Four Simple Filipino Manuals

Four Simple Filipino Manuals

some insomniac musings by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

It’s all just hyperbole, yeah? And what the heck’s irony, sarcasm, and satire? Are you really not trying to make our noses bleed? Are you trying to play God here?

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The Most Beautiful Challenge

The Most Beautiful Challenge

a piece of fiction by The Overlord Bear

beta-read by TheOtherGabby

with special thanks to Inthretis

cover illustration by The Overlord Bear

Summary: A marriage between a typical noblewoman and a strange nobleman happens, and the woman wonders why she actually fell in love with the man. The man is happy to explain that, too.

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Catholic Humour? Yup

I’m a devout Catholic, and I enjoyed reading this post too, yo. So here’s a reblog. Thanks very much for this post, Mrs. Juneau! ^_^

joy of nine9

Catholic humour almost seems like an oxymoron to the secular world, especially to cradle Catholics who no longer practice. Visions of grim, fasting, penitent saints wearing hair shirts rise up as phantoms from their childhood. yet the truth is the saints are joyful, lighthearted and even funny. Enjoy this sample of Christian and Catholic humour, created by religious people who have learned to laugh at themselves.

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#JokeWithThePope and support a good cause

Now, this is something that I’d like to promote… 😀

CNS Blog

Within a week, Americans will be able to share a joke with Pope Francis and, by doing so, help support a mission cause.

Celebrities such as Bill Murray, Conan O’Brien, George Lopez, Whitney Cummings, David Copperfield and Al Roker have joined the cause and recorded jokes. Even Jesuit Father Jim Martin has welcomed the pope with a recorded joke about a Franciscan and a Jesuit who reach the pearly gates.

The site is sponsored by the Pontifical Mission Societies, and it goes live Sept. 8, said Oblate Father Andrew Small, director.

On that date, people can visit and select one of three causes: needy children in Argentina, homeless people in Ethiopia or hungry people in Africa. Then, they assign a written joke or record a joke and assign it to that cause.

Three different causes have been chosen for the JokeWithThePope contest, but more causes will be available on the new Mission App. (Photos courtesy Pontifical Mission Societies.) Three different causes have been chosen for the JokeWithThePope contest, but more causes will be available…

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