Wandering Weiss – Chapter 6

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

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Chapter 6: Patching Up

Weiss and Yang were the last pair to arrive at the house. In there were Jaune and Ruby, who were sitting by a dining table, and a tall man whom Weiss assumed was Yang and Ruby’s father,

“Yang, baby!”

“Oh, there you are! We’ve been waiting Xiao-Long!”

It was at that moment when Weiss understood where that habit of barely humorous attempts at wordplay descended from.

Meanwhile, Jaune slapped his palm into his face and groaned, while Ruby shook her head and sighed with resignation.

“And that’s our dad,” Ruby introduced. “He’s awesome in other things, though, like cooking!”

“And to prove it,” said the blonde hairedand somewhat darker-skinned man, “Here’s my latest batch of cookies, Ruby!”

The little red reaper seemed to have made a blurry swipe at the plate of cookies, and when Weiss had noticed, Ruby was already chewing.

“Hm, it’s better again, Dad!” Ruby praised. “A hug for you, then!”

“Aw, thanks, Ruby…” Mr. Xiao-Long replied, hugging his younger daughter back as well. “Oh, and I guess your new friends and I should be introducing ourselves to each other soon?”

Suddenly, there was a blur with rose petals trailing behind for a moment, and then Weiss felt herself hitting the ground.


“Oh, sorry, Weiss!”

“That’s Ruby, alright,” Yang quipped. She was probably smiling too, judging from the tone of her voice. “Here, lemme help you up.”

Weiss took her new friend’s hand without hesitation there.

“Thanks,” the wandering singer said, dusting her white dress when she was standing again. “I am Weiss…Wandering Weiss,” she introduced, doing a curtsy while mentally chiding herself for that near slip-up of her last name. “I work as a wandering singer with my musician companion there, Jaune Arc.”

“Nice to meet you, then, Weiss,” Mr. Xiao-Long replied. “I’m Taiyang Xiao-Long, Yang and Ruby’s dad. I’m also a teacher at Signal Academy, which you probably passed by while on the way to this place.”

Then, a sigh was heard from Jaune, who had pushed his seat away from the table as he stood up.

“I’m Jaune Arc,” he introuduced, extending a hand out and wearing a smile for the sake of politeness. “Weiss’s musician companion. I mainly play acoustic guitar, but I can also work with bands as long as the instruments aren’t too many.”

“That so, huh?” Mr. Xiao-Long responded, giving looks to the duo of wandering musicians. “Interesting. Nice to meet you, then.”

Handshakes were made after that.

“I’m glad to know that my daughters have made new friends,” the older man continued. “Especially one who made sure that my youngest didn’t run too fast,” he added, giving a look to Jaune.

“Yeah,” Ruby agreed, blushing while playing with her fingers. “Thanks, Jaune.”

“Sorry to say this, but I’m not really approving of Hunters, Sir,” Jaune replied, scratching the back of his head as he looked away with an awkward smile. “Not like Ruby can’t be better than most Hunters, though. And really, I can’t believe that Ozpin left us alone just like that…I think I should’ve been psychologically tortured or something in revenge, considering what I understood about his position, but he didn’t.”

“I’m pretty sure that the guy has a heart,” Mr. Xiao-Long answered, “Even if he does seem pretty off a bunch of times. And yeah, I think I can understand your anti-Hunter sentiment. Life as a Hunter is harder than what most people think…”


Jaune’s eyes seemed to have become distant after what Mr. Xiao-Long had said. Weiss could feel the concern in the room, and along with that was the former heiress’s curiosity regarding her musician companion and his history with Hunters.

“But hey, now’s not the time for that,” the older man cut in. “You two visited us for some fun, and I’m not gonna let the mood go crashing just like that. So come on, let’s have some lunch!”

Weiss blinked, and she remembered why she and Jaune had come to visit. She never really expected things to go this roughly, though.

