Dreaming of Personified Desserts

I was sitting on chair in front of the table of my dining room, eating some vanilla ice cream, when suddenly…

“You…what have you done to me…?”

My vanilla ice cream, along with its cone, suddenly jumped on to the dining table, and it now assumed the form of a…plain-looking teenage girl with short, plain white hair. She wore a plain brown tank top, plain brown hoodie, plain brown pants, plain brown socks, and plain brown shoes. What was strange about her was that she had an arm cut off, with white fluid dripping off of the stump.

“This looks really wrong,” I said.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind!” my personified vanilla ice cream said with a smile. “I’m just another piece of food, right?”

“Yeah, so it’s time to go back to eating.”

And then I tried to go back with eating her, but suddenly, it felt so wrong.

“Can’t eat me, huh?” my vanilla ice cream told me with a smirk. “Then eat this!”

She then thrusted her remaining arm into my mouth, which caused me to freeze up because of her frigid temperature, which I just noticed.

“Brain…freeze…” I said slowly, having a hard time with all this cold assaulting my senses. Wait, does brain freeze even work that way?

As I started to ponder on that, I opened my eyes.

It was just another daydream…which ended up a dream in my sleep.

Eating desserts is probably an awkward topic in the world of personified desserts, huh?

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