Dreaming of Personified Desserts

I was sitting on chair in front of the table of my dining room, eating some vanilla ice cream, when suddenly…

“You…what have you done to me…?”

My vanilla ice cream, along with its cone, suddenly jumped on to the dining table, and it now assumed the form of a…plain-looking teenage girl with short, plain white hair. She wore a plain brown tank top, plain brown hoodie, plain brown pants, plain brown socks, and plain brown shoes. What was strange about her was that she had an arm cut off, with white fluid dripping off of the stump.

“This looks really wrong,” I said.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind!” my personified vanilla ice cream said with a smile. “I’m just another piece of food, right?”

“Yeah, so it’s time to go back to eating.”

And then I tried to go back with eating her, but suddenly, it felt so wrong.

“Can’t eat me, huh?” my vanilla ice cream told me with a smirk. “Then eat this!”

She then thrusted her remaining arm into my mouth, which caused me to freeze up because of her frigid temperature, which I just noticed.

“Brain…freeze…” I said slowly, having a hard time with all this cold assaulting my senses. Wait, does brain freeze even work that way?

As I started to ponder on that, I opened my eyes.

It was just another daydream…which ended up a dream in my sleep.

Eating desserts is probably an awkward topic in the world of personified desserts, huh?

The Power to Summon Entertainment Upon Declaration of Boredom

“I’m bored,” a teenage boy named Jack said while sitting on his bed in his room during a certain weekend morning.

“Did somebody say ‘I’m bored?'”

Suddenly, a floating clown with a colorfully bright outfit and two ghost tail-legs appeared in front of Jack.

“Well, that was fast,” Jack said, smiling at the sudden arrival of a colorful supernatural entity.

“I appear before people who declare their boredom,” the clown said with a funny dance. “I am Jester, the entertainment genie clown who can grant one wish to a bored person that declares their boredom! No one else would notice me except for the person that summoned me! Still, I haven’t been working for a long time, because I was sleeping, for, I don’t know, centuries, maybe? Supernatural guys like me were becoming the stuff of fiction, so we were pretty much losing our popularity as powerful spirits that can give you great suffering!”


Jack was going “Wow” at this clown. He could grant one wish, he was freaking amusing despite the fact that he could make Jack suffer very much. Because he felt so entertained by this supernatural clown, Jack decided to take advantage of Jester’s presence.

“Jester, will you grant my wish?”

“Of course…uhhh…What’s your name, kid?”


“Yes, Jack! I will grant your wish. What is your wish?”

“Give me the power to summon entertainment whenever I declare my boredom.”

“What in the world?”

Jester had never heard a wish such as that in his whole life. “Well, this wish was made out of impulse,” Jester thought. “Just like all the other bored people whose wishes I granted. Well, time to teach another person a lesson by making them regret having their wish granted!”

“Hello? Jester?”

“Yes, yes! I shall grant your wish!” Jester joyfully responded. “Anything is possible for a wish-granter like me! And away!”

Jester suddenly disappeared in an explosion of bright lights that temporarily blinded Jack. After a while, Jack could see clearly again.

“Huh? Where did Jester go?”

Jester was now nowhere to be found…Well, he just turned himself invisible to watch Jack have fun and then experience regret.

As for Jack, he just shrugged Jester’s disappearance off, and he went out of his house to check out his new power.

Jack then stood on the sidewalk in front of his house in the suburbs, and then he declared in a plain voice.

“I’m bored.”

Nothing happened for a few moments, but then…


…A giant missile suddenly crashed into the wide road in front of him. It didn’t explode or anything, though. The neighbors were awoken by the noise, too.

“Wow,” Jack said, now down on the ground because of the force of the crash. “That was freaking nuts.”

Jack went back on his feet, and then he declared again, this time more loudly:

“I’m bored!”


The missile immediately exploded, leaving a big and deep crater on the wide road. The neighbors were even more disturbed by the blast, causing them to go out of their houses in a panic and see what just happened. As for Jack, he was down on the ground again, with his face and clothes covered in ashes.

