Goblin Slayer and the Root of Horror

My friend just increased my interest in Goblin Slayer. Whoop-dee-doo~

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The Halloween season has given me some impetus to think about the horror genre.  A while back, an academic named E. Michael Jones was on the Patrick Coffin show explaining how he thought about the horror genre.  He has written at least two works on this subject: Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film and Sex with Monsters.  Jones believes that the modern horror genre arose as a reaction to the free love movements of the 19th century and reached its full flowering following the Sexual Revolution.  Many persons were hurt by the myriad problems which inevitably arise from sexual licentiousness and enjoyed a cathartic reaction from a central message of many horror stories: sex can kill you.

School Days You all know how this story ends.  Or, if you don’t, School Days should be on your list.

School Daysmight be the anime locus classicus

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The Demonic Scale

The Demonic Scale

a piece of fiction by The Overlord Bear

beta-read by TheOtherGabby

cover illustration by The Overlord Bear

Summary: A mysterious “Herald of Justice” saves and raises a poor young pair of brother and sister away from the cruelty of the streets, but the Herald named Scale has quite a process of succession…


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a piece of prompted fiction by The Overlord Bear

prompted by Pat/MeelkyWay for Prompted Productions with Pat

Prompt: “A person was cursed for an immortal life and it’ll only break when someone appears to be loyal with him. But, this person’s face is twisted and basically he or she looked ugly that no one wanted to be friends nor even show loyalty to him or her. The cursed person was ready to live his unending life until he met a dog.”

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Too Childish

Author’s Note: This story was written in response to the following prompt in the WritingPrompts subreddit:

A professional mourner is paid to attend the funeral of a well-loved local schoolteacher, who died suddenly in a freak accident. The professional mourner can’t help but wonder why all the children won’t stop smiling…

This story was first posted on Reddit. It’s been a year since I wrote posted something in response to a prompt in r/WritingPrompts, and I think it’s good to be getting back in there, especially since I haven’t been exercising my writer muscles and burning all those carbohydrate-like ideas more regularly lately. I’ve been spitting out works in big bursts in irregular rhythms, and I don’t think it’s been getting my writing motivation properly stronger.

Anyway, here’s me with my latest r/WritingPrompts response. This time, it’s a short piece of horror. I wonder what you’ll think of it, dear readers?

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Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Boogie Man

tbm jacket

Hi, nutshellcrackers. By the time I started writing this, I have finished playing Uri-san’s The Boogie Man. I livetweeted about it too. Look up #TobbyPlaysTBMAlone on Twitter if you wanna see the tweets. And for those who are worried about spoilers, I tried to not to fill them with spoilers, but if you get spoiled, well…I apologize.

Anyway! I’ve got a lot that I’d like to talk about regarding this game. One, I’m a voice actor in it. Two, I’d like to make a review about this game. Three, I’d like to talk about my experience with the project and the production crew. Four, YEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! and other related stuff.

So yeah, I guess that’s what I’ll talk about in this post. Now, time to get started. And I guess I should start with the review. I’ll put the rest of this post under a Read More, as I’ll definitely be letting out spoilers along the way. Continue reading “Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Boogie Man”

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: Paranoiac

I have finished recording and editing my third Let’s Play series (as for why the second one, Yanderella, doesn’t have a Recommendation Yell for it, well, I was lazy at first, and now, I feel like it’s not worth recommending), the Let’s Played game is another game by Uri-san, and I’d like to recommend it!

Say hello to Paranoiac, nutshellcrackers! By the way, it’s a horror game. If you don’t like horror games, then feel free to stop reading.

Anyway, Paranoiac. It’s a freeware horror adventure game by Uri. It was also made in the WOLF RPG Editor, just like the two Strange Men Series games (By the way, Paranoiac is not a part of the Strange Men Series) that I had recommended, The Crooked Man and The Sandman. Its story is centered on Miki Takamura, a novelist who starts living in her aunt’s house. This game is a horror game, so I feel like I should just let you go see the game for yourself if you want to know more about its story.

Hm, maybe I should drop some hints about this story in this game while I talk about my thoughts on the game. Yeah, let’s try that, crazy bear boy. And don’t spoil your audience here, please.

Okay, so it has mentally messed up characters in it. I’m not that well-versed in the field of psychology, but I feel like those characters were depicted well. I wonder what well-trained psychologists would say if they clear this game…?