Still, it would be a waste to drown in negativity, and wasting some good-smelling food isn’t something the former heiress wanted to do, especially when she ate significantly less than she was used to during her days as the Schnee heiress.

So, she went to sit by the table. But before that…

“Come on, Jaune.”

She needed to help her companion musician keep himself together.

As for his response, he nodded and followed.

Lunchtime was filled with fish and vegetables. Everyone except Weiss seemed to be pretty used to having to debone fish with their bare hands, while the former heiress tried her very best to hide her annoyance at how sticky her fingers were getting while she removed and set aside those pesky fishbones.

Fortunately, no one teased her about that. She was expecting some teasing, though, which made the lack of such a surprise to her.

With that, she took a trip to the kitchen sink to get the sticky soup traces out of her hands. There, she noticed some small stain marks on her dress, to which she let out a hidden groan.

“I need to get used to this…” she told herself.

After that, eating her meal wasn’t quite an annoying affair anymore. Small talk was done while she and Jaune ate with the members of the Xiao-Long house, though Jaune wasn’t very active when it came to their lunchtime chat.

Really, seeing him like that, along with being in this amazingly warm mealtime interaction, reminded Weiss of how cold and stiff she and her family were at the dining table.

“Hey, Jaune, is it okay if you and Weiss perform for us later?”

“Sure. You okay with that, Weiss?”

Well, considering what she and Jaune intended to do here in the first place, the answer was already obvious. And hey, the music can help them de-stress. Maybe it would even help Jaune get along with Yang better, especially with the blonde girl showing a friendlier side of hers.

“Alright, then.”

Ruby’s excited response, which included a cute squeal and a bright smile, lightened the atmosphere, making the former heiress and her companions by the table have bright smiles as well.

“I hope she doesn’t lose that joy-bringing part of her childishness as she grows up,” the wandering singer said in her mind. “Our world dearly needs that.”

A part of her tried to make a counterargument, saying that the little red reaper would definitely go through further suffering, but still…

Weiss kept on daring to hope.

After having lunch, the members of the Xiao-Long house and their visitors spent some time resting before the awaited performance. Mr. Xiao-Long spent a shorter while, as he washed the dishes and did some chores while letting the youths chill out.

As for how they were chilling out, the four were split up into two pairs. Jaune and Ruby were chatting outside, while Weiss and Yang were lounging in the living room.

“So…you sing, huh?” Yang asked, glancing at Weiss from her casual lying position on the couch.

“Yes,” answered Weiss, who was leaning on her seat with a straighter posture. “I’ve told you that recently.”

“That so, huh? Okay, so…What sort of songs do you sing, then?”

“I prefer classical, orchestral, and slow sorts of songs. I am trying to get used to singing more…modern genres, though.”

The former heiress felt some heat in her face as she remembered her recent experience with rock. Sure, it was more fun than expected, but still, Schnee pride was looking down on her, damn it! Schnees don’t scream like untamed animals! Schnees have control! Schnees have –

“‘Modern genres’? What, you sing rock or something too?”

Strangely, the former heiress was feeling more heat coming out of her face. Where did all those years of trained self-control go, then?

“Huh…I don’t get why you’re embarrassed, but I think that’s awesome!”

And then Weiss noticed the breath she had released at that. Really…did Yang just…


“Yeah, awesome!” Yang repeated, sitting up with a grin on her face. “Heh, you look like you did something worse than just being nervous in front of an audience. Did your voice crack onstage or something like that?”

And then the heat in Weiss’s face increased again. Was Yang purposely messing around with her?

“It was…not very noticeable…” Weiss added, desperately hoping that Yang wouldn’t understand and laugh at her failure back there.

Also, not making her own face twitch and strain was becoming a more difficult struggle.

“Talk about lucky…”

“You call that lucky? Haha, the thought of such a failure is embarrassing even though not many noticed it! It was my first time engaging with such a beastly and brutish genre, and I am having mixed feelings about it!”

