Concerning That Which Cannot Be Understood: Aphorisms, Philosophy, Fragments

You’ll probably not agree with all of the statements here, dear nutshellcrackers, but I think that these statements are worth thinking about.


A Few Words In Retrospect

If a bird calls from a tree in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it happen?

Art is ordered chaos.

Science is religion widely accepted as truth.

You can vote about what’s next for dinner in a democratic system. By the time you have results, you might have starved to death.

Technology bridges machines: people-machines and people-made-machines.

These days, even toddlers and kindergarteners take entrance exams into prestigious (and expensive) preschools.

Consciousness is made from cosmic fragments.

There are many greater than I, a speck in the fabric of time.

Does a cardboard box have thoughts, emotions, memories? Is it not also a three-dimensional form? Length x Width x Height; x, y, z. Fill it with 65% water.

Sometimes I just enjoy the smell of books.

The media is used…

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