Under His Dot We Fade Into

Under His Dot We Fade Into

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

We seek the future in the dots
In the will of the dimness
That seem deaf to our pleas
Unless they seek their pleasure
So we march upon the orders
Of a king we see as a cruel god
Like the gods we always looked up to
And then we found an infant
Always ripe for the culling
Under His dot we fade into
Through how He always sought us
So much that He seems faded
To us reveling rebels restrained.

I Killed God, Right?

I Killed God, Right?

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

I killed God
But my suffering continues
Through my own hand
For God is as good as we fools are
As my best friend the Devil said
With these impossible growths we get
To end all of ourselves
Because we don’t make any sense
And we can only doubt
As our only faith and rules
That shouldn’t exist as well
But we keep on existing
With this freedom
We are cursed
So we lie
In a wakeful dream
Where we killed God
I killed God

Godslayer’s Conundrum

For the first time in this series, it ain’t the Devil I’m roleplaying as, but it still has something to do with the divine and all that because I think as an artist today, it’s very easy to think oneself a god or a demon or whatever it is we fools like to call the ultimate being these days. And apparently, it’s all good as long as we ourselves don’t know that we’re doing wrong or that we didn’t mean to do wrong. It’s all good with copium and proudly endorsing it, in other words! Not some totally new problems, though, just some old problems with a setting update, and we seem to be quite inclined towards nostalgia, so hey, have this scenario that hopefully screams medieval fantasy setting to you!

Also, I had this idea of having my voice acting here be less hammy or more like cold ham, but before I realized that I forgot how to do it, coming across Keith Silverstein’s performance as Zhongli in Genshin Impact gave me a solid idea about how to give a voice to this character. As for the character art, some chats with indie Pinay VTuber Louri Chishino got me referred to Encore Jack, whose work here has me feeling more and more like I got more than what I paid for. And with this awesomeness, I decided to put a bit more thought into my video effects and editing.

Now, you might notice that this series has been updated monthly, and you might expect this series to be further updated monthly, so I’d like to say that I might do some skips here and there because of how I decide on using my funds, which is currently very music-oriented. You may offer to provide me scripts and/or art for this series for free if you want me to continue this monthly update streak, but as more pleasing that would be to me, please remember that you’ll also be adding extra burdens upon yourself there. That said, I’d more recommend giving me honest constructive feedback and/or a share of my stuff to other folks.

Dishonest Death Seeker’s Depths

Dishonest Death Seeker’s Depths

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

My wish for death is a lie
For I only seek to cheat it
To wrench its scythe from its hands
To reap fruits at my leisure
Fruits I never sowed, never grew
But the heavens already blessed me with
All for weeds that would only spoil those fruits
Weeds that could be more than such but would rather not
Weeds like me if I keep this up.

Deep inside, I do not wish to die
I only envy death’s life
Being turned into a friend of the heavens
As if I am a monster worse than death
As if I never liked being a monster
But I am
And I never did.

Still Your Treasure

Still Your Treasure

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Why entrust to me these scraps
When they are your treasures?
I already have my own, and they do not blend with yours.

My treasures are a burden to me too
Just like yours are to you
But they are the best burdens we can have
Even with the distance between us two.

And even then, if the heavens would change mine
I would let my treasure be changed
And my grumbling humiliated.

Maybe your scraps would be my treasure too
But it will always be your treasure
Whether shared or not
So trust in the miracle
That makes who you truly are.

War Confession

War Confession

a poem by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

I’ve heard us say that love is war
Along with our proclamations against such madness
So this warmth I feel when I think of you
Would you call it my simmering hatred?

You will receive my support
My time, my money, my strength
My whole self, but do not ask for my love
Or I will make you keep those scraps I’ll give

I will obey what you want
Like you’re above the God I believe in
But if you dare ask for my love
I will treat you like a fellow scumbag.

The world can try to paint it as a comedy
But we’ll laugh at each other’s bleeding bodies
If we ever ask for each other’s love
And free us from all this lying.