And Weiss was breathing hard, taking time to recover her breath before inevitably noticing the shocked expression on Yang’s face.

“O…kay…?” the blonde girl tried to answer. “I still think it’s awesome, even though it was your first time with it…”

The wandering singer, blushing with a shade of red that was probably shining, decided to not let that irrational pride of hers take over again.

“Thank you, Yang,” she said, making eye contact with the blonde girl.

Then, Weiss breathed out a heavy sigh.

“Everything okay here, girls?”


Suddenly, Mr. Xiao-Long entered the living room. He also had a black-and-white corgi in his arms.

When Weiss saw that dog, she became certain about her answer to Mr. Xiao-Long’s question.

“Yes,” the former heiress answered with brightened eyes. “Everything is fine.”

“Weiss, I think you’ve spent enough time with the dog already.”

“He is no mere dog, Jaune. He is Zwei, a very good male corgi. Also, five more minutes, please.”

She knew that she had to part with the super cute dog eventually, but why do they need to experience such inevitable parting?

“Sorry to say this, Weiss, but you promised us a performance,” said Yang, who took Zwei into her arms.


The dog whimpered along with Weiss there. Is there any way for their friendship to continue?

“Wait, I got an idea!”

Ruby had declared that, but even the little red reaper’s energy wasn’t enough to cheer Weiss up.

“How about you perform a song about Zwei?”

Well, perhaps that can help them deal with the inevitable farewell?

“Do you want a song for you, Zwei?” Weiss asked the super cute dog.

“Arf!” Zwei barked, and the former heiress didn’t think that it was a tone of something other than agreement.

“Alright, then!” the wandering singer declared, standing up and feeling taller. “Jaune!”

“Right here.”


And Jaune did some fast strumming, with chords switching, some well-timed pauses, and eventually…

Well, Weiss sang instinctively. Besides, the current audience was made up of three people and one super precious corgi. And as long as her audience, especially the corgi, had fun, well…she would continue singing, of course!

Yes, Weiss felt her joy increasing when the audience started dancing along with the music that she and Jaune were making.

When the song ended, she heard cheer-filled howls.

Indeed, Weiss had never felt so happy before.

With that, the music continued until they tired out.

“Uncle Qrow’s home!”

Weiss, who was sleeping on the floor with Zwei, was jolted awake by the loudness of a door being slammed open and someone shouting words out.

“Dust damn it, Qrow…” the former heiress heard Mr. Xiao-Long, who had slept on the floor as well, but on another side of the room. Currently, he was rubbing his eyes and sitting up along with his daughters, who were by his sides.

“Ugh…why am I getting a sense of deja vu right now…?” said a groaning Jaune, who had slept on an unfortunate spot, which was right beside the doorway.

“Huh…I was expecting more energy here,” the tall and scruffy man on the doorway asked. “Did I miss a party or something?”

“It’s not that sort of party, if that’s what you’re asking, Uncle Qrow,” answered Yang, who was stretching herself out.

“Aw…Oh well…I need some sleep, anyway. Tell Tai that I’m borrowing his room again, okay?”

“I’m right here, Qrow!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know…”

The man named Qrow passed them by, heading to a corridor and going out of sight. Moments later, there was the sound of a door being opened and then closed.

“I need to move somewhere safer…” Weiss then heard Jaune say. “Away from the door…Away from the door…”

Then, a yawn was heard from Ruby.

“Uncle Qrow’s back…?” the little red reaper also asked

“”Yeah,”” her sister and her father answered in unison.

“Yay…I wanna sleep some more, though…”

“Ruby, Yang, we’re gonna clean up the house,” Mr. Xiao-Long declared as he stood up and stretched. “Come on, we gotta put this place back in order.”

Weiss then looked around to see what he was talking about, and yes, there was a mess. Chairs, tables, and a bunch of other things were pushed away from their usual spots for dancing space while Weiss and Jaune performed. Sure, it wasn’t like the aftermath of the rowdy house parties that the former heiress had heard about every now and then, but the way the furniture and such were arranged still constituted as a mess to Weiss.

