Filling Free Time

These recently past days have been quite shaking for me. There’s me trying to settle in my boarding house room and doing all those basic care stuff I should know by now, such as bathing twice a day to keep the bad smell away and eating at least three balanced meals and drinking enough water to keep my body up and going along with my breathing. There’s also me having to mash in my school schedule and doing all the required work that would come with it, which has already hit me hard as a starter via complex readings and homework that, surprisingly, are still manageable, especially with the right assistance. And then there’s making friends, keeping in touch with my family, doing Tobby work…things that would be considered “free time stuff.”

So yeah, that reminds me of being told about how vacation is just a change of occupation…and yeah, it makes sense. I think I even despaired when I first heard it? Eh, more laughable me aside, “free time” is pretty much synonymous to “vacation,” making both terms matters that shouldn’t be taken as lightly as we usually do.

Yes, I really agree that vacation is a change of occupation.

Like, really, I have realized how much the darkness can start pulling my strings once I let myself go like a puppet without strings during my free time. Doing that while feeling troubled after discovering sharp bits of info about my first pieces of homework to deal with, along with being surrounded negative vibes floating around like how environmental pollution is nowadays, got me spitting very disturbing words of pride, lust, and wrath…words that I’m not gonna go into very deeper detail about.

Yes, they’re that bad, so please don’t ask about that further…unless you’re someone I consider trustworthy enough.

So yeah, with how tough it can be, we can call it a different brand of work time, therefore turning it into what’s probably the most hated thing of humanity, considering how frequently I encounter complaints regarding work, both online and offline. Even I myself have contributed such complaints, and that sort of thinking really turned my free time into more of a waste of time, leading into moments involving me being some self-righteous, Internet-obsessed dude with quite a lust for power, fame, control, and, of course, sex.

As much as I hate to admit it, I guess I really am not ready to get into a romantic relationship yet, considering the perverted habits I still have and should discuss with trustworthy enough people, like, say, my parents, whom I still foolishly doubt despite their tried and tested dedication for me and the rest of our family all these years of our life together. And hey, talk about pride-induced anxiety and procrastination. Real easy to trick myself with that, too, and then there’s me getting wrecked by things like slow computer processing combined with going for less important matters like immediately acting on my inspiration sparks for my Tobby activities, which I consider extracurricular. A bunch of times, I’ve thought that my parents can’t help me with certain troubling matters I have to deal with, which is understandable when I consider our imperfections, but still stupid because I haven’t even tried to ask for help when they’ve helped me deal with other troubling matters before, such as a bully that kept on bugging me during high school and me having to process a controversial piece of creative nonfiction and a bunch of responses to it for class. One can’t know where the ceiling really is unless it’s felt by the touch, you know. And sure, doing so, can be a pain, but that’s the way it goes. At least I know where it is once I touch it.

And hey, my stupid pride also made me scared about and protesting against my parents correcting me by stopping my bad computer habits via them taking my laptop and phone whenever bedtime comes, something which even I myself requested from them. No wonder they have a hard time dealing with me…

Yup, free time is quite a matter for me lately. It’s been an important point of discussion during my recent Confessions as well, with the priest reminding me about how every minute can be a minute of salvation or a minute of damnation, and I couldn’t help agreeing with him.

See, often, I had been scared of letting go of certain sinful things I’ve been doing during my free time. Some of those things are things I found hard to consider as sinful, making them tougher to remove, like those hard-to-remove stains that stick on the frying pan, either requiring careful removal with dishwashing soap and water if it’s on teflon, or hard scraping with dishwashing soap and water when it’s just uncoated steel. I even thought that they would just stay there forever as unchangeable parts of my life, just a natural part of who I am…but really, who am I kidding?

And now, I’m on a cliff, having to rappel my way down or, more likely, stick to the wall and climb down, having my arms and legs getting scraped by rocks and being strained by prolonged use. That’s also gonna be me during my free time, and if I didn’t know faith, then I would’ve just let myself drop and turn into a big red splat on the very distant ground, also letting myself seep into the depths of damnation because I let myself stay ignorant through claiming that I know better than The Best Writer of All Time a.k.a. God.

And again, I’m talking about free time here. If your butt, the biggest muscle in the body, lost all feeling while you thought about how free time is another heavy load you’ll have to deal with along with work, then don’t worry, ’cause I understand.

