Wandering Weiss – Chapter 11

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction written by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

Previous Chapter: Confidence

First Chapter: A Change of Path

Chapter 11: Reflection

When Weiss opened her eyes, she found herself wrapped up in her bed’s thick blanket, her head pulling into her cocoon of fabric as she shied her eyes away from the shining sun’s rays.

But then there was the sweat, which stuck to her clothes and her body as a reminder of the difference in temperature which she had to live with.

Weiss let out a rough sigh, which was followed by a yawn, as she rolled over, sat up, and moved her hands for her hair tie, which had ended up removed and slept on sometime during the night.

By the time she found her hair tie, she then went to stand up and face the mirror in the inn room’s small bathroom.

It was at that time and place when Weiss took in how different she looked now.

She remembered how people often praised her for having a very pretty face, even when she didn’t have makeup. Weiss honestly preened at that, especially after she had that time of actively wanting to become a Huntress.

But now…it was like she was looking at a different person. The person in the mirror looked like Weiss Schnee, but Weiss Schnee probably wouldn’t say, let alone show, that she had a little darkening in her skin or somewhat more noticeable shadows under her eyes.

Still, Weiss thought about the good things which that new and different self got her.

Weiss Schnee would be more likely to call her current companions nuisances, and the current Weiss would agree…well, somewhat.

Wandering Weiss smirked when she remembered how she wasn’t scolded for last night’s crying.

“How’s that, then?” she voiced, smirk still up.

Maybe a lot – if not all – of those who gave praise to her face merely flattered her, wanting to get their hands on the fame which came with her former family’s name and all. Weiss Schnee had to deal with that, and Wandering Weiss considered that more difficult compared to her current state of affairs.

Not like she didn’t learn anything from her life with the Schnee Family, though…and the thought of that had Weiss frowning a little bit.

And not for the first time, the former heiress hoped that her father wasn’t actively hunting her down. She had found no sign yet, and no matter how much she hoped for that absence to continue, the thought of the inevitable still crept in her mind.

Maybe a check on the news circulating within the CCT network would be good?

But hey, why should that matter to her that much now? She had faced her father, stood her ground on her change of path, and got disinherited. A disinheritance should be a death sentence to a Schnee already, considering how prideful they all were.

So, if her father wanted her back, then she wouldn’t let him take her back. And besides, compared to the other Schnees, Schnee pride mattered to him a lot more, and wasn’t that something to think about, especially when his method of entry into the family were to be taken into account.

Taking a deep breath, Weiss jumped off that train of thought with a smirk. She then thought about how she had gained more loyal companions.

And speaking of companions…one of them just opened the door to the bathroom.

Of course, Weiss turned her head to face Jaune immediately.

What followed was a silence with a strange length.

Really, Weiss found the context weird. There she was, staring at her reflection, diving into the depths of the psychological and philosophical and all such complex things, and then her somewhat dear male companion had opened the door which she had closed, quickly drawing her attention away from what she considered a very personal act.

The former heiress cursed herself in her mind for not locking the door, especially since a corner of her vision had managed to register – even if it was a little bit – the sleeping form of her male companion sprawled on the floor with a pillow while she went to the bathroom. She also considered screaming and slapping the blonde guitarist, but years of trained emotion control held her back, questioning the worth of the retaliatory actions which probably weren’t deserved by the probable offender she was facing.

But hey…at least she wasn’t caught naked and taking a shower or anything like that.

Still, Jaune Arc had interrupted a very personal –

“I don’t know whether I should mock or apologize,” he told her, face still mirroring that awkward surprise. “Though I do feel like doing both now.”

“Get out,” she then told him, a blush creeping up her face.

Her companion musician then did so with an “Okay~,” keeping distance from the singer who breathed deep and went to do the forgotten task of tying her hair into a style which reminded her of her dear older sister’s.

After that, she did not make mention of that awkward moment again, and neither did Jaune.

“So, how was your date last night?” Weiss went asking, fixing her bed as she tried to kick the awkwardness out of the atmosphere.

