Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2018

Okay, I feel like whatever specifics I have about the events of this month are blurred because of how tough it has been for me. Still, I’m certain that I’ve been managing to reach out for improvement and blessings, so thank God Almighty very much again and again and again!

And hey, I should say that all that stress has gotten me making real interesting Tobbywork pieces, and so far, the most interesting to me there are two poems. I also have some fanfiction chapters in the works, and I decided to indulge my impulse to write a Danganronpa fanfiction. I also have a KagePro fanfiction up on the list of stuff nearing the upload phase, but I think I may need to revise it some more…

Oh, and I really should get to recording them rap lyrics I already wrote down, especially a sort of relaxation from all the stresses of my daily duties and responsibilities and all that schtick. That, and freestyle more. I’ve been finding myself enjoying hip-hop more and more lately, y’know? Like, I even enjoy learning about its history! And I don’t freaking mind if I’m gonna mix my hip-hop practice with my appreciation for Vocaloid music~

Ah, and speaking of music, I’ve made a new Spotify playlist. I don’t feel like explaining how that came about, though. My head’s flown off my shoulders more than enough, yo.

As for school, I have to deal with projects and finish them within a week or two. Like, they’re creative outputs and critical papers, and let them be proof that being a Creative Writing student is just another brand of difficulty, even if it’s my passion. Though hey, I’d like to thank God Almighty very much, still, for I can feel Him through things like how after-school has been more and more fun with my religious org now in my life…like, I’m now an official member of it, too!

And speaking of God, man, I can feel Him pushing me to be more consistent in terms of following Him. Like, even through loved ones I manage to piss off with my fame-obsessed ass and skeptical peers I have to deal with everyday. Witnessing the merciful justice of the former and the relatable complexity of the latter makes me wanna praise and thank God very much, alright. God Almighty keep on helping us all, then!

Now, here are the posts I put up in this blog this month:

Oh, and I should draw some more again during my free time, too…

Anyway, honest constructive feedback. You know what to do! ^_^

Tobby tried to sing “Additional Memory”

The end of the current semester is nearing, and surprisingly, I managed to make this along the way. At the same time, it’s also surprising to have free time, so much that I end up feeling confused about what to do next when I do realize that I have free time. I guess that’s some sort of inertia, then? Well, at the very least, it’s another reason for me to thank God Almighty very much again, yo~

Now, I am also surprised that not only I have sung this KagePro song with an MV before another one with a music video makes it more outdated, I can also sing this song in the original key, way unlike most of the previous KagePro songs I’ve tried to sing so far. I thought I couldn’t at first, but that was actually because of a sore throat I had when the song and its MV first came out, so yeah.

Also, I think I’m managing to be more aware of how I mix audio. I’d like to thank Pat yet again very much as well because of that, otherwise y’all nuts would probably find yourself drowning deeper into my voice, so much that you’d forget that there was an instrumental in the first place. Gotta give a chance to that freaking awesome instrumental too, yo~

Oh, and working those harmonies and ornamentations sure has been going more fun for me lately. Pop songs be helping me appreciate all that more, too~

Anyway, here’s the mp3 for this song cover.

Now, I gotta go chill in further preparation for the big final weeks of this uni semester…and hey, gimme some honest constructive feedback, yo! \(*A* )

Ah, and by the way, Mekakucity Reload is freaking awesome~

Flash Fiction: Return

Here’s a story about someone known as a light bearer.

The Dark Netizen

Praises be sung, our lord has returned victorious. 

The cheers and chanting continued throughout the capital as its ruler made his triumphant return. The citizens lit torches and kindled celebratory flames in order to welcome their light bringer. They sang praises of his exploits in battle, how he alone destroyed half the enemy army. They celebrated their victory over their greatest enemy, one who was threatening their very way of existence. The roads leading to the palace looked like rivers of gold, and the palace itself shone like the sun.

The Festival of lights marked the Demon king’s return.

Word Count: 99

Prompt: Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge Nov 1

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Goblin Slayer and the Root of Horror

My friend just increased my interest in Goblin Slayer. Whoop-dee-doo~

Medieval Otaku

The Halloween season has given me some impetus to think about the horror genre.  A while back, an academic named E. Michael Jones was on the Patrick Coffin show explaining how he thought about the horror genre.  He has written at least two works on this subject: Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film and Sex with Monsters.  Jones believes that the modern horror genre arose as a reaction to the free love movements of the 19th century and reached its full flowering following the Sexual Revolution.  Many persons were hurt by the myriad problems which inevitably arise from sexual licentiousness and enjoyed a cathartic reaction from a central message of many horror stories: sex can kill you.

School Days You all know how this story ends.  Or, if you don’t, School Days should be on your list.

School Daysmight be the anime locus classicus

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