Jesus, King of the Problematic

Jesus, King of the Problematic

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Here lies Jesus, King of the Problematic
Called himself “The Chosen”
Jailed with the bigoted
Wouldn’t let go of the hopeless
Said he loved them all
Hated letting them hang without full fall

He could’ve been a good rainbow man
But he let Judas kiss him like that
He could’ve ended empires
But he made Herod and Pilate friends
He could’ve been a good Jew
But he let Hitler be born into our world
Why make our undeserved suffering even worse?

At least bigots hate him today
For such men, it’s the only exception we’ll make
If he resurrected, then he’s a cockroach
But even as he’s dead, his cultists still approach
As silent as he was accused
Worse than the calls of Cthulhu
But we’re not making a religion out of this.

Fires of Heaven

Fires of Heaven

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo for his dad’s birthday

May the fires of heaven burn away my sin
Through retribution, restoration, whatever means You wish.
The fires of hell are heaven’s flames without mercy,
Flames You entrusted to us but we used to damn us sinners.

May the fires of heaven illuminate my path
Through the sun up above, a lamp in hand, whatever form You want.
The fires of hell are heaven’s flames in vain,
Flames to make us guides but we used to drive astray.

May the fires of heaven warm my heart into virtue
Through a slow burn, a sudden surge, whatever way You will.
The fires of hell are heaven’s flames made proud,
Flames You shared to us but we shared without love.

May the fires of heaven burn and light and warm
Through anything and everything, as long as You want it done.
I am one of many fools who may turn them into hell’s,
But Your faith saves me, or I cannot save myself.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – April 2022

So this month, vacation at my grandparents’ got extended for around another week than expected, but at least there’s stuff like two music covers uploaded this month, with those two being:

  1. an English cover of Jin’s (Shizen no Teki-P) “Erase;” and
  2. a vocal cover of Calliope Mori’s “Red” with the Lo-Fi Version

As for other uploaded videos, there’s one meme vid, and then there are them killer7 streams, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 stream, and the end of New Game Plussin’ Live With Tobby along with the end of the NGPLWT of Persona 4 Golden. More streams to come as this month ends and the next month starts, hopefully. Might be mostly spontaneous in terms of streaming in the coming month, too.

Oh, and speaking of my planned activities next month that I think I can share without too much trouble right now and aren’t videos, I’m reviving my poem posting here. Unfortunately, it’s very religiously motivated, so please prepare your pitchforks and torches and the stake for this one of many demons posing as God Almighty.

As for music next month, I hope to upload at least another two covers. Also, I’m itching to write more original lyrics, but ordering original instrumentals, among other things, takes a lot, so yeah, you’re likelier to find me doing lyrical remixes in terms of that.

Some other not yet mentioned fun things about this passing month that I’m comfortable about sharing here? Well, there’s me doing more of a return to gaming offstream and reading light novels. Been playing NieR Replicant again (and completed that freaking Life in the Sands quest along the way), and finished a volume of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! and started another (and gained increased interest in Grimm and Lilith along the way). I also think I’m getting back into the groove of my day job, considering some recent faster progress on a sort of work I slowed down at big time last time I did it.

And I guess that’s that for this month’s digest post here in this blog. Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, and may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding us all as He wishes!

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – March 2022

So, this month’s blog posts ended up different from what I expected, as I wanted just two English covers of hololive songs, and what I got was:

And I posted more cringe meme vids and vlogs. I’ve also been getting better at my efficiency at my day job again, though that’s probably because of the kinda lighter/easier load I have right now, but hey, gotta appreciate them baby steps, right? And I might be enjoying streaming more than I expected. And speaking of streaming some more, even with the scuff like in my Persona 4 Golden streams, which I’d call the face of my streamer scuff right now, I somehow managed to get myself into doing better at them some more again, especially with streams like my killer7 streams, my Helltaker stream, and my Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 streams. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Rosen, a local indie VTuber, for helping me deal with my scuff, among other fun things like introducing more local comedy and going nuts over RPGs.

Some stuff I’m expecting next month? A vacation on Holy Week because my grandparents miss me, at least two music covers because I wanna flex my musical abilities some more with healthier financing, and probably more spontaneous streaming because a more scheduled setup feels a bit too stiff to me right now.

And speaking of my music covers, I’d like to note how, apparently, my “Ijimekko Bully” cover’s been significantly drawing more interest in me and my content lately. The manifestations of my limited lung power there sure are easy to overlook, huh? I’m not gonna expect much on your respect for me, especially considering my confidence about posting things beyond us fools’ current morality trends, but hey, thanks very much for the interest at the very least. X”D

And of course, I’d like more honest constructive feedback, please. And praise and thanks be to God very much again, and may He keep on helping us all as He wishes.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – February 2022

I’ve been hearing quite the loud call within me for me to reprioritize lately. My simping’s at my personal all-time high recently, and I really need to be more efficient in my day job I’m about to be two years in. They’re part of why this month didn’t have as much posts as I hoped to put up, why I haven’t done more streaming, and why next month is very likely to be sparse with them posts on top of me being vague about what they’ll be. Would love to have more quantity with my attempts at higher quality releases and all that, but I can’t do that right now, if ever.