“I now regret having wished for that power. Jester, are you there?”

“Yes, I am!”

Jester suddenly appeared beside Jack, with the clown feeling amused at this turn of events.

“You’re the fastest one to regret your wish among all the wish-makers that I met, Jack!” Jester said. “Giving you such a power was a pretty dangerous thing, since you’re toying with powers beyond your comprehension, and watching you learn from your mistake was very amusing!”

“Don’t worry, Jester,” Jack said, staring at the crater on the road, “I won’t be getting angry at you. I just wish that I forgot all that just happened.”

“Well, since you have amused me by impressively learning your lesson quickly, I shall grant your wish!”

Jester disappeared again in an explosion of bright lights that only Jack could see, and then Jack became knocked out cold on the ground.

“Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” Jester thought to himself. “He’s going to forget the lesson that he just learned! Oh well, maybe next time. I’ll visit him again when he declares his boredom again.”

And so, Jester went on to wait for the next caller to mess with.

An Adventure in Cloudcuckooland

“Dude, where are we?” Mike asked to his strange friend named Matt.

“We’re…in Cloudcuckooland,” Matt said while looking up to the sky.

A clear blue sky was above them, and the clouds were below their feet. The sun was a blazing fireball with a face, and it was talking to the moon, which was a ball of cheese. The stars were running into each other, exploding and then creating more stars. Various objects were falling from the clear blue sky and through the clouds where Mike and Matt were standing.

“Let’s fly, Mike,” Matt said, readying himself like a bird about to take off.

“You sure about this, Matt?” Mike said, weirded out by the stuff around him?

“Why are you even acting like a sane guy, Mike?” Matt said with a weird head tilt. “Weirdness is normal here. We can go back to the real world when we need to.”

“Okay…then let’s fly!”

With that, Mike took off quickly like a bird and pierced through the clouds below him, and Matt followed suit.



As they flew through the air under the clouds of Cloudcuckooland, lightning fell towards lightning rods for inspiration-gathering, cake floated around for all to eat, and two hundred soldiers were having a flashy and over-the-top battle with another two hundred soldiers.

“Cool!” Mike exclaimed. “This world is amazing!”

“Yes…” Matt replied. “This world…everyone goes inside it everyday…It’s an undeniable fact…Don’t you think so, Mike?”

“I guess,” Mike said with a relaxed smile. “They can deny all they want, but they still go here, even if they claim to be normal people.”

“Right. We can all go here, provided that we don’t ignore the reality around us.”

“Yeah! Now let’s have some fun!”



Meanwhile, in the real world…

“Dude, looks like Matt has a new friend,” a student said to a fellow classmate.

“I swear, his weirdness is contagious,” a stern-looking student said with annoyance.

Students were watching Matt and Mike, two high school students who were running around the school, engaged in Cloudcuckooland, during break time.

“But they don’t seem to be bad at all,” another student said. “Matt does his schoolwork properly, and even if he’s weird, he does participate well.”

“Yeah, he’s funny, too! I’m glad he has a new friend!”

“It’s like everyone here is his friend!”

“Except me,” said the stern-looking student.

Upon hearing the stern-looking student, the other students around him turned to look at him, all of them wearing weird grins on their faces.

“JOIN US IN CLOUDCUCKOOLAND,” they all said in unison.

“Oh boy…”

And the stern-looking student left, ignoring the crowd that wanted him to be their friend. Still, the crowd of students didn’t get angry, and they laughed, too.

“He’s like the weird guy now!”

“Well, let’s just leave him alone and let him do what he wants.”

“Wanna play with Matt and Mike, guys?”


And so, the crowd of students ran to Matt and Mike, and they played in Cloudcuckooland for the rest of their break time.

The Bored Boy’s Imaginary Escape

“Ow, hey, stop jumping around!” said his sister to their youngest brother.

“Would you like me to take the cellphone?” their mother asked the youngest brother.

