Suck It, Morning Rush

Today’s breakfast is Hotchix,
With spice and rice, so oiled and crisp
But there’s no lovely health, just a quick fix
Running on gut instincts
That bottled water will just swish.

My shoelaces unravel with telekinesis
That makes sense because of my raging
Which I threw out like garbage
But I took hold of that purple force
And said “Suck it, morning rush.”

I won’t skip away from the building
Even with no fire exit waiting
Because I still have more to learn
Like the many ways I can say “I love you”
Even while we’re stuck in a corner.

Even if this bracelet on my right wrist
Holds a bunch of roses always white,
With a crown of thorns, it’s still alike,
So I should bear it with humble breaths
So flow on, apologies and thanks.

Now let’s go take the next morning rush
And let it go suck all of our sun
While we beat it up with our loaded guts
‘Til it blows to send the light back up
So yeah, I’m back, my love.


Cynical Romance – or Why Love Sucks

Not as cynical as it seems, alright~ 😀

From A Clogged Mind

You know you’ve said it. More times than you care to admit. Even in marriage. Hey, we all go through it. No one is immune. Those who say they haven’t are lying, delusional or scared to face it.

But that’s ok. The trick is to get through to the other side. Cynicism doesn’t have to cloud the happiness that true love gives in return.

Here’s a poem to ponder when love sucks and you just don’t want to believe it.

Cynical Romance

Moira said to me

And in no uncertain terms

That she loved me

I was taken aback

I never had love

I mean

Love was glitter

Unicorns and BS

Yeah it’s a cynic rant

That’s just how I feel

Telling her I felt

The same way was

A sucker move

She’d leave anyway

Like most do

It’s in their nature

For people to tell you

what they want


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The Most Beautiful Challenge

The Most Beautiful Challenge

a piece of fiction by The Overlord Bear

beta-read by TheOtherGabby

with special thanks to Inthretis

cover illustration by The Overlord Bear

Summary: A marriage between a typical noblewoman and a strange nobleman happens, and the woman wonders why she actually fell in love with the man. The man is happy to explain that, too.

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The Empress and Her Guard

When I found a rose that knew her thorns,
I grew a garden rounder;
Thank her weedy floor.

No one liked to touch any part of her
Force she shimmered to shy,
Redness she murked and cried.

I hated her at first, and that was for certain
For roses were thorny and therefore broken.

Pieces rule the world, and she is its model
But then again, my theater’s in pieces yet made a prophet.

I became her guard because we are alike
And so I fink;
I still go to tinker.

“Empress” and “Praetor,” our “And dear” in titles–
I’ll root for this garden,
God, if good, please guard, then.

Manly Treasure Hunting

Manly Treasure Hunting

a Final Fantasy V fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Faris Scherwiz’s crew of male pirates wasn’t a bunch that Bartz Klauser took seriously, but after certain stories and secrets were shared to that merry band of fools, they point out a situation which becomes serious business to the wandering Wind Warrior…

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Heraculous Relationship Support

Author’s Note: This story was written in response to the following prompt in the WritingPrompts subreddit:

You receive a boon from an ancient god. Sadly, this boon is downright annoying in modern times.

This story was first posted on Reddit. It’s been a while since I last went to r/writingprompts and wrote in response to a prompt there. I was pretty spontaneous while thinking about what to write for the prompt, and seeing how it turned out makes me worry about my state of mind right now. I am feeling down lately, honestly, but it’s not like I’m not trying to lift my spirits up. I guess I’ll need to talk with some trustworthy people some time soon…Anyway, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. Also, MATURE GUIDANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HERE, YO.

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Worth Revisiting: Faith + Humour = 36 Years of Marriage

A beautiful post about a certain married couple’s beautiful relationship. 🙂

joy of nine9

My husband, Michael, and I have been married for 36 years, and we are happy and still in love. Surprisingly, we have become one in reality, deeply in tune with each other’s spirits even though we are still opposites in personality. Our tangible joy is inexplicable through secular eyes, because from all outward appearances our life together has been a tough journey including poverty, nine kids, overwhelming chores on a small family farm and long-term, clinical depression.

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Accessing Power in the Sacrament of Marriage

The grace available in the Sacrament of Marriage is not some esoteric theology;  it is real and it is powerful. The power available in the sacrament is what kept my husband and I together through the rough years. We both understood, beyond a doubt, that God brought us together. We never questioned this basic call from God, our vocation together, even during the dark years.

I have…

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Flash Fiction: The Two Types of Poison

About this story, I can now honestly say this with confidence:
Freaking realistic, indeed.

Vantablack is the blackest thing

Currently, there is a total of two girls. Both vying for my affection.

The first girl is full of poison.
Every word she lets through that pretty pink lips of hers is full of malice, designed to hurt people whether she means it or not. The little affection she shows are also laced with daggers, so you hurt yourself trying to uncover its hidden meaning no matter what. Her voice actually sounds like the twittering birds in the morning, except the birds are hurling really personal insults at you. Waste of her voice, I think, that it’s used to tear your heart into a million pieces while soothing your ears. She laughs, yeh, and they’re the clearest and the prettiest laugh you’ve ever heard, except they’re used for laughing at people, their taste, their dreams, all of their life’s meaning…
Yeah, even mine.
Don’t laugh.

The second girl is full…

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Contraception Destroys Marital Chastity, Marriage, the family … civilization

I support the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding contraception because I have known about the bad things that occur when sex is treated like a toy, and not because “They said so.” This article led me to hating my perversion more, and I thank God very much for the help.

Littlemore Tracts

This was published today on TheCatholicThing.Org because they have a much larger readership than this poor blog. One Christian example is worth a ton of words, even those coming from a Church Synod.

Chastity: the Crucial Message of a Canonization

To my way of thinking, the single most important event that will occur during the 2015 Synod on Marriage and the Family will be one over which the participating bishops will engage in no discussion and take no votes. Indeed, I think the most inspired decision surrounding this whole Synod is to have the canonization of St. Thérèse’s parents – Zelie and Louis Martin – take place this Sunday.

The Church has always pointed to the lives of saints to teach us the great truths of our faith. In this case, the example is not only the fidelity of this…

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Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #6

Family. Today, that’s probably one of youths’ biggest annoyances.

Family. Dear and precious family.

Calling the family an annoyance is saddening, really. But hey, even I have called my family an annoyance before, ’cause at times, I thought that they weren’t doing right things. And almost all the time, they were teaching the right things, and my pride and other imperfections were keeping them from properly getting into me.

Family. Today, it seems like Hell to adults too.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I remember my parents mentioning that Mom started bearing me before she and Dad got married. They could have done something that’s popular these days, which is throwing my life away. But they didn’t. They let me live, and they even took care of me. I had grandparents and aunts and uncles who took care of me too. Now, I’m here, and I have three younger siblings. They’re handfuls too, just like me. I’m sure that each of us family members has once wished that we stopped being a family so that we can spare ourselves the trouble. When I start looking outside, I feel like I can face it. But the longer I look there, the quicker I turn around, because I don’t know how to properly deal with the outside world and its many larger troubles, let alone deal with them by myself.

Family. Today, it’s tearing itself apart.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I’ve noticed a lot of parents worrying about money more than their family. I’ve noticed a lot of self-righteous parents too. Government officials, terrorists, religious leaders, businesspeople, celebrities…the blame is usually put on them only…while the ones who throw the blame forget looking at themselves and their families. The family can be a source of trouble, yes. But at the same time, the family can be a source of progress. I’ve lived enough to be certain of that. All the money in the world can’t heal a broken family, and a broken family is not something that should be considered insignificant.

Family. Today, I’d probably get laughed at most of the time when I say that I want to start one.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I know that having my own family is going to be a challenge. I know that I’m still not good enough to be a boyfriend. I know that I’m still not mature enough. But I still want to be more mature. Not that “mature” which means “having a lot of fame, money, and sex” or that “mature” which means “always wearing dung-colored glasses” or even that “mature” which means “no rules and no social restraints.” The “mature” that I’m looking for is the one that means “doing true good for humanity.” A lot of people will mock me, most likely, and my pride will frequently ask me to give up, but I won’t give up. I’m not perfect, but I know that I can get help and improve. Living with my family can teach, has taught, and will teach me a lot of precious lessons, and I’ll try to show those precious lessons to all of you through my life.

Family. Praise the Lord for the family, and God Almighty help the family.

Family. Dear and precious family.

My fellow immediate family members aren’t dead yet, but right now, I feel really lonely when they’re far away from me. I know that they’ll die someday, and I guess I’ll be going through some major pain when one of them dies.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I love my family very much, so much that I feel like this post isn’t enough to show all the love that I hold for my family.

Praise the Lord, and God Almighty help us all.