into further improvement. Of course, it’s fine if she doesn’t notice my stuff. I’d even call it a miracle, since she seems to have a tendency to fixate on worthless feedback, which I think my feedback usually is, even and especially with how I tend to write like a wannabe reviewer, which is a double whammy because I heard that reviewers are supposed to be snobs.

And speaking of snobbery, yes, I did do some censoring on my cover here. I’d also like to say that I am a firm believer in sounding more insulting without using textbook curses. Still, this song is my favorite off the EP, which, along with “MERA MERA” being my second favorite, definitely is also saying something about how I perceive the quality of the whole thing (Hint: It also has me down bad at best). Not like having alfonsomusic remake the groovy instrumental, myself work these intricate vocals, and Shig do the effect-heavy audio engineering weren’t a fun challenge to me, though. I mean, what is an ordinary Tobby day without him plotting to outdo the Grim Reaper’s First Apprentice? And I like to think that I’m styling on her with my finer vocal control and wider emotional range. She still has me beat at emotional power and audio engineering quality, though.

Now, before I go TMI some more, here’s a link to this cover’s mp3. Also, again, I’d love some honest constructive feedback from you folks. You might find yourself with more range than you think here, too.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2022

You know, I guess having tuned into holostars English as much as I have so far filled my time even better than I expected, considering how stressed I was by traveling around for my work ATM card and having to deal with my immediate family’s house’s Internet connection being hard to work with in terms of streaming. Call me shallow, especially since the work I’m aiming to do with the practice isn’t really up there in terms of secure ways to earn a living, but yeah, been having the itch to practice streaming even more than I expected, especially with stabler hardware, as shown by my more recent Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 and The Silver Case stream episodes in particular, with the Valkyria Chronicles stream episodes being a contrast out of great luck as well, long stream times aside. Though I also found myself pushing myself too hard about participating in the fandom again while getting into Tempus, trying to commit to a fan Discord server until I found myself burnt out around a crowd again. Makes me wonder why I still try to do these attempts at making a name for myself when I could just shut up and game and read and watch with all this money I’m getting…Oh, yeah, I wanna have bros and rivals I can make worthwhile art with, which Tempus helped me understand and appreciate further along with other parts of my self. There’s also getting the girl, because hey, I’m actually cishet trash. I guess because of that madness as well, I’m feeling lucky that those meme vids and vlogs of mine didn’t get a single update before this post. I mean, I’ve been feeling like the creep I’ve been struggling to overcome some more with them, you know? And the moments when people actually have been out for my blood are way rarer than I like to think. Now that’s what’s truly the most frustrating thing about me lately.

But more on the bright side, I’d like to send thanks to AK Enoch for having me in a fun recent video of his, which is about the so-called “perfectly cut scream.” Been over a year since my playlist of others’ shows I’m featured in got updated, too. And I honestly haven’t been tuning into his content much, so yeah, I’m surprised that he still has that much trust in me. Then again, I guess I can make stuff like this Bear Lords It Over You vid. And then there’s how this blog is already nine years old.

Also being another confidence boost is the feedback I’ve been getting on my English cover of Izuru Kanade’s “Monologue in a row.” A freaking difficult production to work on, and I’m wishing that someone would outdo me in covering the song in English, but still. I’d also like to give a shout-out to RingNin, a skilled, hardworking, and modest Youtaite whom I first encountered showing appreciation for my Kagerou Day/Azami birthday commemoration release that is my English cover of “days.”

And hey, I got to post four poems this month! I got one with the love-and-war theme, one with the love-and-treasure theme, one with the death-seeking theme, and one about, well, words. And so far, there’s one more I consider ready for upload in my production queue, which, needless to say, will show up on this blog next month.

As for more talk about plans for next month’s blog posts, I’m also hoping to post one or two music uploads and, surprisingly, one fanfic! Even more surprising is how they all started out of impulse! Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for that and more, then!

So yeah, I’m itching for some more honest constructive feedback again. And may He keep on helping us all!

I Shared a Kiss with Calliope Mori – A TOB English Remix

Happy First Anniversary to hololive English, holoMyth, and last but not least, Calliope Mori, the rapping Reaper who was also the very first to debut in holoEN and holoMyth. It’s a late greeting, but considering what I made, well, maybe the world’s lucky that this wasn’t posted on time, hahaha~ X”D

Anyway, I made a remix just for her, and it’s a remix of Mikito-P’s “Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss wo Shita,” which is also known in English as “I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku.” The original’s more wholesome than it sounds, and I’d like to say the same about my remix, but I feel like I’d be overconfident there, to be honest. Still, I wanna get this and more out there and see where all that stuff will go as far as I can.