Still, we gotta recharge well and get up well. I mean, if we can’t improve, then I wouldn’t be here writing about this and you wouldn’t be here reading this, would we?

So yeah, I gotta think better about what to do with my precious free time, which is precious not because we can cut our moral restraints loose, but because we can reach true happiness better by spending it well along with our work time. With the setup I have now, I can do things like making friends at school with more consistency, and all I need now is to put good will in, with faith, patience, fortitude, and so many other blessings from God boosting it.

I also gotta think about how regular I should keep certain things, like this weekly reflection series, that monthly reflection series I prefer doing during month-ends, uploading writing and music stuff that take a considerable while to work on well, and me going through a bunch of creative content from others for entertainment and/or inspiration’s sake. And speaking of the creative content I choose to go through, that’s another matter I gotta take seriously, as they can influence how I think, even if they’re usually subtle there. There’s also the people I follow online and how often I should check for updates on them, too.

And again, I’m talking about free time here. It’s really easy to take it for granted, you know?

And hey, all this planning I’m talking about sure is easier said than done. For example, it’s easy to get lost into unnecessarily obliging myself to be rigid with an extracurricular activity like this, depriving myself of sleep while thinking that my required workload is that of, say, a celebrity artist or something like that, when I haven’t even proven my worth with smaller things like being more consistent with doing household chores, especially chores which I don’t need to be spoken to and reminded about so much just so that I would do them.

Heh, and I dream of having a happy family of my own while having my level of self-righteousness. I’m still not ready for that yet, alright, and I still got a long way to go until I can really fulfill that dream. I gotta bring my rigidity down and be more flexible, quickly thinking of and switching to more worthwhile things to do when something I’m working on is becoming a waste of time and energy.

But again, it’s easier said than done.

And once again, I’m talking about free time here.

So yeah, God Almighty keep on helping us.

Maintaining the Haven

Yet again, during a Sunday, though on my way to a Mass with my family and the prayer community we’re a part of, the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” suddenly made more sense to me.

Well, I guess there was me also thinking about stuff to write about for my next reflection post. I kinda felt like I was running out of topics, really, especially with my mind spending a little too much time on my comp and on the Net again. Said overspending showed in things like me sneaking in bits of writing for this on my phone’s Notes feature…so yeah, I guess I should give thanks to God for using my phone’s kinda weakened battery to mess with my excessive desires.

Huh, now that makes me think about how laziness can kill motivation. And if you ask me, laziness isn’t doing nothing, but actually being unproductive. Like, really, one can be lazy in terms of sleeping!

But hey, I think I’m going tangential here, though considering what I want to talk about, perhaps I would end up tackling my other habits in life later on in this reflection.

So, cleaning up my room.

See, in my family’s house, I share a room with one of my younger brothers, specifically the one who’s also in college. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been subtly rubbing in his laziness in terms of keeping his stuff in order by trying to clean up for him without also politely telling him to clean his stuff up. I let out a lot of groans when the occasional time comes, times when I sweep out dust bunnies and pick up scattered and even hidden trash in our room. In other usual cases, I just leave his mess alone, just like that, thinking that he should just do everything ’cause he’s being such a messy guy…

And then I remember how there are other things that I can and should clean up, like those pieces of trash within the drawers we rarely clean up…and then there’s me remembering that it’s also my room, and not just my brother’s room.

Yeah, talk about a painful pride crusher.

But really, I gotta learn to clean myself more and more, or else I’d be more susceptible to sickness, and I’d also be stuck dumb with trying to teach others how to be clean. Sure, such a thing is probably not a decisive factor in improving my whole personal life, but a contributing factor still affects stuff, and they should not be underestimated as well.

And hey, the way I treat contributing factors still can say a lot about me, just like how bits of seemingly trivial info in my favorite stories are supposed to show a bigger picture. I guess contributing factors work that way too.

Hm, I seem to have gone on another tangent again, no? Well, whether or not that is case, I still want your honest constructive feedback.

Now, back to talking about cleaning my own room. Specifically, the obstacles in my way towards doing that right. And hey, I’ll try to talk about it like how my favorite stories do.