A part of Weiss thought of just leaving the cleaning to the hosts and Jaune, but she quickly remembered her current status, which she thought about with a sigh.

“Dad, can’t we chill out some more?”

“Yeah, Dad. I wanna sleep some more…”



“After cleaning this place up. I don’t wanna have to this put off again and again, and you know me when it comes to messes in the house.”



“Look, even Zwei’s up for cleaning!”

“”Fine, Dad…””

Well, maybe cleanup time wouldn’t be so bad with such an amusing family around…

Now, time to wake another person up some more…

“Jaune, we need to do cleaning.”

“Right now? Ugh, fine…”

Despite that response, Jaune did join the cleanup. He seemed to be used to doing such things, too, judging from him not looking as uncomfortable as Weiss while in the middle of cleaning.

As for Weiss, though…

“So…do I sweep like…this…?”

Asking such questions earned her weird looks, and it made Weiss’s awkward look even more awkward.

“Well, you do it like this…” Mr. Xiao-Long cut in, breaking the awkward silence. “Come on, follow me.”

At that, Weiss felt like the older man knew who she really was, along with not letting other people know unless she allowed him to.

And so, the former heiress nodded, following Mr. Xiao-Long on the path of learning how to do some household chores.

After cleanup, they were seated again in the living room, but with the girls on the couch, Zwei on the seat, and the two awake males sitting on different spots on the floor.

“Ah…” Mr. Xiao-Long breathed, looking up at the electrically illuminated ceiling. “How refreshing.”

“It’s harder to sleep now, though,” Ruby followed, forearm standing between her chin and her thigh.

“Eh, that means more time for girl talk with you and Weiss later!” Yang added, grinning at her fellow females. “We’ll be sleeping in my room, girls!”

“Ooh, that’s gonna be so much fun!” an excited Ruby replied, legs swinging while she held her hands together. “Best. Day. Ever!”

“Is that so…” Weiss responded, not feeling excitement at the sisters’ level. She never had enough time for such things during her time as Schnee heiress, and while she lived as such, it ended up becoming something that seemed shallow to her.

Still, with her unable to become Schnee heiress anymore, the idea of having such a sleepover was somewhat more welcome to Weiss. Plus, she wanted to understand the lives of people from the classes below her former social class.

“So…who’s that Qrow guy?”

Suddenly, Jaune asked that question, making Weiss remember that strange man who barged into the house and slept in Mr. Xiao-Long’s room.

“Qrow?” Mr. Xiao-Long replied. “Oh, he’s Yang and Ruby’s uncle. Well, biologically, he’s just Yang’s uncle, but we’re pretty close, so yeah, even Ruby calls him ‘Uncle’ as well.”

“That so, huh…?” the blonde musician said, eyes gaining some sort of distant look. “He’s a pretty…weird guy, alright…”

“Yeah, I get what you mean there,” the older man agreed. “And like it or not, he’s a pretty skilled and respected Hunter.”

At that, Jaune snorted, and he didn’t speak further, only looking up while leaning on one side of the seat where Zwei was curled up on.

Mr. Xiao-Long seemed to have understood what Jaune was feeling, considering the older man’s sigh, which was followed by a look to the bedroom corridor, a shake of his head, and a sigh with a “Dust damn it, Qrow…”

Then, Mr. Xiao-Long stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“I’m gonna have to make dinner now,” he said. “Feel free to make yourselves more at home while you wait.”

Weiss then looked at her companion musician with concern. Sure, they had fun, but he still seemed to have some emotional burden inside him.

Still, prying wasn’t a good idea. She’d let him be for now.

When Weiss looked at her fellow females, they were also wearing concerned expressions.

“Looks like I’m not the only he has issues with in this family, huh?” Yang wondered, awkward smile formed on her face.