“Would you consider talking about books and the meaning of life under the broken moon romantic?” Jaune asked back, leaning on the suitcase which was tagged as his and holding a pillow which definitely wasn’t one of the two which were on Weiss’s bed.

“That…depends,” Weiss answered, eyebrow raised as she slowed her fixing of the bedsheets. “Though that sounds awfully fast for a relationship development.”

“Not really. Blake and I call it the tip of the iceberg. That’s why she gave me this pillow.”

“Good thing you two are taking it seriously, then.”

“Wait, you understood that?”

“I came from a rich family, yes, but I’m not that dumb.”

The blonde then stretched his neck and head up and forward to look at Weiss’s handiwork beside him.

“I get what you mean there,” he said with a look and tone which annoyed the former heiress.

Still, a look at her wrinkled pieces of work got her giving some silent praise to the eccentric innkeeper and her staff. Certainly, they possessed better housekeeping skills than what she had.

If only she had set some time for learning housekeeping with Klein…He would have thought up a schedule easily, too…but that was something she couldn’t reach now.

“And I’m now more certain that you and Blake are a match made in heaven,” Weiss then decided to snark back. “But not one-hundred-percent certain, of course. Even I am aware of how such things take time, you know.”

“And here I thought that you were just a cold and unfeeling Ice Queen…” he said with an exaggerated dramatic tone, eyes closed and hand on chest as he slowly shook his head.

Soon enough, a grin cracked out of his face, which then met a thrown pillow.

“I’m going to go get breakfast,” Weiss said with a grin of her own as she turned around to leave the room. “And you know that I’m not that cold.”

That addition to her response was also accompanied by a recall of some embarrassing moments, but hey, at least they weren’t followed by worse consequences.

Still, she did a deep breath to help in blowing some more awkwardness out of the atmosphere.

After all, Jaune wasn’t that ugly…and of course, she didn’t want to get in the way.

“Good morning to you!”

Weiss was taken aback right as she entered the pub, causing her to put her arms up in front of her.

“Well, looks like Weissy has some combat instincts!” was the continuation of the greeting given by Nora Valkyrie. “You don’t look like you’re good at all those martial arts stuff, though, but hey, Ren’s good at that even when he looks so lanky!”

“Please don’t force me to do martial arts,” Weiss immediately requested, feeling a little pit forming in her stomach as she took in Nora’s probable declaration of bloodlust.

“Of course I won’t, Weissy!” the orange-haired girl answered with a smile. “That’s what Beacon’s for, you know!”

“I don’t think that’s even one of Beacon’s primary aims…” the former heiress muttered, and before she forgot what she came to the pub for, “I’d like some breakfast now, please.”

“Ooh, breakfast!” Nora exclaimed with a joyful jump, followed by marching in place. “Ren’s cooking today, and let me tell you something:” And she put an arm around Weiss’s shoulders, whispering, “He makes the greatest pancakes.”

“Okay, pancakes, please,” the wandering singer immediately replied, feeling very uncomfortable around the surges of the very energetic girl’s unpredictable personality.


And then Nora was off, just as quickly as she made her offer.

“And that makes you Pancake Customer No. 2.”

Blake then made her presence known, holding an open book while sitting on one of the bar stools.

“Did you have a good date last night?” Weiss then wondered, considering how haggard Blake currently looked.

“Yeah,” Blake answered, making eye contact before doing a roll of the eyes, “But work calls, and it calls loud.”

“Lucia and Nora woke you up?”

“No, I haven’t been sleeping a lot lately.”

“Yeah, Blake woke up way earlier than me!” Nora chipped in, poking her head out of the kitchen entryway. “Are you a zombie, Blakey?”

The raven-haired girl groaned at that, and she shut her book.

“A wanderer’s gotta do what a wanderer’s gotta do…” Blake then breathed out, leaning back on the bar counter.

“Well, I can sympathize with you there,” Weiss replied, moving to take a seat beside the other sleep-deprived girl. “Though I’m more of a morning person than you, it seems.”

