Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – February 2020

It’s not really the last day of this leap year February, but I’d like to get this up now ’cause I’m gonna be too busy for blogging this weekend. That, and I’m starting my new job as well in the following week, praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again.

Also, Lent’s already started by now, and considering how more properly busy I gotta be about both my new job and my Tobbyworks production queue, I decided that I’m not gonna post anything here on March ’til the end of it, the day when I’ll post a reflection for the Lenten season, which I’ll follow up with an Easter reflection post on Easter Sunday. I’d also like to send my thanks to the Beneath the Tangles community as well for helping me consider the Lenten sacrifice more seriously. I can’t exactly say how the Tobbyworks output would end up after that, but I believe that it’ll be better, one way or another.

Now, regarding stuff during this passing month, I’d like to start off with announcements about some bigger voice acting roles I got, which I’ve also updated on my graphy stuff page: Jackson Fargo in the Third Eye Storytelling fiction podcast series Bullet Born and Alik in the short DarkTree Audio story “252 and 10.” One’s a kinda snarky idealist sidekick in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, while the other’s a hammy psycho fresh meat prisoner in a dark comedy sci-fi setup. Also, I’d like to remind you all about the one-route/kinetic visual novel Countdown to Silence, ’cause I recently cleared it, and though I’d say that it could use better sound design and more original sprites, I’m also pretty impressed by the power concepts, the plot, and the voice acting. And one more thing: I have a stupid Casting Call for a stupid short audio story project.

With all that said, next to talk about are the posts I’ve made on this blog, which I went through as promised:

  1. “Terror Toucher,” which has some JoJoke
  2. “One Man’s Trash,” a crazy P4 fanfic starring Tohru Adachi, Marie, and Teddie that I’m probably gonna make a companion piece for
  3. “In Security,” which also has Satan as a strip club patron
  4. “Shots for Shots,” a P3 fanfic centered on Strega (but mostly Chidori)
  5. “Noise and Silence as Death,” where the mass media gets wrecked and some guy who worked in it tries to run away from it all
  6. “Miracle Real,” in which I think about my true best girl out of the five I consider my best girls in Bandori

Praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for the strength and the challenges. Also looking forward to your honest constructive feedback, so yeah. That, and prayers.

Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – January 2020

Yo. Posting frequency and variation have been limited this month thanks to stuff like job hunting and delayed production, and I think I’ll go back to a weekend posting schedule in the future, too. Still, I think I can get a bit more out next month, especially with all the transcribing and revising I’ve been doing from my phone to my computer. In particular, I’m planning to post a one-shot fanfic a day after posting a prompted short story. And speaking of fanfics, I need to get myself together better to continue working on multi-chapters like Crawling to the Dawn…Seriously, the number of faves and follows that one  been getting on continues to surprise me.

Also, my voice acting activity’s rising again, especially through Casting Call Club, and I’ve been getting a bunch of more exciting opportunities! For example: Why didn’t I seriously consider audio dramas before? That, and there’s Countdown to Silence. I have a pretty small role there, but considering the other efforts I’ve noticed in that fully voiced visual novel, I think it would be quite rude for me to not plug it as much as I can.

And now, here’s a list of the prompted short stories posted this month:

  1. “Jerking Jerks”
  2. “Obstacular”
  3. “Apocalyptic Admission”

And yeah, I was having some tough times this month, alright. There’s them colds and aggravated allergies, for example. Still, praise and thanks be to God Almighty very much again for the challenges along with the strength as well!

And one more thing: Happy Feast Day to Saint John Bosco!

Apocalyptic Admission

Apocalyptic Admission

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “The apocalypse is coming. Humanity has received its first warning sign: Not an earthquake, nor a meteor, nor burning hellfire. An essay, with the following prompt: ‘Please state why you should survive armaggedon (min. 100 words).’”

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