Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If I had to generously describe in summary how this project turned out, I’d say that it’s a failed imitation of Drakengard.

Previous Part: “I’m So Done with Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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get up, harebrain – A TOB Remix of Calliope Mori’s “guh”

On the road to learning and doing good self-deprecation, there is the struggle to differentiate it from bad self-deprecation, a.k.a. self-loathing. As appreciative as I am of a certain rapper going by the name Calliope Mori striving to go down that road well, stumbles are to be expected here and there, and “guh,” her crazy groovy and somewhat profound track dedicated to self-deprecation, ignited an urge within me to do a riskier take on its themes, because for one, I’m pretty sure that truer self-deprecation is likelier to put a status like she has right now as a hololive VTuber in danger. And I think it’s likelier that she won’t bother with this, let alone notice it, for a variety of good reasons, but there’s also me on another part of my quest to better figure out and deal with these complicated feelings I have for this woman, and getting this out here the best I can right now is my minimum goal for this production. Besides, I think I’ve also found other ways to get those other things I want. I mean, there are the other covers I’ve been and I’ll be making, for example.

And I gotta send big thanks and apologies to my collaborators here. First is Joshua Hartshorn, who enthusiastically and wonderfully remade the complicated instrumental originally produced by teniwoha. With that said, I’d also like to recommend his groovy Faceless Entertainers EP, and I hope he isn’t too bothered by the lyrics that are playing with fire. Then there’s Shigeru, who definitely had to go through my stupid bars over and over as he worked on the audio engineering for my choking vocals and all that again. And then there’s Juanny Rese, my younger sister who drew the museum piece of an illustration in the MV. I don’t think she’s in the rabbit hole (yet, probably), and I had this chance to have her draw for me basically because I bought her a Seventeen album (a mini album, to be more exact, I think?) she wanted. So yeah, again, to all my collaborators here, thank you very much, I’m very sorry for dragging you all into this bonkers production of mine, and if you have to deal with flak over this, then I hope you get way less flak than I would.

Also, yes, I did use Comic Sans on the music video for extra pain. I was also going to add some commentary on the top left part of the video, but I decided not to in the end because I considered it likely to turn into TMI…or TTMI, if you think my lyrics here are already too much for you to handle.

Still, along with the mp3, here’s the lyrics sheet. If you want to, you can use the sheet to help you cover this cover on top of having something for your reading convenience, but of course, you gotta remember to credit and link me if you’re gonna do that! If you don’t, well, for one, you’ll be taking the very punishing justice that must come to me, hahaha!

And hey, honestly, I’d love it if Calli considers me a worthy opponent of hers. But hey, what do you think? Whether or not you think I’m worthy, I think y’all can give me honest constructive feedback, and again, I’d like to ask for that.

Smothering Surprise

Smothering Surprise

a short story by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

with character designs and illustrations by Denyel

and beta reading by ThatOtherGabby and Hwannyreese

Summary: A troublesome young man named Jewel Laza personally introduces his maybe first girlfriend Tina Santos to his powerful single mother Laila, starting yet another stupid power play between mother and son. Fortunately, someone’s bothering to help those two settle things properly.

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NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb (556 Remix) – Tobby’s Vocal Cover

I forgot how long I’ve been intending to do this cover, but I’m sure it’s been quite a while. Anyway, it’s finally here, and right after that contest period (I didn’t reach the Top ranks, by the way, but kokorobeats’s playlist for the entries seems to be getting me a lot of views lately).

For those who are wondering about how I managed to have an instrumental for this, I ripped 556’s added sounds for the remix and combined it with the SM Everysing instrumental. Of course, there was some further work that had to be done here and there (like track cuts and speed changes) to match it with the sound of the whole remix itself.

As for the vocal work and all that, it was the last Audacity project I made on my old computer before I got myself an upgrade. I kinda regret not backing up the project files as I moved files, especially since my sister gave me some important feedback when I asked her for some after I already deleted my files in my old computer. Aside from that, recording the vocals, especially the singing parts, along with mixing them got me feeling the wide gap between my abilities and them boys’ and their producers’ abilities. And I used the 556 Remix because I found the song easier to rap and sing with it (and because it’s got such a fun intensity).

So yeah, while I’m still up for making more music, stuff like that and more got me further rethinking my attempts at making music. So far, I’ve been erasing stuff from my music production queue and wanting to focus more on my vocal performance and lyric writing. I’d love it if I could deeply collaborate with someone in making music too. I mean, I could try commissioning a mixer at the very least sometime, but again, I also worry about how my personality would affect them in the long run…

Now, with all that said, here’s the mp3.

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.