Overcome Your Video Camera Shyness, Tobby!

You know, during my recording of the clips for this video, I noticed that at times, I had difficulty in delivering lines with proper facial expressions. If this went viral, I feel like it’ll become a meme.

Well, I guess that’s a sign that I’m still an amateur in acting. I’m not quite an outgoing person in the outside world, you see. I usually make myself obscure. But now that I’m showing my face in a video, I guess I should try to be more outgoing.

When I looked at myself as I played the video back before I uploaded it, I felt like my face needed a workout. Hmm…I really shouldn’t aim too high. I just need to aim for level best, and improve myself as I go along.

Hmm…maybe making videos like this can help me overcome video camera shyness…I should think up some ideas for another video when I have the time…and maybe I should do some facedancing, too…

Now then, time for a self-reminder:

Be more outgoing, so that you can overcome your video camera shyness, Tobby!

Feel free to say something!

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