Why Are You Here With Us Deserving Prisoners, O Perfect Warden?

Why Are You Here With Us Deserving Prisoners, O Perfect Warden?

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All the charges we have against You are lies. Or, well, I just think that my charges against You are lies, my fellow prisoners hate me for thinking that way, and it freaking hurts all over.

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The fallout from crime affects more than just victims

Yet again, my faith in humanity and in God rises. Praise the Lord, and God Almighty keep on helping us all. 🙂

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In matters of crime and punishment, there is no shortage of regret and sorrow on the part of both victim and offender.

Why don’t more of us understand this? It could be because the few news stories that report on criminal trials and sentencing focus only on an anguished victim or two, whose emotions are still raw from the incident — and we frequently don’t ever hear from them again unless the convicted offender is nearing execution, in which case the wounds are reopened again as the search for an ever-elusive sense of closure continues.

And for the convicted criminal? We may read or hear of remarks they make at sentencing hearings — remarks that are frequently pushed aside by a judge as being insincere or not contrite enough before imposing a sentence. And that’s the end of that, unless execution is nearing, and we hear that the convict has maybe…

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