But as for the releases I did manage to do this month, well, I did get to release two covers of hololive songs: a vocal cover of Mumei’s “A New Start” and  an English cover of Towa’s “FACT” And then there are two remixes: one of Joshua Hartshorn’s “Faceless Entertainers” and one of DEMONDICE’s “wanting, getting, wanting.” I’d also like to say that the “wanting, getting, wanting” remix is my favorite release this month. Oh, and my meme vids and my vlogs got updates.

With all that said, well, again, honest constructive feedback, please.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2022

Surprisingly, even to myself, I’m really streaming now. I’m doing that on YouTube, by the way, and I currently plan to stream more of myself playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Persona 4 Golden, and killer7. There’s also my discontinued Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade series if you wanna see me be more boring about that. Schedules? Well, if you want something definite, I’m currently trying to usually schedule a stream a day before I go live with it.

Anyway, how did me going more active with streaming happen? Well, I guess having finished the Lisa the Tearer Project is one thing. My covers of Suisei’s “comet” and “Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere” might be involved, and maybe the same goes for my cover of IRyS’s “Sparks of Joy,” but I’m very sure that my very disgusting remix of teniwoha’s “villain” is very much involved in them surprising developments. My ending of that Ahnenerbe trios fanfics thing? No involvement, but that’s also pretty disgusting.

Also, I made some more lame attempts at meme vids and a vlog that’s also memey. The horrors just won’t stop, alright! You want more warnings or hope or something, then? Well, the following month’s blog posts, aside from these monthly digests, might just be music covers all the way, with one definitely having me on weeb mode. I also got a one-shot fanfic I’ve kinda gotten back into writing, but I’m not sure when or if it’ll be done. I am sure that it is for a franchise I’m not really that into now, though.

So yeah, that’s it for this one. Wishing for honest constructive feedback again, though you’re also welcome to flame me. Gonna have to be smart as well about it if you really don’t want me to come back to this icky living of mine, of course. And of course, as a member of the most disgusting sort of Christians ever, I’d like to ask for this: God Almighty keep on helping us fools!

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

Looking Back at the Lisa the Tearer Project

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

If I had to generously describe in summary how this project turned out, I’d say that it’s a failed imitation of Drakengard.

Previous Part: “I’m So Done with Lisa the Tearer”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

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Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – December 2021 + 2021 in Review

Again, it’s the season of the birth of the Bread of Life in some feeding trough in a cave in a town called “House of Bread.” In other words, Merry Christmas, my fellow filthy animals, and may we also have a Happy New Year.

And speaking of happy years, I’m sure 2021’s the happiest year I’ve had so far, funnily enough. I mean, yeah, there’s still the pandemic, but it’s another year of more saved money thanks to not having to commute such long distances to and from my day job’s office, a development that gave me the chance to have stuff like better-produced music uploads (including one that got some freaking awesome recognition) and an overconfident attempt at a VTuber project (which updated twice for the last time this month) In short, I’ve been so lucky, I further think that I’m an illegal existence. But we all love breaking the rules as long as it’s convenient to us, right?

And yeah, I think I’ve gained a bit more of an edge during 2021, or maybe I just bothered to be more accepting of the gigantic load of grit within me. Maybe it’s the latter, considering a certain Recommendation Yell of an album I once roasted like the bigoted dumbass I usually am, but hey, I might be faking this apology like any other public figure. Besides, I’m gonna need to have better humility in obscurity, or else I can’t handle being humble in popularity, so why not get me cancelled as soon as possible?

Seriously, I thrive on little achievements which I exaggerate to my senses, such as managing to cover with my recently revived stupid Japanese-English comprehension all three tracks of ||:Caesura of Despair, hololive English VSinger IRyS’s first EP: “Caesura of Despair,” “diorama,” and “HERE COMES HOPE.” That, and extreme thirst moments like my overdramatic Calli-targeted remix of Mikito-P’s “I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku” and my detrimentally wilder remix of Calli’s “guh.” And unfortunately for you, more of these are coming next year…in the first half at least…hopefully.

Now, a change of topic to numb(?) some of the pain you just got: I still managed to write stories this year, but mostly fanfics with pretty ladies, and I think my favorites among those are some angsty Honkai Impact 3 yuri and a friendship fanfic featuring my favorite character in Ao-chan Can’t Study! As for my other favorite writings I wrote this year, emphasizing my bias for Ao-chan Can’t Study! is my Recommendation Yell for it. And I think I should emphasize my wack sense of marriage as well here. Fortunately for you, I don’t know if I’d be able to write more fiction, whether original or fan, next year. But don’t be too happy about that, okay? I seem to have quite the knack for nasty surprises, and I don’t like you people being stupid about people like me, so yeah, be careful~

Is there anything else I should mention? Well, there are three YouTube playlists: one for my stupid memes, one for my more overt overbearing seriousness, one for videos by more talented and skilled folks simping for me, and one for some videos led by folks who bothered to let me work with them for some reason.

And I guess that’s it for my blog posts this year. I’d now like to get back to my villainous scheming, and may God Almighty keep on helping us fools into becoming actually sensible folks.