graphy stuff

Here’s stuff I consider big enough to show off on a page instead of a post.

Voice Acting and Voice-overs

  1. Brendon Dumont in The Boogie Man
  2. “ANIMA”
  3. Sasha and Kyle’s Father in Countdown to Silence
  4. Jackson Fargo in Bullet Born
  5. Alik in “252 and 10”
  6. MrManhattan in “Banning Manhattan”
  7. Steve Cangrid in Academy of Swords: Side Stories
  8. Cam in The Fable-Land
  9. Myself and Shohei the Shota in AK Enoch‘s Shortposts
  10. Siegfried Kaslana in Mineplex VL’s Cooking with Valkyries English Fandub
  11. Todd in Eclipse Online


  1. “The Replacement (NG2’s Consolation)”
  2. “The House of 21st Century Gods” (also used in “21st Century Argument”)


  1. English Translation for “ANIMA”

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