“No,” the youngest brother immediately replied.

“Then stop jumping around,” their mother said.

“No,” the youngest brother stubbornly replied, and then he started moving around the car again, not even aware of how he was annoying his fellow family members in the car.

At the back, the eldest brother sat there, bored and annoyed that they were going to visit their grandparents again. It was usually like this: lots of stuff in the car, family members filling up the seats, his youngest brother moving around and making noise like nuts, tight spaces like the bedroom in their grandparents’ house and the inside of the car itself, the moving of heavy luggage, and a bunch if other annoying stuff that the eldest brother would rather not do and instead, stay at home with his computer and the Internet.

“I’d rather be in some fantastic adventure rather than an annoying trip like this,” the bored eldest brother thought to himself as he closed his eyes and sunk himself into his imagination.

He fell down through a portal that opened under him, and he woke up with a start when he landed on the ground. With a deadpan expression, the eldest brother said:

“Well, I’m now in the middle of a forest, which is in the middle of nowhere. I bet there’s some monster that’ll show up and try to attack me.”

An angry bear suddenly popped out from behind a tree in front of him. The eldest brother still wore the same deadpan expression.

“Now, I bet that there’ll be some badass lady who’ll slice this monster down,” he said in a bored tone. “It’s going to be so awesome that I’ll go ‘wow’ and thank her like crazy.”

And then…


A woman in knight’s armor jumped down from a nearby tree, striking down the angry bear with a powerful downward slice. Blood splattered out of the bear. Some of the blood stained the eldest brother’s face and clothes, but he still wore the same deadpan expression.

“Are you okay?” the woman in knight’s armor asked as she turned to the bored eldest brother.

“Not really. I’m freaking bored. Maybe you can entertain me?”


“Reality is freaking boring right now. I’m on another boring trip. May I ask for some entertainment from you?” the bored eldest brother asked with a really loud but deadpan tone.

The woman in knight’s armor had a completely unamused expression in response. Then…



The woman in knight’s armor delivered a forceful gut punch to the bored eldest brother.

As a result, the bored eldest brother opened his eyes back to reality, the annoying reality that he wanted to escape.

“Well, I’ll just have to put up with this,” he whispered to himself, accepting the reality before him, and then closing his eyes again, this time to sleep. He then hugged his favorite pillow that sat on his lap.

“Time to lull myself to sleep…by diving into my imagination…as usual…” the eldest brother thought to himself as he silently lulled himself to sleep. “I can spend my time in my imagination, but I should also face reality, too.”

As he lulled himself to sleep, he wore a smile on his face…but the events going on in his crazy imagination made it change into various expressions.

Eventually, his shifting face stopped moving around like nuts, as he had already arrived at the world of dreams.

And so, the eldest brother began another imaginary escape.

Tobby the Story-Lover (Writer Side)

Here is the other side of Tobby the story-lover.

As much as I love reading stories, I love writing stories, too. I try to do my best when I write. In the past, I got too full of myself and ended up creating a character blog for the sake of becoming famous. In the end, it became one boring burden for me. Now, after some help from certain people in my life, I’m here after realizing that since I love writing, I should just keep doing my best in writing and have fun doing it. As I do that, I set my aim on creating stories that can draw the attention of many. Right now, I guess I have a long way to go, but I’ll just have to work hard, then.

Now, time to tell you people my reasons as to why I love writing stories.

Reason No. 1: Writing stories makes me connect with other people.

Stories are meant to be read. And every story contains the imprint of its creator, as I have said in the Reader Side. Whenever I write a story, I always have this desire to show it to someone after I make it. Why would I write a story and then not have someone read it? If I did that, then the story that I wrote should just head to the dumpster. I write so that there may be someone who will read it. I write so that I can socialize with others. Yes, writing is one way of socialization.

Reason No. 2: Writing stories makes me show who I am.