And then they yawned at about the same time.

“Still sleep-deprived, though,” Blake added.

“Yeah…still sleep-deprived,” Weiss agreed.

The two girls shared some silence for a while, the breakfast time scenery in front of them being a mostly empty and quiet time and space. Utensils clinked as travelers ate beneath the light of the brightening sun. Open windows let a blowing breeze and a salty scent in. Chatter was soft and slow.

“So…” the former heiress continued, “Wandering as well, huh?”

“I’m not a musician, though,” Blake answered. “I’m planning to go to Beacon.”

“Beacon, huh…Why be a Huntress, then?”

At that question, Blake spent some silence. Weiss then saw her staring at the ceiling as well.

“There’s so much wrong in this world,” the girl with the book then said. “It’s not gonna be easy, but I think that being a Huntress…I think it’s something I must do.”

Silence from Weiss this time. Along with that, the former heiress stared at Blake’s serious expression.

Then, a laugh erupted from Weiss.

That laugh had no mirth in it.

And as expected, Blake looked offended.

That expression doubled Weiss’s laughter.

Really, it was like looking at the mirror again!

“Ooh, looks like Weissy’s going crazy~” Nora entered, plates of pancakes placed on the bar counter. “What’s the scoop, then?”

While Weiss let her mocking laughter pipe down, she heard Blake grumble and get off her stool, leaving the pub for the inn halls. The wandering singer didn’t follow her, though.

“Huh, what’s Blakey’s problem?” Weiss then heard Nora say. “And will she still eat her pancakes?”

“Nora!” Ren’s distant shout from the kitchen sounded. “Don’t eat someone else’s food without their permission!”

“Aww…” the orange-haired inn worker grumbled, but she didn’t leave her spot. “Anyway, what got your tickle bone, Weissy?”

“Just…” Weiss started, but pausing for a deep breath, “I was just reminded about how foolish I was back then.”

“Huh…” Nora replied with a still curious look. “That embarrassing?”

“Yes…That embarrassing.” And then Weiss reached for her served plate, fork, and knife. “But for now, it is time to eat the breakfast you dearly recommended.”

Nora then spent some seconds looking at the direction Blake left for, but then she went back to Weiss, watching her with an anticipating grin.

“Oh yes…You’ll be melting, Weissy…”

Weiss simply snickered at that, and then she went to eat her breakfast.

As expected, it was good.

“Hmm…this is nice.”

“Do you still remember your name? Do you still remember it?”

“Uhh…my name is Weiss.”

“Ooh, she forgot her last name! Ren’s pancakes have improved that much!?”

Weiss just looked at Nora with a dumbfounded expression, questioning how serious the pancake enthusiast was there.

But the former heiress shook her head moments later, continuing to eat her breakfast with a smile, all while Nora ran around to recommend her childhood friend’s pancakes to other customers.

“So, something happened with you and Blake?”

And then there was Jaune, whose order had been taken by Nora in what seemed like a flash. He sat down on a neighboring stool, eyebrow raised at his singer companion.

Meanwhile, as she met his eyes, Weiss chewed her food while going into deeper thought about that.

And then her chewing slowed down, ending with a slow and nervous gulp.

“I may have forgotten to be tactful with my thoughts and emotions…again,” she said with, hopefully, a face that showed around a quarter to a half of the nervousness that she was feeling.

At that, Jaune’s smile extended, and he put a hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t forget to apologize, then,” he said, and then he turned his head to a certain direction…right where Blake was standing…and peeking behind the door to the inn rooms.

Blake had a nervous look when Weiss saw her, but that nervous peek instantly turned into a sharp glare when she met eyes with the former heiress. That glare went behind the closing door as well.

If that wasn’t a challenge, then Weiss wouldn’t know what was.

“Good luck,” Jaune added, and then he turned to face the plate of pancakes in front of his stool by the counter.

And so, Weiss, without another word, stared into the distance for some moments, and then, with a deep breath, decided to approach Blake to apologize for being an insensitive jerk again…after she ate the rest of her pancakes.