Now, I’d like to send my thanks to the three people I commissioned to help with this production: Shigeru for the mix and mastering, Denyel for the illustrations, and Lance for the video. Also, I’d like to send you my apologies for any potential weird looks from others thanks to your involvement in my antics.

And yeah, I’m feeling kinda tight-lipped here, and I’d rather have my work speak for me more, so yeah, here’s the mp3, and here’s the lyrics sheet. Again, please credit and link me if you’re gonna use my stuff, and I’d love some honest constructive feedback. God Almighty keep on helping us all, too.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2021

Okay, I’mma start this off by saying that my “spiral tones” remix made it into the Top 30 of the fanwork event. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again~

Now, I guess I can also say that this month has had me pushing myself to be prompter about Tobbyworks, especially with the Lisa the Tearer work being back to the usual, and speaking of Lisa, here’s him being buff, here’s him in drag, and both of them are even sleazier than before. Obviously, we’re making pitching to the next Mediums harder and harder.

As for more wonderful stuff, there are my music covers: an English remix of NCT 127’s “Simon Says,” a vocal cover of Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “Yuukei Yesterday,” and an English cover of Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “After Story.” And then there are my writing pieces: an essay on the probable specifics of Ayano’s Happiness Theory and a Fate fanfic starring Big Sis Illya.

Meanwhile, day job’s still going and going with the big stuff, and even with the weight piling on my mostly self-inflicted suffering, I feel pretty honored as an employee of a company being entrusted with so much, especially since I like the job I have in it. I don’t see it being my final job, though, but I feel like I’m in a good place with it at this point in my life.

As for the vlogs and the meme vids, I think I’m going even slower about it lately. Considering the sort of stuff I make there, I think that’s a good thing.

Regarding upcoming works, which I didn’t really write much about during last month’s activity update digest probably because I was feeling pretty secretive on top of forgetful there, I’d like to say that I got a fanfic on the way along with even more music and Lisa the Tearer stuff.

Oh, and before I forget, and if I remember correctly, this blog’s gonna be eight years old tomorrow. I don’t know what to say about that other than I still feel both child-like and childish, and I’d like to be more child-like. And to all you nuts who bother to do your best to put up with me and put me in my proper place, thank you very much again. And God Almighty keep on helping us all.

And again, honest constructive feedback, please.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2020

So I’ve been experiencing some creative rejuvenation this month. Also, I’m making significant progress with regards to having a day job. And this blog is already 7 years old. Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again, then, and may He keep on helping us all.

Now, I think you’ll be able to see a bit of that rejuvenation in this set of posts:

  1. “Winds of Caution” – an Infinite Stratos fanfiction centered on Charlotte
  2. “Childish Dedication” – a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction starring Durandal with Cocolia’s orphans
  3. “Within This Wonderful Heat-Haze Daze” – a KonoSuba Kagerou Project fanfiction where Kazuma and his party come across the Mekakushi Dan applying for the Adventurers’ Guild
  4. “Souzou Forest” Tagalog Cover – also, I had enough confidence to share this with my family and friends
  5. “Another Man’s Treasure” – a Persona 4 fanfiction, companion piece to “One Man’s Trash”
  6. Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: nostraightanswer’s SYNTECH 0 also earned a response from the man himself
  7. “Today’s Meal: Purple Prose!” – a Gintama fanfiction, set after “An Artist-Lawyer Hookup Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Copyright Immunity!”

Also, there’s more of my memeing madness on YouTube. And there will be more in the following month. Well, maybe not as much as this passing month had, but still, the meme videos will increase.

As for music stuff, I think I’ll have this month be production time without any posts, considering how big my planned next posts are. Making music videos by myself, especially with my amateur skills, sure is tough…

Fanfics? Yeah, there will be more, of course. As for other writing stuff, I’m also preparing some reflections.

Anything else? Well, more honest and constructive feedback, please.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2019

Only other post this month is a cover of kemu’s “Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo,” yo. Not like it’s been an uneventful month, though.

For one, I’ve already begun working. To give you an idea, it’s an office job. Also, I can continue to build up my musical knowledge and taste via Spotify there.

