You are a bear

Hello, I met a fellow bear today, and this bear lives in a world where you can be a bear with the help of writing and imagination! Now then, would you like to be a bear for a while, dear reader?

Hello, I am a bear

You are a bear. You wake up in a dimly lit cave. Your eyes are adjusted to the low light, so you are able to see the textures of your surroundings. You are about to begin a new day as a bear. There will be many obstacles, mental and physical, for you to overcome. You might find something important. You might meet someone important. You might get hurt. You might eat something. It is up to you. As a bear.

Your fur is warm but dirty.

The cave floor is soothing. Cool.

Your surroundings motivate you to…

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Why Traditional Marriage is NOT Discrimination

And here’s a follow-up to my previous reblog, which was about defending marriage.

Also, I love it so much when conversations and arguments are done calmly and respectfully, you know. Freaking nuts! ^_^

The Catholic Husband

This video answers the question with Charity, Clarity, and Catholic Principles.
Fantastic! #DefendMarriage

Pax Christi,


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I don’t want society to rip apart its foundation, which is the family–the basic unit of society, you know. Oh, and if you ask me about homosexuality and why I don’t approve of it, I’ll say that…well, that’s not how sex works.

And the by the way, I may not approve of homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean that I’m obliged to rain hatred on the existences of homosexuals. What I’m trying to beat up is the sin, not the sinner’s existence. Hating a person’s existence is pretty much ignoring their potential for being good people, and ignoring that potential is an attitude that I’d like to rain imaginary bombs on.

Anyway, friendship for the win! And #DefendMarriage, too. Freaking nuts.

The Catholic Husband

I spend alot of time talking about marriage and its importance. This is a cause I believe in wholeheartedly, and without reservation. If we do not take a stand now then marriage as God himself instituted will be lost to our society. Many of us are faced with the choice of talking or acting. This is an action everyone can take. This petition is important – and it provides a peaceful and democratic way to ensure our voices are heard and our numbers counted on this issue. If ever there was a time to step forward and be counted – this is it. Do it for your wife or husband, do it for your children and their children, but just do it. Take 3 minutes out of your life and sign the petition.

We will never be heard unless we speak aloud with one voice, in deafening solidarity.

After you…

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