It’s always bound to happen when I write a story. I can’t hide myself when I write. Within the words that I write, there lies pieces of myself, shown to the readers that lay their eyes on them. My imprint is in my stories, and it will always be seen. It’s fun if there are people who can relate to me, too, since it leads to more socialization. When we open up and be honest, others open up, and then we can connect. Fun, isn’t it?

Reason No. 3: Writing stories makes me influence others and start change in society.

In my stories is my imprint, and a creator’s imprint always tries to influence readers. There are people who let themselves be influenced, and there are those who don’t. Even with that, I still try to spread my views through my stories as I have fun writing and sharing them. There are things that I want to change in society, and writing stories is my favorite way of starting change in society.

And these are my reasons as to why I love writing stories. If you love writing stories, leave a comment in the comments section if you have other reasons as to why you love writing stories.

And now, here’s a friendly reminder:

Do your best, and have fun.

Tobby the Story-Lover (Reader Side)

Hello. I am Tobby, a story-lover. Today, we shall explore why I love reading stories. Who knows, we may have similar reasons as to why we love reading stories, if you are love reading stories, that is, dear reader.

Reason No. 1: Stories send me on journeys to other worlds.

When I watch a television show or a movie, the story is portrayed to me as another world being shown on the television screen. When I read a manga or a comic book, the pages show me illustrated moments, and they leave me to imagine how it would be like if it were animated and voiced. When I read a novel, a poem, a short story, or any other printed form of story, I dive into a blank world, and with my mind, I recreate the text that I am reading in the blank world that I dived into. When I listen to a story-telling song, my mind works like when I read printed stories, but the range of possible images that can be imagined is wider, and then there’s the music to help me imagine more. Whatever the medium used to tell a story, stories always send me on journeys. When I want remember the stories that I like, I pause and replay the moments in my mind, like watching a movie, with my mind’s eye as the television. When I read more stories, I discover more worlds, and the significant events in those worlds are all stored in my mind, ready for recalling if I ever want to recall them.

Reason No. 2: Stories can make me feel like I’m the characters as I imagine what they feel, think, say, and do.

As I go through a story, I try to picture myself as if I were one of the characters, experiencing events like we do in reality. In the story world, I can jump from character to character, imagining what they are experiencing. I can even look at them like I was just an observer, looking at them as a ghost that they will never notice, unless the author decides to break the fourth wall.

Reason No. 3: Stories can make me learn life lessons, and I can also see, relate, and reflect on the views of their creators, making me feel like I’m getting close to the creators.

Each story has an imprint of its creator. I can see their minds and their hearts, because the creators of stories can never fully hide the imprints that they always leave on their works. As I try to understand their imprints, I begin to learn life lessons, and I can also try to connect my mind and heart to the imprints and reflect on them. As I see their views, I can decide whether I let myself be influenced by their imprints or not. I’m given a choice to change myself every time I read a story and reflect on the imprint that its creator left. When I connect myself to an imprint, it makes me feel like I’m getting close to the creator. It’s like I’m socializing with the creator, but only through the story.

Reason No. 4: Stories can make me feel experiences that I cannot experience in reality, and I can also have my wishes fulfilled in the stories through my imagination.

Having unfulfilled wishes fulfilled in the story world is what makes me feel better when I read a story. If I cannot experience a story situation in reality, I can simply imagine it in my mind, and I feel like I’m already witnessing or experiencing it, even if nothing much changes in the reality around me.

Reason No. 5: Stories can be remembered again and again for inspiration.

If I found a story to be notable enough for me, I can decide to remember it again to give myself inspiration. If ever things are going tough around me, I try to remember a good story, so that I can relax and calm down. I can also remember a good story in order to create ideas for my own stories. When something in reality reminds me of a story, my mind awakens. Stories can inspire me, and going through more and more stories makes me able to generate more and more ideas for my own stories.

Well, these are my reasons as to why I love reading stories. If you have other reasons as to why you love reading stories, if you love reading stories, that is, dear reader, then you can talk about it in the comments section.

Hmm…maybe I should talk about why I love writing stories next time…