But when she went to pick her fork and knife up, she found her plate void of any remaining pancakes.

“Wait, where are my – ”


Those remaining pancakes were taken by Jaune, who was giving her a serious look, as if he was saying that she deserved having the last of her pancakes taken from her as well. He had Blake’s uneaten stack of pancakes guarded around one arm, too.

One of Weiss’s eyes twitched at Jaune’s bold actions, and she even started trembling, but she closed her eyes and took a deep breath again, reminding herself to not whine about something she truly had fault in.

Still, she jumped out and stomped away from her stool, heading to Blake with a loud sigh.

Once she was past the door to the corridor of inn rooms, door closed and all, Weiss, with crossed arms, turned to face the offended ravenette.

But first, there was silence.

Well, angry silence.

And an incendiary smirk from Blake.

“If not coming here didn’t mean me being left to hang with destitution, then I wouldn’t have bothered coming here,” Weiss then shot. “And I would’ve had a complete breakfast,” she followed up.

“Pancakes with syrup aren’t exactly a complete breakfast,” Blake replied, smirk still up.

“Don’t you try to go wise on me, Belladonna.”

“Oh, no need. You’re already Weiss, after all.”

At that point, the punned found herself thinking about pulling the punner’s hair, all while mentally cursing the possibility of Blake and Yang meeting and bonding over horrible puns.

“So, what was it you said about being a Huntress again?” Blake then asked, arms crossed while leaning forward with that smirk still up.

It was like Blake knew some deep and dark secret about her, and that started making Weiss nervous.

Jaune knew of her being a former Schnee. What if she really offended Jaune that much by offending Blake like that? Unfair payback is what Weiss thought of such a thing, but it was still possible. Even the wealthy weren’t above doing such things, after all.

Still, it was no time to panic. All she needed to do right now was apologize, all while making subtle attempts at checking whether she was still in safe waters.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you,” Weiss then said after another moment of closed eyes and deep breathing, blue eyes painfully straight at Blake’s amber. “I…I just remembered how I was when I dreamed of becoming a Huntress myself…but…but I guess it’s unfair to compare myself to you. You’re you, after all, and I’m me. And…and I don’t even know that much about you…other than you being the girl Jaune’s dating right now.”

And Weiss swallowed and blinked, arms already released from their crossed form as she clenched her fists, closed her eyes, and took yet another deep breath.

Indeed, the former heiress cursed her short temper more than ever at that point.


Weiss then opened her eyes, sharing surprise with Blake, who was looking with a pleased and friendly expression.

The wandering singer then let out a breath of relief, which the inn worker giggled at. Weiss didn’t dare talk back at that, though, considering the close calls she had recently.

“We should get more sleep sometime,” Blake then said. “The lack of sleep – ” And then she yawned, ” – is really messing us up.”

“I agree,” Weiss responded. “I think I can get some good sleep today, but what about you?”

“Oh, Lucia’s in a good mood, I’m sure, considering how things went here last night,” Blake replied, smile growing. “I think I can ask for some rest time, then.”

“Well, go savor that while you can, then,” the praised singer answered with a smile of her own.

“Yeah…but first, breakfast.”

“Of course,” Weiss agreed with a knowing smile. “Your boyfriend’s waiting for you, too.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call him a boyfriend right now,” Blake noted as she passed Weiss by. “But I do like him, that’s for sure.”

The door then closed, only to open for some more moments for Blake’s peeking face.

“Oh, and let’s talk again sometime.”

And then she closed the door again, leaving a smiling Weiss.

The yawn that came out of the forgiven singer then led her to thinking about getting some more sleep, getting a bath, and the order in which the two activities were to be done.

Dear Winter,

I was going to sleep after taking a bath and such, but I then remembered the importance of maintaining regular correspondence with you. With that, I hope you are doing well right now.

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering about me, the recently past days have been quite a trying and learning time for me. My short temper, something you’ve had to deal with before, had endangered some very important relationships, and getting that close was indeed frightening. Fortunately, I managed to act quickly and smartly enough, and now I am in the midst of keeping my mind clear after the recent times of difficulty.