And speaking of music, while practical production of original music continues to be slow, my habit of reading (mostly Pitchfork) music reviews continues to be stoked. It’s like going through university again, which means deep insights gained by facing the torturous human soul and then crawling back to God Almighty as I try to make some concrete goodness out of it all. Oh, and going back to the topic of work, I think I can make a friendship with my mentor there, as Pitchfork was the first name he asked about in response to when I told him about music reviews as an answer to his question about what I’ve been reading lately. Still, as much as I wish to be some bombastic charismatic, I have a hard time believing that every person that catches a modicum of my interest would be able to put up with my weirdness (and no, I don’t just mean that weirdness that those cliched hacks out there like to spit platitudes about).

Also, my blog’s six years old now. Never thought that this attempt at an online presence would last this long, alright. Still feeling ambitious, but I want caution to balance it out some more.

Speaking of writing, I’ve been doing more of that on my phone than I do on my computer. A bunch of short story drafts have been completed there, but I’ll need more motivation to work them into a desktop word processor. And as usual, I think I’ve been writing more disordered order fantasies than ordered human experiences, which reminds me of my need to have a writing group or something (and yes, that can also help in the seemingly easier study and practice of fanfiction writing, but of course, that would require a different bunch of people). Again, it’s hard for me to find people who’d kindly bother to put up with me and keep my eccentricities in check on a regular basis.

In the realm of gaming, I have already cleared the story mode of Devil May Cry 4. Among the things I’ve learned about myself there is that I suck in the School of Nero, especially in the Buster classes. As for mobile gaming, I continue to play Honkai Impact 3, which my girlfriend has gained more interest in (especially because of a certain newly playable younger sister figure voiced by Mai Nakahara in the Japanese dub) yet still cannot play due to phone storage priorities. On the other hand, Pat has been helping me get into BanG Dream!, and while phone storage priorities also keep me from having the game in my phone, I have become quite interested in the original music the franchise has (which I also decided to check out because of the awesome Vocaloid covers that the franchise has).

As for more breaktime stuff, I need to have a better sleep routine because of my job as well. And my job will likely end up having me posting as Tobby on weekends even more now, which means a likely schedule change for these this post series, though I think it’s a good thing for my blogging in general ’cause finally, I can have a more regular blogger schedule with that setup…or I would be even more irregular as I pick a weekend to produce and a weekend to post. But who knows, maybe I’ll find something better than those options as I go on with my young professional life.

So yeah, God Almighty keep on helping us all, and praise and thanks be to Him very much for the strength and the challenges again. Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Penman No. 337: A Perfect Ending

Gonna miss ya, Sir. Thanks very much again for all the great lessons, then!

Pinoy Penman 3.0

IMG_9010.jpegPenman for Monday, January 21, 2019

I RETIRED last week after 35 years of service at the University of the Philippines, and I celebrated the special day with UP friends at a dinner graciously hosted by UP President Danilo Concepcion at his official residence, the newly renovated Executive House.

Standing in a wooded corner of Diliman close to C. P. Garcia, the Executive House was built by President Vicente Sinco in the late 1950s, and in its early years no president really lived there, but it became the venue for lively faculty colloquia, involving such intellectual stalwarts of the time as O.D. Corpuz, Ricardo Pascual, Cesar Adib Majul, Leopoldo Yabes, and Concepcion Dadufalza. When President Salvador P. Lopez decided to move with his wife into the place in 1969, they were reportedly met, in typical UP fashion, by a posse of protesters insisting on certain demands.

These historical precedents were…

View original post 774 more words

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2018

School’s back, and it’s tough. Like, really tough that I feel like memeing about it, disturbingly normalized exaggerations and all. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I did manage to post more Tobbyworks than last month, though. That, and if you’ve been looking at my social media and my pixiv, I’ve been posting some drawings I made as well. It’s not a skyrocket of an improvement, but it’s better than nothing, and it has some distance from nothing~ ^_^

Okay, frankly, life’s going tough for me on a sensitive and personal level right now, so yeah, I won’t be saying much about it. Here’s a list of the posts from this ending month, then:

Stress got me thinking and making more Tobbyworks, though, so yeah, hopefully, y’all be getting more from me in the near future. I need to chill out more, alright…God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2017

I think I should define “month-end” as “the start of the next month” as well. That should make working on this have a more flexible schedule, probably.

