The Hooded Man Who Broke the Unbreakable Barrier




“It’s…finally broken…”

After so many days of hitting a part the tall, strong, and impenetrable iron wall that surrounded the whole enslaved city, the determined man in a hoodie finally broke it.


As the hooded man calmly breathed with relief and success, he looked around him. Actually, he didn’t do it alone. He started it, but eventually, people started to help him. Or perhaps it should be more appropriate that everyone, except the selfish government and its supporters, helped him.



“We did it!”

“We can finally get out of this damned place!”

Most of the now free residents shouted and jumped with joy. It was a long time ever since they were locked up in the city like the other cities in their country. Greed, dishonesty, and selfishness ruled the government, and it led to that state of affairs. Cities were ruled by usurpers, and most of the people bowed down in submission. There were those who stood up and fought the government with blades and firearms, but they all ended up losing. It seemed like all hope was lost back then.

But suddenly, a man who wore a hoodie started whacking the iron wall with blunt objects each day. Of course, he was arrested and imprisoned at first for vandalism, but he still kept on doing it again and again even after he got out of prison. He was arrested and set free again and again, until the government decided to reinforce the walls each day to break him down. The other residents looked at the hooded man as a trouble magnet, too, so they didn’t want to get involved with him.

But still, the hooded man never stopped. He whacked the wall as usual, becoming calmer and more determined as the days passed. Still, the government kept reinforcing the walls, but the hooded man’s actions started to influence the people. One day, a boy joined the hooded man in whacking the iron wall, and then the number of people started increasing as the days passed. Eventually, the government became worried at how fast the walls were being damaged, so the mayor decided to send soldiers to reduce the city’s population by shooting down a great number of residents. Thing is, the mayor’s plan didn’t go so well. Most of the soldiers defected, as they found the mayor’s orders to be going too far, and they also realized the evil that reigned over the government. The whacking of the wall continued, and eventually, the mayor decided to take matters into his own hands, riding a tank to kill the people that were disturbing his so-called “order.” At that time, the mayor’s forces were outnumbered, and they were all stopped with minimal bloodshed, and the mayor and his forces were imprisoned by the people themselves. After that time, the whacking of the wall continued without delay.

And now, they have finally broken it down. They have finally gained their freedom. They gained it with unity and hard work.

“I knew…that this would work…” the hooded man said to himself as people started crowding around him. He was then raised and carried by the people in celebration.

“Let’s all praise this hooded man, for if he never stood up and started whacking the wall, we would never have gotten out of this city!”


The hooded man smiled at this victory that he and his fellow residents gained. He always looked at the bright side, calmly taking life one day at a time, and balancing his time by taking breaks and helping others. His goodness was rewarded well, and that encouraged him to go even further with whacking the wall. He never gave up. He always thought “I can break the wall” rather than “I can’t break the wall.”

And now, he finally succeeded.

“Thank you very much for this freedom. Now, I really need a peaceful sleep.”

As the crowd was shouting and exiting in celebration around him, he saw the shining sun’s rays shine on him again after a very long time of living in a city of smoke clouds.

And so, the hooded man peacefully went to sleep, contently smiling as the sun shone down on him and the people.

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