So, now’s some time for some questions and answers:

Q. The usual obstacles in my way towards actively cleaning my room when I have the time and energy?

A. Going online too much and waiting for cleaners too much.

Q. Why do I let those obstacles get in my way so much?

A. Because I still got a lot of important online work to do, and because there are people who should be doing cleaning instead of me.

Q. Speaking of cleaners, who are those people?

A. In my family’s house, it should be my brother. In my boarding house room, well, there are cleaners who come around from time to time.

Q. But what about the things I don’t want touched? And about my thoughts on my brother, why should he be cleaning the room?

A. For the former, well, fine, I do have to clean my own things up, especially since I know myself best when compared to other people. As for the latter, well, my brother’s a lazy butt who often forgets to bring his dirty plates out of the room and on to the kitchen sink, among other things.

Q. Okay, I guess my first answer is fair enough, but the second…Well, aren’t I forgetting those drawer and closet items which I haven’t been using for so long?

A. Uhh…but most of them are my brother’s.

Q. But I still have some that are mine, right?

A. …Yeah.

Q. And whose room is that again? My brother’s and…?

A. …Mine. But I still have more important work to do! Like with my comp! And online too!

Q. And what’s so important with my computer and online activities that I gotta forego cleaning the room?

A. Uhh…

Q. Come on, what am I gonna say?


Q. What?

A. A bunch of peeps out there are within reach of my amazing artistic potential, and I would like to develop it by creating and sharing and creating and sharing and…uhh…

Q. And what about that “JUSTICE!” I just screamed? What’s that got to do with this?


Q. Can my own self give me a detailed plan for that, then, please? Like, say, including how I’ll properly maintain my mind, body, and soul along the way and not succumb to the poisonous nuttiness that I want to defeat?

A. Uh…Uhh…Okay, you’re sounding just like Mom now, you know.

Q. Yes, it seems so, but aren’t I just trying to run away now at this point?

A. Okay, fine, I suck.

Q. I only suck?

A. Okay, I can improve too, so stop bugging me already!

So yeah, now’s a good time for me to get back to some actually productive work, no?
Also, God Almighty help me again. Sucking at tasks so ordinary, although not exactly a decisive factor, can still be a mark of my spiritual weaknesses. Thinking about that some more as well, I’ve realized that the capital sins that often get in my way lately are pride, lust, and sloth. I think too highly of myself, thinking that I’m way above doing ordinary tasks, even to the point of being a coward and lying to myself about what I can do when it comes to ordinary tasks. I long too much for fame and control, longing to keep on working on my online activities, desperate to get famous and powerful real quick, all while lying to myself that I’m doing things for the good of others. I groan a lot when I need to do chores, especially urgent ones, even blaming my tendency towards rigidity instead of fighting against said rigidity when I’m faced with such sudden things.

And yes, there is such a thing as lying to oneself. I myself still have difficulty with noticing such occurrences within me, and I think that my improved detection on those is pretty much a miracle being caused by God. So yeah, I thank God Almighty so much.

And hey, although I find this kinda awkward to say because of my dumb pride getting in my way when other people ask me to pray for them…well, I ask that you pray for me as well.

So yeah…honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Milestones and Turning Points #1

“Are you insane, Tobby?”

I dreamt of hearing the above sentence from other people, but the first time I heard that wasn’t how I dreamed it to be. Really, I think that the first one who called me that, straight to my face, was my own self. Or maybe someone else, and I was just too stupid to admit it, let alone know it, at the time.

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Tobby tried to sing Disconnection

Hey, nutshellcrackers. This is my first song cover this year. I hope that my nose and throat would get better soon too, ’cause I wanna sing more energetic songs…

Also, I’ll be uploading another music-related video tomorrow. Remember that original song that I was talking about in some previous posts? Yeah, I’m gonna try to upload it and its video tomorrow.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

The Iron King’s Unbelievable Story

Author’s Note: And now, a new short story, yo.

Also, self-reminder: Backup them precious uploaded stories and story chapters, yo.

And in other writing-related news, I’ll be working on the next chapter of sakiyama starting this week.

And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

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Some Tips on How to Be Truly Heroic

Author’s Note: Hello, I’m The Overlord Bear, and here’s a new story series! Again! I guess this is a part of my warmup for writing other stories of mine…and speaking of writing stories, I’ve been thinking of what to write for my Creative Writing thesis recently too…

What, you think it’s too early for me to work on my college thesis? Hahaha…how easy do you think it is, fellow fools? O_O

Also, I made a new friend recently, and it’s a mop for the second floor of my house. Okay, I guess I’m now wasting your time here.