Anyway, yo. August has been the month of my return to school, and freaking nuts, I’ve been through rough start. Luckily, I have moral support, and I’m less a guy who sleeps alone with his anxiety now. And with that, homework’s more manageable as well!

Like, really, homework’s like a breeze with enough moral support, especially while I process the lecture-and-discussion parts, which I find meatier and more challenging. And speaking of challenging meat, processing the lectures and discussions is like trying to eat the meat out of the holes and crevices of small yet curving bones. I have to get my hands dirty to work on them more quickly, and I gotta make sure that my dirtied hands won’t cause me sickness after mealtime…but hey, it’s not like I never encountered any fun learning during those lectures and discussions (for example, having a professor with amazing storytelling skills gets the lessons into my head more easily), so don’t worry so much.

Also, I’m getting used to living by myself some more. I guess I have to keep up the regular seeking for moral support if I wanna do that better, too.

As for online activities, well, let’s get the list of August posts over first:

So yeah, I made a return to poetry this month, and this time, I have readings and illustrations with them as well. I guess the poetry class I have this semester is a major factor there, too. Also, I have more ready for uploading, and I’m just waiting for a good enough time to upload them.

As for the Beauty through the Ordinary posts, I think I need to improve my daily routine to improve the quality of those posts. I’ve been worrying about their quality lately, see.

Regarding fanfiction, I’ve been doing more work on a certain thread in the Professor Arc Forum than I’ve been working on Wandering Weiss. Along with that, I have other fanfic pieces that are probably upload-worthy already, and one of them is the start of another multi-chapter. Hm, them writers asking for feedback make a lot more sense again, alright…

As for reading posts made by other bloggers I follow, well, I guess I haven’t been doing that much lately. Maybe I should do that some more to help in keeping my content fresh and sharp, especially since I also run a blog…

And as for other future uploads, I have a bunch of music tracks (mostly covers) that’ll need to have their respective videos worked on, and there’s also a collaboration track coming up next month, though I won’t be the one making and uploading the music video. Oh, and there’s that long-awaited MV production for that original track of mine…but a firm enough schedule for that is still being worked on.

By the way, I’ve set up an account at Casting Call Club. Along with that is my voice acting activity getting some life again. And maybe I should work on that VOISes of Fiction entry sometime soon…kinda…

As for other creative content I’ve been consuming lately, well, there’s more K-Pop, and there’s also more locally made and published fiction. Maybe I should add some more variety to that, too…

So yeah, with that, I’m gonna need to get a lot of rest soon. And as usual, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – August 2016

Hey there, peeps. I’m The Overlord Bear, and I’m here to talk about some stuff I’ve been through and stuff I’ve been up to. I don’t think a lot of people check out my posts here much, but hey, I’d like to do this monthly update-posting thing to help me set my priorities straight.

So, this month, I’ve started going through another semester of university classes again. Surprisingly, I’m taking it well. Maybe having Japanese classes are a major factor there, and I guess the professors are a big influence there as well. And although I do them kinda less frequently, I’m still doing household chores at home, with dishwashing being the household chore I do the most.

Still, I think I’ve been impulsive when it comes to my activities. On one hand, my impulsiveness, combined with remembering the need to do things like household chores, gets me working without being asked to do so, but on the other hand, I don’t like getting carried away by my whims, which has been happening a lot to me lately. Thank God for schoolwork, household chores, and my parents, though, ’cause even though I feel annoyed at them whenever they remind impulsive me to stay focused, following them usually becomes freaking worthwhile.

Now, as for my activities as an artist here in the Net, I’m being more active in writing activities again, although I’m currently more focused on fanfiction writing. (And speaking of which, I need to have my knowledge of certain stories updated, so yeah, better set time for them before their next updates overwhelm me…) I joined a forum in, and getting feedback on my writing, particularly honest constructive feedback, is really refreshing despite the nervousness I tend to feel before I read them. I’m also getting into learning about audio engineering some more while I continue to do music stuff, and speaking of music stuff, I’ll be uploading song covers and, at the very least, one original song in the coming month. I’ll be working on a video for a song cover of a song made by a Japanese friend of mine, and I’ll also be working on a video for an original song that I had finished mixing some time ago this year. AviUtl will be used for the production of those videos, too.

And now, to end this post, here’s a list of links to my posts from this month, and all of them are song covers:

So yeah, see you again in the den, peeps! \(^o^)