Share Happiness, Friendship, and Virtues This Christmas, Tobby!

Today, after a Biology class, while I signed on the attendance sheet, I also had to write what I wanted for Christmas. Without hesitation, as I needed to talk with my groupmates in class and also because there were other people waiting for the attendance sheet, I wrote this on the “What do you want for Christmas?” part:

a copy of Mekaku City Records (Regular Edition)

And then I went on talking with my groupmates. But when I got out of the building where I had my Biology class, this thought suddenly dawned on me:

I think I’m focusing too much on getting material gifts for Christmas again.

When I went to Mass last Sunday, I was reminded that Christmas these days is getting too commercialized. When it’s Christmas, more people buy from stores because of Christmas sales, children expect really great gifts from their families or from Santa Claus, everyone’s decorating their homes to fit the season, people are preparing for Christmas parties where there’s lots of eating and gift-giving and socializing and blah blah blah…

You know what, people, maybe we’re forgetting the true spirit of Christmas. Well, for us Roman Catholics, Christmas is the time when Jesus Christ was born, and it’s a time for us to practice and spread happiness, friendship, and virtues. But it seems like some Roman Catholics are forgetting that, too. It seems like I’m forgetting it, too.

I see and hear of poor people, and it’s saddening that some people forget, or worse, don’t even care about them. Well, being sad about them and blaming others isn’t going to help. I should do my part to help them. We should do our part to help them. That copy of Mekaku City Records that I wanted…at least for my birthday…that can wait. Those gaming consoles, computers, video games, and all those other luxuries that we want to have…they can wait. There are better ways to be happy, there are a lot of reasons to be happy, and we can find these ways and reasons if we choose to have some willpower and look for them. What’s amazing is that we can find true happiness close by, too! Once we find that, we should spread it. There are people who are suffering out there. Let’s show them happiness, friendship, and virtues, people! Even if you’re not a Roman Catholic…even if you don’t celebrate Christmas in your religion…whoever you are…let’s spread happiness and friendship! Even if we’re different from each other, respect can connect us. We can decorate our houses, we can give gifts to people we care for, we can buy what we want, we can prepare parties, but whatever the season, even if it isn’t Christmas, let’s not forget to practice and spread happiness, friendship, respect, charity, humility, and all the other virtues! Christmas is supposed to remind us that even more, you know!

Well, if you don’t want to believe or if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, then I can’t change you. You have free will. We have free will. I can only influence you. You can only influence me. Still, I hope that you would find the light, and if you do, I hope that you would spread it to illuminate the great darkness out there. I believe that there’s always at least a glimmer of light in a sea of darkness, you know.

Now, time to remind myself again:

Share happiness, friendship, and virtues this Christmas, Tobby!

Also, keep on sharing happiness, friendship, and virtues, no matter what the season, too!

Keep calm, look at the bright side, and friendship for the win, people!