Another thing I’d like to say about the game is that the freaking chase-and-hide segments are freaking tough. Uri-san, what’s the logic behind those hiding spots? Being chased and finding out that you’ve been hiding in the wrong spot via jumpscaring photo and sound can be scary, but when put together with Paranoiac’s chase-and-hide and mechanic, it gets less scary and more annoying. Still, I think I did get creeped out at certain points there. And maybe I wasn’t feeling as creeped out as when I first watched a Let’s Play series of this game. I thank PewDiePie and Markiplier very much for the horror endurance training that I got into via watching their horror game Let’s Plays. Hm, I think my mental fortitude has something to do with the uneasiness level that I had when I Let’s Played this game…

But yeah, I think Paranoiac has a significant creepiness factor, despite the freaking tough chase-and-hide mechanic, and I think the story makes up most of what makes the game creepy. And speaking of the story, I think it’s freaking interesting, and I think it reminded me well about the do’s and don’t’s in giving support to depressed people. Also, this game has a good ending, and I think you should work hard to find it if you want to play this game.

If you wanna play Paranoiac, then here’s a link to the English-translated version of it. If you wanna share your thoughts about it, then feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! ^_^

Zombies and Bear Traps

Author’s Note: Even if keeping calm is freaking important, there are times when we feel like cursing and wrecking anything and anyone around us can get us out of our problems. Still, do your best in not letting idiocy take control of you.

A hunter was called by the sound of metal teeth biting hairy flesh.

“Sucks for both of us, huh?” said the lean and tall hunter. He wore slightly tattered gray shoes, slightly tattered gray pants, and a slightly tattered gray shirt. Long and uncombed black hair, unshaved facial hair, a small frown, and the gray shadows under his bloodshot eyes were the most prominent features of the hunter’s face.

Meanwhile, the bear simply whimpered, struggling to get its leg out of the metal jaws. It was a bear with black fur.

“You seem like…a honey bear?” the hunter added as he sat down on a rock beside the bear. “I’m not sure, though. I was already going to learn more about you and a bunch of other animals in a field trip, but shit happened.”

The bear still whimpered. It reached a paw to its bitten foot, attempting to save it from the clutches of the metal.

“You probably wouldn’t believe me,” the young hunter continued, looking up to the cloudy afternoon sky, “But zombies are all over the place now, and it’s because of that that my field trip went to hell. And if I die, I turn into a zombie! Well, shit! And I thought that I wouldn’t turn into a zombie if I wasn’t bitten! Is this like, what, The Walking Dead or something? Still, shit!”

The hunter received a whimpering response. The bear kept on pawing on its trapped leg.

The hunter sighed, stood up, and sighed again. “And now my stupid jerkass companions asked me to kill an animal!” He tapped his hands on his thighs. “Of all the shitty things they’d ask me to do, they asked me to do this! Really insulting, right? And I even complied! Shit! Somebody shoot me in the face already!”

The crying continued. The soft clinking of metal kept on ringing.

The hunter squatted in front of the captured creature. “You know, I’m a vegan. Never really liked the idea of killing adorable animals like you ever since I started high school. Tofu, bean sprouts, and a bunch of other plants are pretty much my protein sources. The people out in that cabin where I’m staying, they let me eat veggies and don’t force me to eat animal stuff, and that’s great. They just asked me to kill an animal because they weren’t going to take their eyes off this kid that they suspected to be some criminal from somewhere! Shit! And I only went because they threatened to kill me if I didn’t! If they’re going to be worried about someone, they should be more worried about themselves! Shit!”

The bear did not care about the drops of saliva that landed on its face. It still kept on touching its trapped leg.

Another sigh came out of the hunter’s mouth as he stood up and stretched his arms. “I believe that you animals have free will and intelligence, but you know what, I’m starting to doubt that. Or maybe I just need to learn your language. If I do, then I’ll probably learn a lot of amazing secrets, and I’ll tell all those meat-eaters that they shouldn’t be killing awesome animals like you. You critters don’t need to be sacrificed, you know. Like, you animals are living happy lives. Probably. To be honest, I’m starting to feel doubts. Do you even understand what I’m talking about?”

The response was another set of whimpers.

“Seriously, what you’re doing is fucking stupid, just like how I usually reacted when my companions and I were attacked by that gang of living humans! I do things that I don’t want to do! Like killing people! I don’t like killing people, even if they’re jerks! They can do better than that! And my instincts suck! I just went along with their stupid reactions, and now look at me! Come on, look at me, you stupid bear!”

The bear was still focused on getting its leg out of the trap, not even giving a glance to the hunter with wide-open eyes, clenched teeth, and clenched fists.

“Shit, is this depression taking its toll on me…?” the hunter grumbled as he ruffled his messy hair. “Zombies seem like the smallest problem in my list of problems…I feel like this bear on the ground, and why am I not even trying to deal with those shitty companions of mine when I can actually do something like sneak into their storage cabin, take their stash of guns, and then keep them from shooting me!? Why did I not think of that!? Seriously, I’m so silent and compliant around them that they actually think that I’m the most trustworthy person in their crew! Well, KEEP ON FUCKING YOUR STUPIDITY, YOU SHITS!”

Suddenly, the sound of dry leaves being slowly crushed resounded. Quiet and monotonous expressions of hunger accompanied the crushing of the leaves. The hunter took a deep breath after letting his anger out through his words.

