Tobby tried to sing “Yume no Mata Yume”

Forward past the border between 2016 and 2017, The Overlord Bear comes with a new song cover! It is that of Mafumafu’s “Yume no Mata Yume,” which is about a…certain summer’s end…but wait, it’s not summer right now, right? My response to that?


Also, I’m amused by how the Niconico upload of this cover was posted hours ago in the last hours 2016, while the YouTube upload of this cover was posted in the early minutes of 2017 (though YouTube says that it was posted on 2016, so yeah, I guess I’m being nitpicky about that, but still, processing finished during 2017, so…okay, I guess I should shut up about this soon…) Thinking about that makes me think about the possibility of mystical nuttiness being involved in such a setup, hahaha…

Now, as for my thoughts on working on this cover…well, I honestly feel somewhat weirded out by my audio engineering here. Maybe I added too much reverb? Maybe I cut and boosted the wrong frequencies? Maybe there’s something I’m missing in the way I work with my mic during recording? Well, you can say that I’ve been experimenting there, and I really really want to get some honest constructive feedback on it, indeed, particularly from peeps who have a better grasp on audio engineering. That, and the doubt had been coming along with listening to audio engineering work by Mafumafu and other musicians who are at his level or higher when it comes to that aspect. Still, no point in rushing stuff, so yeah, better not go overboard with waiting for the feedback I need and all.

And now, I’d like to send special thanks to Myo, a.k.a. Forgetfulsubs, who had helped me out with translating the above song! I learned a bunch of new things about the Japanese language from her, alright! Also, as I want to encourage more support for the original uploads, I didn’t bother uploading a subtitled reprint of the “Yume no Mata Yume” MV with Mafu’s vocals in it. Oh, and I have a transcript up, too, by the way!

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3, yo~ And honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated as well, yo~

A Dream Within A Dream (Lyrics + English Translation Transcript)

夢のまた夢 / Yume no Mata Yume / A Dream Within A Dream

Niconico Upload | YouTube Upload

Singing and Music Production: Mafumafu [Niconico MyList, YouTube Channel, Twitter]

Drawings and Video: Ryuusee [Niconico MyList, Portfolio Website, Twitter]

Romaji Transliteration and English Translation: The Overlord Bear

Translation Quality Check: Myo/Forgetfulsubs [YouTube Channel, Tumblr]

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Tobby tried to sing Yume Hanabi

I spent hours recording and mixing this, and although I ended up sleeping really late, I consider that time freaking worthwhile, because YAS, MY VOCALS ARE BLENDING BETTER WITH THE INSTRUMENTAL! WHOO! \(^o^)/

So yeah, Reirei is in the Special Thanks section in the credits for this cover. Her detailed feedback on an earlier mix of this cover got me freaking motivated, yo! Again, thanks very much, Reirei! \(^o^)

Now, I’d like to say that after this cover, I’d like to upload more uplifting music stuff. I think the world needs more of that, see. I was planning on having Neru’s “Dappou Rock” as my next cover, but after some thinking, I now feel like it won’t be a really worthwhile choice at the moment, so yeah.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3. Also, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! ^_^

Tobby tried to sing Tachiiri Kinshi

My regular classes for this semester are done, Mafu-senpai is freaking awesome, and here’s a cover that I recorded and mixed some time ago. I also subtitled it with Matchakame’s translation. And now, I’ll need to spend a lot of time recharging myself and improving my time management skills. You can ask for help, Tobby, but do remember that YOU HAVE TO PUT EFFORT TOO, TOBBY.

Oh, and here, mp3, yo.

For Mafu-senpai’s birthday, Tobby tried to sing Gikyoku to Deforme Toshi

Happy birthday, fellow dork with potential for awesomeness! \(^o^)



Welp, I guess that’s all for now. See you again in the den, then, nutshellcrackers!

…and I should work on writing stories more…oh, and don’t forget those duet covers that you need to work on…plus, don’t forget household chores…

Oh, and here’s this cover’s mp3, yo! \(^o^)

Kuusou Sekai to Omocha no Shinzou — Tobby’s Tagalog Cover

Kasalukuyang Kondisyon ni Tobby: Nangangailangan ng mas madaming tulog plus pakikipag-usap sa mga talagang mapagkakatiwalaan na mga tao.

Mag-click sa mga sumusunod para sa:

Huwag kalimutan ang pag-credit sa akin, The Overlord Bear, kung nais n’yong gamitin ang aking mga lirika. Mas maganda din kung i-link n’yo din ang YouTube Channel ko at/o ang blog na ito habang nagbibigay kayo ng credit sa akin.

Squeakies tried to sing Ringo Hanabi to Soda no Umi

After a long while, Mugipyon and I have finally completed our first duet cover! Here is our duet cover of Mafumafu-senpai’s “Ringo Hanabi to Soda no Umi”! And as for our collaboration unit, we call ourselves “Squeakies”! ‘Cause we’ve got some prominent childish traits in our personalities, we tried to sing a song where we need to sing high notes a lot, and our animal avatars are a rabbit (Mugi) and a bear (me, duh)–animals that seem to be among the highly likely forms that plushies are made into. So yeah, “Squeakies.”

Also, about Mugi, well, she’s a friend I made back when I played Ayakashi: Ghost Guild a lot with a guild of KagePro fans. I think she’s got a nice singing voice and some nice illustrating skills!

And now, mp3 of this cover, yo!

Tobby tried to sing Super Nuko World

I think I should be making a Some VLOG, but I’ll settle with this as my content for the recently passed week.

Hm, I guess I should try typing how the past week went by in my life as well. I went to the doctor, got some really nice help from him and my parents, my parents lectured me about manners towards girls (Seriously, I thank you very much now, Mom and Dad). I’m still having hard times with trying to write a story, getting enough sleep, and controlling how much time I spend on reading fanfics. I also need to deal with homework and make up for missed school days as well. Freaking nuts, I can sense the butt-biters sniffing and nibbling on my butt that’s been farting a lot recently.

Oh yeah, I think butt-biters LOOOOOOOVE stinky farts. I feel like they enjoyed Valentine’s Day with the stinky farts. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, that’s when my recent appointment with the doctor happened. I don’t have a date, but getting some great help from the doctor and my parents made a really enjoyable Valentine’s Day this year! Freaking nuts!

As for the song I’ve recently covered, which is Mafumafu-san’s “Super Nuko World,” it’s pretty much about kitties. Nyao. I really like cats. And the song’s also heartwarming. And I thank descentsubs very much for making an English translation of it. Nyao. Also, here’s a link to an mp3 of my cover of it.

Anyway, gotta deal with more important stuff soon before the butt-biters start a rave party with my butt, the farts, and my intestines . See you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! ^_^