And again, I really really want honest constructive feedback, yo. If you’re gonna leave some, then there’s the comments section below.

Oh, and one more thing: I hope that you (special mention goes to the younger nutshellcrackers out there) are reading this with mature enough guidance. Continue reading

Three-Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

I feel like thanking God as well for this wonderful opportunity. And as for what opportunity I’m talking about, it’s this Three-Day Quote Challenge that I’m in thanks to Medieval Otaku tagging me! Reading his work for this challenge got me motivated into doing for this challenge too! Thanks very much, MediOta! \(^0^)

And now, the rules of this challenge!

  1. Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  2. Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Now then…


Day 1 Quote

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” — Don Bosco

From what I remember, this quote is also remembered as “Idleness is the workshop of the devil.” Essentially the same message, so I don’t have a problem with that. Anyway, I don’t like being lazy just because I’m afraid of pissing off those who expect me to work properly. I hate being lazy because sinful thoughts invade my mind with more effort whenever I’m not doing productive things. And if you ask me, laziness isn’t just lying on a bed or something that your body can lie down on while doing nothing else. Laziness can be doing something that you’re not supposed to be doing at a certain time and place too. There’s a time and place for work, and there’s a time and place for rest. Overworking doesn’t make a person productive too.

And to those who think that laziness is a legit way to true happiness…I’d like to say that you people sure are taking unnecessary suffering there. If you need help, you can ask me. I’m not the best helper, but I can still help. And yes, I know that trying to break out of laziness will be a big pain. I’ve been in that irritating pit a lot of times before, you know. Also, I believe in your potential for awesomeness! You can do it, yo! \(^o^)

And now, time to tag some bloggers for this challenge:

  1. Melanie Jean Juneau
  2. Matthew Burgos
  3. J. Hale Turner

See you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! \(^o^)

Hangout at the Best of Anime 2015 Convention!

Before this day came, I found myself more willing to go the hangout I went to today because of, well, God, basically. With His help, I found a lot of worthwhile stuff in today’s hangout and thought of good things to do in the future. Bad habits are going to be broken, and good habits are going to be built. The road will be a very difficult one, but I can improve, especially with God’s help. Praise the Lord, and God Almighty help us all!

Now then, I should talk about the fun hangout that I had today!

I'm not very surprised by situations like this anymore. :)

This is the first convention I attended, I think. Also, I’m not very surprised by situations like this anymore. 🙂

Sharp Axe Bob and I, The Overlord Bear, went to the Best of Anime 2015 convention at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. I was invited by Wacks, a friend of mine, and I decided to accept the invitation. I told Bob about it, and he decided to go too. The two of us informed Mom and Dad too, and I guess I should be thanking them for giving us the chance to have fun in that event too! Thanks very much, Mom and Dad!

So, at the convention, I was with Bob, my friends–Wacks, Gabby, Francis–and Bryan (currently at acquaintance level; also, I feel awkward while calling you an acquaintance, Bryan, hahaha). Bob and I arrived first, at about one to two hours before opening time (10am), followed by Gabby, and then by the other three. We spent a considerable amount of time standing and walking in line, and I started to feel my legs getting challenged. I don’t think I complained at that time, though. I was surprisingly chill as we waited in line, bought our tickets, and waited for the crowd in front of us to advance.

And this Chiyo Sakura keychain/bag tag/whatever-thing-argh-what-is-this-meant-to-be is the first thing that I bought at the convention!

And this Chiyo Sakura keychain/bag tag/whatever-thing-argh-what-is-this-meant-to-be is the first thing that I bought at the convention!

A crowd of people was already gathering when we entered, and we started looking at the open booths there. Obviously, there were a lot anime-and-manga stuff and related stuff being sold. There were a lot of things that I didn’t consider worthwhile, but hey hey, I found worthwhile stuff that I bought and did! For example, that item in the photo above!

And now, say hello to the freaking relatable teenage celebrity, Momo Kisaragi!

And now, say hello to the freaking relatable teenage celebrity, Momo Kisaragi!