“Well, shit,” said the hunter with a frown and folded arms. “Speak of the smallest devils in the list. I guess that’s pretty much my signal to start dealing with all those bigger devils.” He then turned to the trapped bear. “Sorry, buddy, but I gotta go. I don’t wanna die, and I don’t wanna stay in that shithole forever. And you’re still doomed even if I took your leg out of that trap. Shitty, huh? I’m really really sorry. And I’m really really sorry to whatever family you have that’s waiting for you right now. I’ll make sure to give those shitty companions of mine a lesson or two when I get back to them, save that poor kid, and then run away with the kid to somewhere safer. Yeah, that’s probably gonna be a good way to kill this fucking depression of mine.”

And then the young hunter started running back to the cabin where he stayed. He shouted as his legs quickly crushed dry leaves.


The hunter picked up his axe, which was left leaning on a tall tree, and continued to run before turning and rushing back to the bear.

The loud roar of a bear echoed through the forest. The hunter jumped back to avoid the the bear’s claws that were swung at him.

“Live on, bear!” the hunter said with a teary smile. “You may have a chopped-off foot, but you got your hand claws and your teeth! Go get those zombies! Save yourself! And I’m sorry!”

And then the hunter ran away before a zombie could lay its hands on him.

As for the bear, it struggled to stand up, roaring and crying in pain as it did so. A zombie was already nearing the bear, and the noise that the furry creature made attracted the attention of all the walking dead near it. The bear threw slashes and tried to knock its attackers away. It continually flailed its claws at the zombies, even when they started sinking their rotten teeth on its body. The bear cried louder and louder, beating the volume of the gnawing and biting sounds of the mob that tore its skin, flesh, and organs apart.

Eventually, the bear fell to the ground and went silent. Several seconds later, the temporarily satiated zombies stood up and walked away. Putting aside the slow crushing of dry leaves and the quiet and monotone voices, silence reigned in the forest.

Several minutes later, a mob of zombies was called by the sound of exploding gunpowder.

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Sandman

It’s been months since I recommended a game by Uri-san. Huh, I better remember to not spoil people when I recommend stories. Anyway…today’s recommendation is the second installment in Uri-san’s Strange Men Series:TSM game cover jacket

The Sandman.

It’s a freeware horror-style adventure game made in the WOLF RPG Editor, and it’s the sequel to The Crooked Man. The Sandman isn’t as scary as The Crooked Man, but still, it can be shocking at times.

Now, the game is about a girl named Sophie Grundler, a girl who has been spending a bunch of days with difficulty in sleeping, bullies messing around with her at school, and a father who has been spending less time with her because of his work. As she struggles to endure the chaos, time suddenly stops during midnight…and that’s not the only strange thing that happens…

I’ve cleared the game recently, and freaking nuts, it’s freaking beautiful. Thank you very much for being an inspiration again, Uri-san! I highly recommend this game, especially to people who are having trouble with getting enough sleep.

This game is originally Japanese, but vgperson has made an English translation, too! Here’s a link to the English-trasnlated version of The Sandman: http://vgperson.com/games/sandman.htm

If you decide to play this game (or maybe watch someone else play it; Daveosity, ManlyBadassHeroand I have made Let’s Plays of this game, you know…and by the way, if you want to make an LP video series of this game, please remember that monetized videos of Uri-san’s games, from this game onward, are forbidden. Oh, and did you know that there are also people who have made Let’s Plays of The Crooked Man, too?), then I hope that you have fun! And don’t forget to keep calm while playing it, too! Keeping calm while playing the game can help you in learning the very valuable lessons inside the game, you know!

Tobby’s Recommendation Yell: The Crooked Man


Today, I played (and finished) an amazing indie horror adventure game by Uri. As you can see from the cover art up there, the game is called “The Crooked Man.” When it comes to recommending stories, I won’t be spoiling stuff. I’d like you to check it out yourself.

Anyway, the game’s about a man named David Hoover, a guy in a tough time of his life, and he just moved into a new apartment. Of course, as this is a horror game, strange stuff happens, and because of that, he decides to know more about the room’s former owner. And so, David’s search for this mysterious man begins…

Well, I’ll only give you that much info about the game’s story. But I’ll tell you, this game is really scary (For those who can’t stand jumpscares and grotesque imagery, I advise you to not play this game. Seriously.) but underneath the scariness is a beautiful story that teaches really valuable life lessons. Well, that’s how I see after I finished the game, but I’d like you to form your opinion about it, if you’re interested in this game, by playing it yourself.

Oh, and by the way, the game’s freeware. Also, it’s originally Japanese (Uri-san is Japanese, you know.), but it also has an English translation made by vgperson.

Link to the English-translated version of the game: http://vgperson.com/games/crookedman.htm

If you decide to play this game, I hope you have fun! And don’t forget to keep calm while playing it, too!