Souzou Forest – TOB Tagalog Cover

Huh, ang tagal na pala since huli akong gumawa ng ganito. At akala ko pa na hindi ko ‘to matutuloy, hahaha~

Anyway, eto, isa pang cover ng isa sa mga pinakapaborito kong kanta, pero sa Tagalog naman! Nabuhayan ng malakas recently ang loob ko para sa pag-translate at sa paggawa ng musika kasi. Saka matagal na ‘to, baka isa o dalawang taon pa nga na tagal, pero nagkaroon ako ng kutob na pwede maging magandang-maganda itong kantahin sa Tagalog. Saka August 15, so ‘yon. XD

Ah, at this time, among other things, may mga harmonies ‘tong take na ‘to, ‘di tulad ng nakaraang attempt ko. Saka gumamit ako ng subtitle template ni vgperson para mas may style yung video saka para mas madali kong trabahuin ang video.

Also, gusto ko talaga ‘to ipakita sa mga kapamilya’t kaibigan ko. Maraming salamat sa Diyos uli! 😀

Ngayon, heto ang mp3, at heto ang lyrics sheet. Pa-credit at link din po kung gusto n’yo din pong gamitin ang lyrics ko para sa mga sariling cover n’yo po.

And of course, honest constructive feedback. Penge po ng honest constructive feedback.

Tobby tried to sing “Headphone Actor”

So, after waiting for a number of days and going trial-and-error with deleting some browsing data, I’ve finally stopped delaying the upload of this song cover which was supposed to be uploaded on my birthday! Plus, I can’t go back in time, so yeah, I’ll deal with what I can deal with.

Anyway, about how I worked on this, well, I think I spent a day or two with recording and mixing vocals for this. I had already prepared the instrumental some time before, lowering the pitch and mastering the sound, the latter being something that I was doing along with a bunch of other offvocal tracks. As for singing the song, there was difficulty, even with the lowered pitch, particularly during the last hook, as I needed to make sure that I didn’t run out of breath while trying to stay on-key. Working on the harmonies also made me think about what can I manage and how I can improve there, especially considering how I hit the ceiling of my range while reaching the end of the high-range harmony track.

Also, I’ve been reminiscing about how “Headphone Actor” was one of the songs which really hooked me into Vocaloid. I think it was during 2012, back when I was just looking at example songs for various Vocaloids while sating my curiosity about the software that I found being referenced by anime and manga fans. IA was one of the Vocaloids I was checking, with Lia’s involvement attracting more of my interest towards IA, and “Headphone Actor,” an IA demo song, was one of the songs I checked out early on. Back then, I wasn’t quite attentive when it came to which musician produced which Vocaloid song and all that, but still, what made “Headphone Actor” so attractive to me was the combination of story and song. Eventually, while I searched for more Vocaloid songs, I found out about Jin, a.k.a. Shizen no Teki-P, and I became a fan of his works, especially the Kagerou Project. The interesting story + song combinations really got me, you know, and although I listen to other musicians more lately, Jin’s works still have a special place in my heart. Also, there’s a ton of other producers and works that kept me a fan of Vocaloid. I guess I can say that them song cover peeps helped out a lot there, too.

Well, that’s that for now, I guess. I’m not up for rambling around too much, see. Also, I managed to get through a semester of classes again, I’m on break from school right now, and I’m gonna go back to it on January. I should take the opportunity to spend more time on sleep and other important things right now, alright…that, and stories, collabs, and more…but first, more sleep…

Also, mp3, yo. And see you again in the den as well. And before I further forget, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Tobby tried to arrange and sing “Outer Science”

I’m back with an arrangement + vocal cover, yo!

Also, I begun working on this one way before I worked on the first arrange cover that I uploaded. Like, my work on this begun while I begun figuring out chord charts online. And yes, although I like how this cover turned out, I don’t think I can call myself someone who has a firm grasp on basic music theory. Not like I can’t learn, though.

And speaking of which, I’d like to send special thanks with the upload of this cover! There’s Fuyuneru and Toshihiro, Youtaites whom I had asked for feedback regarding my arrangement plus help when it came to looking for a singer for my arrangement. I’d like to apologize to them as well, though, as I had done things that were contrary to their suggestions, such as having myself as the singer in this cover. Still, it’s not like they weren’t worth thinking about, so yeah, I’m still thankful for their thoughts!

Special thanks also goes to TechniKen, who had given me some encouraging feedback on the arrangement plus motivation to work harder on the vocal mix!

And last but not least in the Special Thanks section is a Vocaloid producer who had a lot of influence in the making of this cover: Tenshi~Akari! She got me improving the beat of the arrangement, and she also introduced the wonders of bass instruments to me! Along with those was an increase in my music knowledge, too!

Now, there’s one more person I’d like give credit to: Mcki Robyns-P! She helped me out with mixing the tracks, especially the vocals, and she also mastered the cover track. The result is something that I like very much, yo!

And here’s a reminder about how dark “Outer Science” is~ Freaking nuts, no?