Also, there was one thing that I wanted but couldn’t buy: a Shintarou jacket. You know, the red jacket that Shintarou Kisaragi wears.

Look to the right, and you'll see a Shintarou jacket that costs P950. Freaking nuts. I didn't have enough money for that while I was there, yo.

Look to the right, and you’ll see a Shintarou jacket that costs P950. Freaking nuts. I didn’t have enough money for that while I was there, yo.

But hey hey, I guess I can properly get it (and with a big enough size, I guess, ’cause that one doesn’t seem like it would fit me, hahaha!) some other time. Also, I should prepare myself more for work. I’m gonna have to get a proper job in the future.

Oh, and I got this too!

A commissioned sketch of Chihiro Fujisaki, done by Ate Camille! Thanks very much, Ate Camille! \(^o^)

A commissioned sketch of Chihiro Fujisaki, done by Ate Camille! Thanks very much, Ate Camille! \(^o^)

And hey, there was also a booth (one run by a group called AniZone, I think?) where visitors can play some video games. Playable there were Osu!, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, and Project Diva F 2nd! I played a lot of Project Diva F 2nd, and after a round of practice, I managed to get a prize from a raffle after playing (since I had to finish at least one song on Hard difficulty, and hey, even if I didn’t satisfactorily clear them, I finished three songs!), and I managed to listen to some of my favorite VOCALOID songs (like “Nisoku Hokou,” “Kagerou Daze,” and “Karakuri Pierrot”) while I played! While I waited for my second play, though, I also chatted with one of the people working for that booth! We chatted about VOCALOID and music and some other related stuff, I didn’t feel very awkward, and hey, I think me managing to have such a conversation with someone without a lot of awkwardness is impressive! Give a pat to your back, Tobby! Freaking nuts! Your social skills are improving!

Here's the prize I got from the raffle after clearing that Hard mode challenge in playing Project Diva F 2nd! A Kyouko Kirigiri pin!

Here’s the prize I got from the raffle after clearing that Hard mode challenge in playing Project Diva F 2nd! A Kyouko Kirigiri pin!

And speaking of improving social skills, I managed to approach some cosplayers–ones who are cosplaying characters from series that I’m very interested in–and ask for permission to take photos with them without much help from my companions! I felt awkwardness, yes, but hey, I think I can say that I have improved!

Now then, here are the photos with me and them cosplayers!

I took a picture with Kuroha and lived to tell the tale (hahaha)

I took a picture with Kuroha and lived to tell the tale (hahaha)

I think a scream was threatening to break out of me for a variety of reasons (one reason being the desire to fanboy, hahaha) while I held the camera here.

I think a scream was threatening to break out of me for a variety of reasons (one reason being the desire to fanboy, hahaha) while I held the camera here.

Trust me and my P3 knowledge--that is not a gun, but an Evoker. It's shaped like a gun, and it works to cause trauma, leading the user to summon their Persona with the help of a bunch of other magical things in it. And yes, I guess that description still sounds terrifying.

Trust me and my P3 knowledge–that is not a gun, but an Evoker. It’s shaped like a gun, and it works to cause trauma, leading the user to summon their Persona with the help of a bunch of other magical things in it. And yes, I guess that description still sounds terrifying.

Seto isn't getting a lot of screentime again, huh?

Seto isn’t getting a lot of screentime again, huh?

And as for socializing, I shouldn’t forget my companions! Gabby’s still a pretty chill guy, even when I was complaining a lot because of my tired legs (I’m sorry for the noisy complaints too, Gabby!). Wacks, well, he still has that laziness and loudly coarse attitude and sense of humor. I think I can see more of his street smarts too behind all that coarseness, though. And hey, I guess he’d be vocal about it if he didn’t want me hanging out with him, no?

Ah, and Francis and Bryan. Among my companions, they’re in the bottom of my “Most Interacted With” list, but they’re chill people, I think, even if certain interests of ours aren’t the same. Oh, and speaking of same and different opinions, even though I still like the Kagerou Project, I think we do calmly agree that its story’s presentation isn’t very great in stuff other than its music (although I’d still read the light novels and manga, ’cause I’ve got more patience for the series)…and that the TV version of Mekakucity Actors’s act09 opening animation is a substandard piece of work. KagePro’s performance also inspires me to make something that surpasses it. You still won’t be forgotten, KagePro and its production crew!

