a piece of prompted fiction by The Overlord Bear

prompted by Pat/MeelkyWay for Prompted Productions with Pat

Prompt: “A person was cursed for an immortal life and it’ll only break when someone appears to be loyal with him. But, this person’s face is twisted and basically he or she looked ugly that no one wanted to be friends nor even show loyalty to him or her. The cursed person was ready to live his unending life until he met a dog.”


“Get him, Gruffy!”


If there is something I enjoy about my relationship with my dear Nappy, it is the part where I have to keep his body strong and well-toned.

Furthermore, keeping his body strong and well-toned is something that needs to happen everyday, so yay!

Oh, and of course, the fun-loving kids help very well there too! I wish he could make at least one with me, though…

Anyway, I sipped from a bottle of milk from the latest delivery, all while making sure to uncap another one for my love and putting the rest of the bottles into the fridge.

Then, I went out to sit on one of our chairs on the patio, putting one hand on its side and on my forehead to screen and focus my running love into my vision.

My mouth opened and let out a breath as our glinting eyes met.

And he looked quite surprised to see me, too!

“WHERE’S MY MILK!? WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” he shouted at me as he looked away and continued to focus on his running.

And that got me remembering something.

“Oh, I forgot to bring it out here! And I’m here to visit you, my love!”

Silly me, why did I forget to bring my love’s bottle of milk along?


I do not know why he hates dogs, but I do find the neighbors’ energetic Saint Bernard a good way to get him to exercise. Maybe his face cannot be fixed, but I am certain that the rest of his body can still be attractive! And maybe in a funny way, too, because people would not normally expect someone with his intestine-shaped brand of facial wrinkles as someone with toned muscles under all that!

And I have always wanted us to have better bonds with the neighbors. Especially with the kids.

Ah, why is my love unable to get my hints…? He let me stay in his house a lot even though I am cursed to be chased by men and women in suits and all other sorts of tight and sometimes motley clothing! I try to thank him through a lot of ways, but he thinks he does not deserve it!

Yes, his deep humility combined with his immense strength is wonderful, but I fear that one of those has made him quite oblivious to my deeper romantic interests…

Still, even with a sigh, I went outside, bringing my love’s uncapped milk bottle along with me to place on the table on the patio.

“Oh no, Old Man Nappy’s dead!”

Hm? That is quite a strange statement…

“Are you sure that he is not regenerating, children?” I called as I went to approach them. “I remember him recovering after being dropped into a pool of acid, see! That was the first time I met him, by the way!”

And then there was silence and stares.

I decided to give one of the kids a look, and then she shrieked as she fell to the ground, trembling as she should.

“W-Well, G-Gruffy got him down and licked him under his floofy flower shirt once, but he suddenly melted after that!” entered the big dog’s little owner, his dog whining while its tongue was letting off vapors for some reason.

“Oh my…”

That is quite…strange…

“Wait, is this even my love…?”

I ended up asking that when I noticed the lack of intestine-shaped wrinkles on the clearly smooth yet blankly staring face of the man’s body…a body which wore my love’s clothes.

Author’s Note: Aaaaaaaand we’re back! Took a while, but we did it again! And surprisingly, Pat’s fill is way more beautiful than mine, hahaha~ XD

So yeah, aside from the usual request for honest constructive feedback, do check out my partner’s entry for this prompt of hers: “A Good Boy, A Good World!”

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