“I hope you all get along better…” Ruby said, her expression of sadness making expressions of cheerfulness tougher to make.

“Well, come on, let’s set up our bedroom our later first!” the blonde girl shouted out, jumping up into standing position. “And for now, let’s give some space for Jaune. He needs it, you know.”

And with that, Yang went to the corridor which led to the bedrooms.

As for Ruby, she was looking at Jaune.

When Weiss turned to look at her companion musician, she saw him with his eyes closed, still leaning on one side of Zwei’s seat.

After some seconds, Weiss turned around and went to follow Yang.

“Come on, Ruby,” the wandering singer also said, hoping that the little red reaper would feel better later.


Well, at least Ruby was following.

“So…the three of us will be sleeping…on two beds?”

“Well, more close contact means more fun! I will kick your ass if you try to cop a feel, though.”

If Yang’s probably joking response was supposed to embarrass her, then Weiss would say that it wasn’t causing its desired effect.

And if there were someone to be worried about when it came to close contact, then said person would be Yang. Into girls or not, the blonde girl seemed to be of the sort who would kick people out of her bed and/or keep them awake through annoying snoring.

“Sleeping on the floor is a better idea for the two of us, Weiss,” said Ruby, who had the look of someone who experienced suffering within the resting territory of her Goldilocks-like older sister.

“Well, looks like I’ll have to put your bed back into your room, then, Ruby,” Yang commented, moving to lift the transferred bed, only to be interrupted by Ruby’s hand grabbing her shoulder.

“Keep it here,” the little red reaper ordered. “So you won’t fall off the bed.”

At that, Yang was silent, but there was a growing smile on her face.

“Aww, thanks, Rubes!” the older sister then went, giving her younger sister a very tight hug.

“Air…I need air…”

Weiss giggled at that interaction. For a few moments, she also wished that her own older sister would have that sort of energy, but she then continued with considering a cool Winter a more natural Winter.

Yes, the former heiress would consider herself lost in another world if her older sister acted as boisterous as Yang.

“Still, we’re gonna have our girl talk on the bed for extra comfort!”


Yang’s really tight with the hugging, alright.

Eventually, the blonde girl released the wandering singer, who took in a deep intake of air after that hug.

As she recovered, Weiss also saw Ruby’s smile.

“Welcome to the family, Weiss,” the little red reaper said.

“Welcome to the family!” Yang shouted, pulling the other two girls into a gentler but still energetic hug. “Even though you’re gonna leave and wander around again, Weiss.”

“Yeah…” Weiss replied. “I guess I’ll be free to come back here some other time, no?”

“Of course!” Ruby assured, smiling.

“No freeloading, though!” Yang added, grinning.

Weiss chuckled at that.

“Of course,” she said.

Suddenly, there was some knocking on the door.

“It’s time for dinner, girls!” the voice of Mr. Xiao-Long carried.


And so, three girls shouted with energy as they ran out to the dining table.

“Well, hey there, girls!”

“Hi, Uncle Qrow!”

“Yo, Uncle Qrow!”


Weiss’s energetic entry along with Ruby and Yang grew awkward when the sisters greeted their tall and scruffy uncle, who was sitting by a dining table that had another big bowl of vegetables.

The man named Qrow had probably tried to give the wandering singer a greeting after playfully ruffling Ruby’s and Yang’s hair, but he paused, expression turning into that of confusion.

“Ice Queen?”

At that, Weiss looked at Jaune, who, while sitting on a seat that was far from Qrow’s, was now looking annoyed at the scruffy man.

“I didn’t tell him about the nickname before that, if that’s what you’re thinking,” the blonde musician also said, having caught Weiss’s look. “And hey, don’t even think about asking further, you drunkard,” he added to the man who had some reeking traces of alcohol scent.

“Who are you?” the former heiress couldn’t help asking Qrow. From the way he reacted to her appearance, he seemed to know Winter and her seriousness.

