Not in a Million Years

Not in a Million Years

a Devil May Cry fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Somewhere in their prolonged journey back home from wrecking the Qliphoth, the twin half-human sons of Sparda end up finding and fighting…the twin half-angel sons of Sparda?


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Within This Wonderful Heat-Haze Daze

Within This Wonderful Heat-Haze Daze

a Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! x Kagerou Project fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: While Kazuma and his party are quarreling and looking for quests at the Axel Adventurers’ Guild during a hot summer day, he notices a group of eleven already magical Japanese teenagers applying for the Guild.

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Childish Dedication

Childish Dedication

a Honkai Impact 3 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: After all that chaos with Otto Apocalypse and the World Serpent, Bianka “Durandal” Ataegina took up the role of a teacher without hesitation. Of course, with her history and work ethic, one need not expect her to go easy on some little kids. And so far, Bianka was quite impressed by Cocolia’s most treasured orphans…

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Momo Kisaragi’s Greatest Hits

Momo Kisaragi’s Greatest Hits

a Kagerou Project fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Attention. Reliance. Love. Momo Kisaragi sorely wanted all those things, suddenly tried to reject them, and then really gave them herself. And while she still had her idol dreams, she ended up realizing that didn’t even need to be an idol to give and get all those things she wanted in the first place.

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Encounters with Some Honorary Phantom Thieves

Encounters with Some Honorary Phantom Thieves

a Persona 5 fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: For better or worse, Goro Akechi doesn’t get any jail time despite his attempts to turn himself in for his crimes as Black Mask, but he does get a strange officer (and his daughter) watching over him. And then they hang out at Leblanc.


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Pastel*Palettes When Confessed To

Pastel*Palettes When Confessed To

a BanG Dream! fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Being single for the fans can be tough, but it can also be fun…and/or funny. Even that unique group named Pastel*Palettes knows that, and they’ve come to make some event activities based on certain real confessions they’ve received and discussed.

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