Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2022

If you’ve had the guts to bore yourself to death by fully watching my instances of streaming this month and before this post, you’ll have already learned that I’ve gotten some more free time, a new controller cable, and an additional monitor. Still, I don’t know how much use I’d get from all that, especially from my additional monitor, if I weren’t staying at my grandparents’ place with my more personal space and the stronger Internet connection. So yeah, may God Almighty keep on challenging and guiding me to learn and do my best to be of service to my grandparents.

Oh, and speaking of hardware upgrades, I now feel like I should’ve mentioned this some time in a monthly digest post right after I got it a few months ago, but I also got a new phone, one that can help me be a VTuber. But since I’m pretty picky about quality on top of being this squishy-brained bum, you’re gonna see more of me taking advantage of the HD front camera first. Also, speaking of YouTube stuff, I think I forgot to mention this in the last monthly digest post, but the Community tab in my YouTube Channel is now open, so yeah.

Other fun stuff this month worth noting here…Well, I think I really further got into holostars’ Uproar, especially Gamma, particularly through his YT Shorts I’ve been doing translation attempts on in their respective comment sections. Jumproar and Uproar’s 3D debuts also helped a lot. And one song cover by all four of them has been kinda stuck in my mind lately. And so continues my discovery and appreciation of holostars’ bro energy I’ve been missing out on and been in denial about for so long because of how I’ve been cynically leaning into my stereotypical cishet maleness, which I think my struggles with also helped spawn this reflection I posted this month.

And speaking of holostars some more, I’ve made my first cover of a Rikka solo original. More holostars covers to come in the next few months, too. I also made a fanfic starring Tempus and Kronii. Even got the strength to write more English translyrics for holoPro originals. Also, to conserve my strength and all that in line with doing what I like, I’ve decided to lighten up on original music plans.

And the following month shall be my birth month, with me turning 26 on the 13th. I’m planning on releasing something big on the Sunday before that, too. And apparently, all of Uproar’s gonna stream in 3D together on December 3. And of course, there’s Christmas, which happens to be the day of my final monthly digest post for this year. May I also have the strength to endure them crowds during them celebrations.

Now, honest constructive feedback, please~

Rikka – Re:Hello world (English Ver.) – TOB Vocal Cover

Back to holoPro covers, and I make a comeback to covering Rikka, though this is the first time I’ve covered a Rikka solo, given the first time I covered him along with Calli as a more obnoxious perv posing as a wise guy. And what I’m covering here is Rikka’s and holostars’ first original song, with this official English version having been made and released in commemoration of the original version’s MV hitting half a million views on YouTube. As someone who wants to cover holostars songs in English, official stuff like this and Tempus’s Top of the World go higher up in my priority list, and this song’s heartrendingly bright and refreshing vibes certainly helped me have fun with it. I think I also wanted to put this off for later, but remembering Rikka’s 3rd anniversary that got celebrated last month in so many ways had me wanting to upload the cover not any later than I already have.

Now, if you listen carefully, you’ll find that I did some modifications on Polymorphic Symphony’s lyrics for more natural flow. I also lowered the key, thus the extra dissonance as you watch Rikka being synced to my brattier voice. Still was a challenge to sing, though, especially considering how I had to control myself away from making my voice break while adding a bit more power during the final chorus. I mean, I wanted to yell that one part in the final chorus harder, but yeah.

Also, this is my first time working with k., who gave crisp tuning and clear and fluffy mixing to my vocals! She even convinced me very well into adding some artificial harmonies to the mix! I don’t think I even had to ask for corrections! It’s an honor to work with her, alright!

All that said, here’s an mp3 copy of this cover. Looking forward to your honest constructive feedback, too!