Meanwhile, about my life lately, yeah, this semester is nearing its end, and as usual, I need to work hard and accomplish my academic requirements, yo~ That, and I should go talk with my parents sometime soon…

Oh, and hey, this cover’s mp3, yo. Also, here’s the offvocal. Don’t forget to credit me, The Overlord Bear, if you’re gonna use it, okay? Oh, and notifying me about that is a more fun idea, if you ask me.

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

For Jin-san’s birthday, Tobby tried to sing Souzou Forest again

This is a late upload, with me having decided to make it a day before Jin’s birthday (which, I guess, is better than uploading it ten days earlier). Still, I’m confident in this retake of a song that’s freaking dear to me. I find my voice sounding better with a raised key, and I think I can say that the audio quality of this is better than my previous attempt at covering this song. Also, this cover has no harmony track, as I think that my singing sounds more natural that way.

Oh, and even though I can’t really watch it, I’m freaking excited about the KagePro MX4D movie! Special mention goes to sidu having the director role and to the character designs, yo~ Also, I wanna sharpen up my Japanese skills and properly get my own copies of the light novels and the manga! Oh, and then there’s Mekakucity Reload! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Ah, and speaking of KagePro, I might do rearrange covers of Momo’s songs sometime…and emphasis on “might,” ’cause I got other things I gotta focus on, like school and homework, household chores, and that one music video I haven’t started working on yet.

Okay, so now, here’s this cover’s mp3, yo! \(^o^)

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! 🙂

For Momo-chan’s birthday, Tobby tried to sing Otsukimi Recital

For those who are wondering…yes, Momo Kisaragi is a fictional character. Not very book-smart, but she’s way more skilled in social stuff than Shintarou, her older brother. Also, her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I feel like she’d have the most fun on that day by being with the Mekakushi Dan, though. Idol life is freaking difficult, you know, especially with Momo’s other circumstances.

So yeah, happy birthday to my favorite (fictional) celebrity. 🙂

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

Tobby tried to sing Mozaik Role with 40mP-sensei’s Arrange

I decided to sing this while my throat was recovering from singing a bunch of harder songs. Oh, and I’ve seen my improvement in mixing while I was mixing this cover too. I can see it in my more frequent double-checks and audio track comparisons, yo. But for me to know the full extent of my improvement, I’ll still need to know your thoughts, dear nutshellcrackers, especially thoughts from those who are more experienced when it comes to music.

In other topics, I’ll be posting a story in the near future, and I guess it’s a start of another series. I think I can call it a short story series too…

Anyway, here’s this cover’s mp3.

Tobby tried to sing Ayano no Koufuku Riron for Jin-sensei’s birthday

Speaking of Jin-sensei, he hasn’t tweeted in a long while…so, I pray that he gets more strength, yo! Also, shocking news happened during this day, and that news is Suzumu-sensei’s retirement. Even though I feel disappointment at that, I also feel glad about him admitting his weaknesses and continuing to live on. I wish strength for him too, and I’ll definitely be making a cover of one of his songs as a way of showing thanks to him!

Wow, what a change of topic. Sorry, Jin-sensei…

So, I guess I should talk about my song choice for Jin-sensei’s birthay, then. “Ayano no Koufuku Riron” is what I sung for Jin-sensei’s birthday this year, and well, I chose that, because…well…I guess I wanted to show that I know that life is freaking tough and that happiness can still be found even if it’s hard to get.

(Meanwhile, Tobby kinda regrets not choosing “Otsukimi Recital”…)

Oh, and I decided to use Bikkuri-san’s acoustic arrange because my voice doesn’t fit with the original arrange.

Also, Tobby, I think you should put more focus on writing stories…and I think doing chores and exercise more can help…and hey, it’s Sunday tomorrow! Another day of spiritual rejuvenation is coming! Make sure to go to Mass with the family! And don’t be late for Mass too!

Now, get enough sleep, Tobby. And see you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! \(^o^)

Oh, and here’s this cover’s mp3!

EDIT (Oct. 11, 2015): I posted too early…’cause Jin-sensei’s birthday is on October 20…whoops…

Tobby tried to sing Souzou Forest

It was already around late afternoon yesterday when I realized that it was Marie (or “Marry” or “Mary”) Kozakura’s birthday yesterday. Working on it today, after getting sleep, was definitely a good idea compared to working on it last night. Lack of sleep really increases my freaking complacency…

Anyway, happy birthday, Marie Kozakura, you cute fluffball who I’d like to be friends with!

Cyborg Tobby tried to sing Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari

Thank you very much for the mixing and mastering for this cover, TechniKen! Also, I really like one of your songs, “Power”! And I really like two of your song covers, yo!

And now, here’s a link to an mp3 of this cover. I NEED MORE SLEEP AND THEN WORK ON SOME COLLAB COVERS AFTER DEALING WITH SOME MORE IMPORTANT STUFF TOMORROW Okay, now get some rest, you crazy bear.