Also, I do not feel like bothering to write my thoughts down with pen and paper this time. I feel as if I deserve some time with ease after all those close calls, so here I am, sending you a message via scroll. And speaking of scroll messages, I have some curiosity about the mechanics and such behind your military scroll’s subscriber identity module. And yes, I am thankful for giving me that channel for communication with you, though again, I still would like to say that I hope that this doesn’t inconvenience you, for I don’t consider being a Specialist a casual matter.

Anyway, I’m in a coastal city in Vale, and I had recently finished a performance last night at the inn I am currently staying in. We had help from two fellow wanderers, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, who are also working at the inn temporarily for their expenses for Beacon. One can say that they have conflicting personalities – Ren being quiet and Nora being boisterous – but they are used to each other, especially with them being childhood friends. Now that I think about them, though, I wonder why they’re wandering all alone. Do they have parents? If not, then I guess I can say that I’m somewhat luckier than them. Still, maybe that’s an unfair thing to say. They’re not me, after all, and they’ll never be.

I guess some of that Schnee pride still causes trouble, then. Though I do feel good about this path I chose, still. I don’t have to worry that much about my companions’ loyalty anymore…though I probably will have to deal with the whispers of the public yet again, for better or for worse. The path I’m taking still has a spotlight, after all.

Ah, and before I forget, the inn I am currently in is the Pearly Shores Inn, run by an elderly but still energetic woman named Lucia. I hope that you gather up enough patience for her if you ever meet her, though, as she can be a very trying woman with her attempts at youthfulness. And please don’t worry if you ever have to stay here, as the services and facilities here are decent, as far as I’ve observed.

Now…well…I shall try to take some rest for a while. I shall try to sleep again, to be more specific, as I am deprived of that, though having better sleep in the long run will need a lot more well-timed sleep and awakening times. After some more time with sleep, I shall take some time to explore the city, though I should take some time to communicate with Jaune about our next targets for our work. Maybe the city exploration would lead me to prospective locations, now that I think about it, so perhaps a stroll with Jaune would be worthwhile…well, if I won’t be bothering him and Blake, that is. Blake’s the girl whom Jaune is currently dating, by the way. She’s similar to him, particularly in terms of the wisecracking, but she has a friendly side, a side I managed to earn, fortunately.

And now…I shall try sleeping again. Good day to you as well.

Your dear sister,


P.S. I almost forgot to tell Lucia about that added pay for Ren and Nora…and please send Klein my regards…and my regrets about not learning housekeeping with him.

Author’s Note: Hello, I have returned, and months after the previous update, too. I’m also back to school now, which means a higher likelihood of more sudden updates like this. I pretty much consider this extracurricular more now, though, so I don’t think I should be worrying about updating this a lot more regularly. Still, if I end up having enough time for this outside of school and house responsibilities, then hey, why not continue working on this to keep my writing skills sharp?

Anyway, on to some stuff that are more related to the contents of the story.

So yeah, to those who have been wondering, Cinder’s plot will be involved, but I don’t think it would be as focused on as canon does, nor would it be the same as the canon flow. Also, as a bunch of the canon events and their time skips in between is something that hasn’t been made very clear and specific by CRWBY, I’ve taken liberties with that. I would understand the confusion, though, as I don’t remember making the specifics of certain characters’ Beacon enrollment clear enough.

Also, this may be disappointing, considering the fun that can be found in shifting points-of-view and how such shifting seems like quite a trend these days, but hey, this story will be in Weiss’s POV only. So yeah, I apologize for any disappointment caused. Anyway, with that, expect certain stuff to have less focus or even no focus at all, making them seem out of the blue once they come into Weiss’s awareness.

And last but not least, Inthretis gets a lot of thanks from me again! He made me think about how to involve certain characters into the plot, see…and that’s pretty much it for now.

Now, don’t forget to give honest constructive feedback, dear readers! They’re highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated!

Next Chapter: Compassion

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