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget that thing that I need to do for a certain thing that Francis and I are working on…

And wait, better not forget Sharp Axe Bob! I think we’ve been getting closer as we interacted during the day! Well, we talked about some parts of our lives. Like school. And he seemed to be aiming to take pictures of and with cute female cosplayers while in the convention. Hahaha…well…I guess I just made this awkward…?

Anyway, yeah, it was a freaking fun day! I saw improvements in myself! Even if I didn’t spend a lot of time being together with all of my companions while in the con, and even if Gabby, Bob, and I left the con first (at around 3pm, and then we went to the Manila International Book Fair area ’cause Gabby needed to buy a book there), I found lots of fun, and I guess my companions found lots of fun too, even if we weren’t loaded with lots of money, and even if I found myself really annoyed at my tired legs during the later parts of the hangout. I think certain companions of mine enjoyed certain musical performances in the convention as well…

From right to left: Me, Francis, Bryan, Bob, Wacks, and Gabby.

From right to left: Me, Francis, Bryan, Bob, Wacks, and Gabby.

Now, I’d like to thank my companions at the con very much for hanging out with me! Thanks very much, Wacks, Gabby, Francis, Bryan, and Bob! You have helped Tobby improve! I hope that I have helped you improve too, dear companions!

Well, now that that’s done, time to get some rest, and then get back to doing chores and work and other important stuff! And again, I’d like to praise the Lord, and I’d like to ask God Almighty to help us all as well!

And hey, see you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! \(^o^)

Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #5

I shouldn’t be surprised by the crap in the world anymore. It’s a part of reality. I have to fight against it, that’s for sure. I feel like so many of us think that making the world a better place is freaking easy. No. Being heroic, helping the world improve, they’re never easy. I shouldn’t be surprised by the difficulty. Still, imperfect me gets scared at times, imperfect me feels lazy at times, and imperfect me goes crying at times. Mistakes are inevitable, yes, but improvement is always possible. Improvement is a complex and delicate procedure. A lot of people today will probably scorn me for trying to be an optimistic critical thinker too. I seem like I don’t understand those people who are drowning in despair. Well, I guess I don’t quite understand them now, but I do want to understand them, I can understand them, and I need to understand them. Not like I can’t feel pain, though. But I’d rather take suffering because of me doing something good than suffering because of me doing something bad. You can do it, Tobby. All that annoying chaos is there everyday, so you’ll have to beat it up properly every freaking day. You can have fun while doing that too. Now, time to go back to work, Tobby. Let’s go.

Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #4

Today has been a day when I felt even more properly focused because of physical exercise and household chores. Again, I thank God very much for those two things. If I didn’t accept Sharp Axe Bob’s invitation to go jogging with him and a cousin, I probably would have become way less focused on doing household chores properly while a very stressed and tired Fireball (that’s my mother, by the way) ranted about her kids’ laziness and complacency. And if Mom didn’t tell me, Sharp Axe Bob, and Ember Pile (my younger sister, yo) off, we probably wouldn’t be seeing the importance of chores, especially for people as old as me and Bob. Yes, the exercise was tough. I had a hard time trying to jog after about a kilometer of jogging. And yes, I found it hard to focus on doing chores properly while my tired mom ranted. But hey, growth happens outside the comfort zone. I think a lot of us these days think that we can grow up properly by staying in the comfort zone a lot. There will be times when we’ll need to be in the comfort zone, yeah, but staying in the comfort zone for too long is laziness. All the awesome people that I look up to, they didn’t become awesome by just being self-deprecating couch potatoes. They know their limits, they know that they can improve, and they know that improvement comes with struggling. The pain is annoying, yes, but I prefer using the pain to lead me to being stronger than the pain. And now, I should stop overestimating myself when it comes to how resistant I am to the influence of self-deprecating couch potatoes in the Internet. It’s time to unfollow certain people in certain social networking sites, then…but hey, hey, I’ll be coming back to help those self-deprecating couch potatoes be more than self-deprecating couch potatoes in the future. And now, I’d like to thank Sharp Axe Bob (a younger brother of mine), Fireball (my mother), and God (of course) very much. Please keep on helping me in improving myself, yo! \(^o^)