Dappou Rock – TOB English Cover

Okay, now that the upload delay has been stopped, hi, I’m The Overlord Bear, and here’s my first uploaded cover with English translyrics…and I don’t count that “Yoake to Hotaru” cover I did but took down once ’cause I did an unauthorized upload of the video for Mes’s cover.

Okay, so, this was started some time ago this year, probably during June, the month when “Dappou Rock” was uploaded, or maybe July, managing to make a full translyrics draft and even a translation quality check from Emma, but I didn’t really push forward with recording for a while because of various stuff. I started recording and mixing vocals during November, I think, a time when I, who had been humbled by better translators, had also gotten help from Myo, a.k.a. Forgetfulsubs.

Now, it’s uploaded, and I’d like to thank those who helped me out in the making of this. Also, special mention to Myo, her quality-checking, and her subtitling! Do check out her translation of “Dappou Rock” as well! And by the way, you’ll probably notice a few lines in the subtitling of my cover being parts of her translation of “Dappou Rock,” which I decided to keep in to mess around with you peeps a little…well, a little more, considering how crazy Ryuusee’s video is.

As for my thoughts on the audio production here, trying to sing like Araki is something I’m not confident in, and there’s this annoying and hard-to-remove clicking sound near the end of the first hook. Still, they’re not as big as my liking for my lower voice range, the harmonizing, and the effects I used, yo~

As for my thoughts on the song and how I translated it, I decided to translate it that way ’cause I wanted to be as close as I can get to the original feel of the song, which feels more held back and self-contradicting than in-your-face and straight-up “Fxxk the law!” Also, I consider this cover a part of what I consider more creative ways to express my rage, sadness, and stuff. I don’t like doing stuff like wildly ranting, see, even though such stuff seems so appealing at times.

And hey, here’s this cover’s mp3. Also, if you wanna cover this song with my translyrics, then here’s the lyrics sheet. Please credit and link to me, TOB/The Overlord Bear, if you’re gonna use them, okay?

And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. 🙂

With a piano arrange, Tobby tried to sing Datsugoku

Yo. I tried to sing what I consider one of Neru’s more uplifting songs. Also, in line with trying to do gentler song covers, I decided to sing this song with S7 Music‘s piano arrange.

Hmmm…I should be more diligent in looking for gentle and uplifting songs in the near future…Oh, and if you have a song that you’d like to suggest, feel free to tell me about it through the comments section! And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

And now, here’s this song cover’s mp3.

Tobby tried to sing FPS

I covered a dark song. Another dark song and a melancholic song are currently at the top of my “Songs to Cover” priority list (and I should remind myself about working on that one duet cover that I haven’t been working on much lately…)

Meanwhile, in lighter topics, a friend of mine drew some character designs for one of my stories, and the designs that she drew are freaking awesome. Makes me wanna work on that story more, yo. ^_^

Oh, and I’ll reveal those character designs eventually…and suddenly too. Hm, maybe suddenly, yeah.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

These Latest Song Covers are Making Me Look Troubled, Huh?

Yeah, this week’s another tough week. But hey, life’s supposed to be tough, and it’s not like things can’t get better. I should try to go to Confession once a week too…And talking with my parents and with my friends can also help too…And again, I need more sleep…

Also, I think my audio mixing has improved. I guess some of you will think differently, though, and if you think that I have improved, I’ll still want to know how much you think I’ve improved. So please give me honest constructive feedback, dear nutshellcrackers. If you know a lot about audio engineering, I’d highly appreciate your honest constructive feedback too.

Now then, here are the mp3s: