You Need to Have Healthier Sleeping Habits, Tobby

Not having enough sleep sucks so much.
Here’s a little drawing about me during my latest sleep. Oh, and by the way, I haven’t been getting enough sleep during most of the past days, which I guess is why I still think that the amount of sleep that I had last night was not enough. There are times when I’ve been having less than seven hours of sleep in one night, and there are times when I fall asleep in between 11PM and 12AM (Oh yeah, I’ve been sleeping late more frequently recently, too) and then suddenly wake up in between 3AM and 4AM. And then there are times when I become sleepy in the morning. Freaking nuts, not having enough sleep sucks so much.

When You’re Gonna Use Your Computer, Sit on a Chair and Put Your Computer on a Table, Tobby

My computer is a notebook. And most of the time, I use it while lying down slouched on a bed or on a couch.

I feel like I’m more susceptible to laziness, Internet addiction, and pervy thoughts that way, so I’m trying to spend more time with my butt on a chair and my computer on a table. My laziness and Internet addiction are still issues even when seated, though…

Anyway, while I’m sitting on a chair while using my computer on a table today, I feel more focused and relaxed…Kinda like the Metal Gear series’s Solid Snake and his feelings towards the cardboard box.

Maybe I should make friends with it and call it “Mr. Chair” like PewDiePie calls the chairs he encounters in his Let’s Plays. Yeah, I should make friends with the chair. I am so weird again. Oh yes.

Man, I’m feeling the inspiration right now. I shouldn’t be slouched on a bed or on a couch. I should be on a chair while my computer should be on a table while I use it.

And then there’s my time management. I’m still having issues with it. I don’t have classes yet, and I’ve mostly been spending time on the Internet. I should really set time for doing chores like walking the dogs or watering the plants. And I should set some time for nap time, too. Of course, I should limit my time when it comes to using the Internet. And I shouldn’t forget to update my blog daily.

Thank you, Mr. Chair and Mr. Table. You’ve made me more relaxed and focused today.

Now then, I shall be going on a break from using my computer, and take a nap while I do so, since I’ve been hurting my health by not sleeping enough during the past days.

And of course, a self-reminder:

When you’re gonna use your computer, sit on a chair and put your computer on a table, Tobby.