“Huh, someone who doesn’t know me…” the uncle commented, scratching the top of his head, before pausing again and pointing an index finger up. “Wait, are you a Schnee?”

Weiss felt one of her eyes twitching. Maybe she should’ve kept silent and let Jaune handle the rest, but no, there was no turning back now.

“No, I am not,” she answered. Sure, he may be ignorant, but reminding her of her disinheritance still caused soreness in her.

Also, dread started creeping up on her when the thought of the implications of her disinheritance crossed her mind. Said thought made her angry at her and her immaturity, and she dearly hoped for her survival in the future.

“Really?” Qrow asked. “You remind me of someone named Winter Schnee, you know…with that pale skin tone, those blue eyes, that bunched-up hairstyle, and, uhh…no rack, though…but hey, you’re beginning to remind me of her some more! You a fan of her and her hardass ways or something?”

Weiss then felt her left hand clenching into a fist.

“Excuse me?” she asked the rude man. She wasn’t going to let that rudeness slide, alright, especially when said rudeness involved insulting her dear older sister.

“Whoa, someone’s a hardcore fan,” Qrow continued. “With the way you’re acting right now, you’re probably qualified to be her sister!”

“That is because I am her sister, you insolent fool!”

And then there was silence.

A shocked expression was on the rude man’s face.

Ruby and Yang looked confused.

Jaune sighed, shaking his head.

Mr. Xiao-Long, who had just arrived at the scene, could be heard muttering another “Dust damn it, Qrow…”

“Wait, what are you talking about, Uncle Qrow?” Yang asked. “Who’s Winter Schnee?”

“Yeah, who’s that, Uncle Qrow?” Ruby followed. “Is she someone famous?”

Qrow blinked, looked at his nieces, and answered.

“Yeah,” he said. “Definitely, with her family and their business.”

Then, he turned to look at Weiss.

“Though with you here like this…I guess the rumors are true, then.”

“Rumors?” Weiss questioned in her mind, eyes widening. “I should have noticed more than one instance of Jaune and I being stalked by reporters and paparazzi already at this point!”

It was strange to think about, really. She had faced her father’s rage at her intent to let go of being the Schnee heiress, and she knew how cold he could get…right?

Did he still care for her?

“No…no, that’s just cowardly…No turning back…He would reject me further if I attempt to return…”

Yes, Weiss was sure about that aspect of her father: He hated people who held weak resolve.

“Weiss? You okay?”

To her surprise, she was brought out of her thinking by Jaune, who was now standing beside her.

“Yeah…” the former heiress answered halfheartedly. “And I’m sorry,” she couldn’t help adding. “I should have kept silent.”

“Eh, we’ll deal with what happens next,” Jaune told her. “And it seems like you’re pretty lucky right now, ’cause apparently, there’ve been no crazy SDC-related scoop hunters while we’ve been out wandering.”

“That doesn’t discount the possibility of such reporters trying to find me, though.”

“Well, when they show up, maybe we should kick their asses away.”

“That sounds like a stupid idea.”

“Well, you want them to go away, right?”

“I’d like to smartly drive them away, thank you very much.”

“Are you really famous, Weiss?”

“Yeah, really, Weiss-cream?”

Suddenly, the two sisters of the Xiao-Long household were beside the duo of wandering musicians, curiosity in their faces as they leaned towards them.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, so…

“Yes,” Weiss confirmed. “You can say that. Strange is how I am not being chased by reporters and paparazzi, though…”

“Well, isn’t that lucky, then?” Yang asked. “I mean, none of those hounding dumbasses around, after all.”

“Not like they won’t be around, Yang,” Jaune refuted, which caused the blonde girl’s eyes to widen for some moments before blinking. “Also, you’re forgiven. Sorry for being a jerk today, too.”

Wait, what?

“Wait, really?” Yang asked, her violet eyes very widened this time. “Wha…How?”

“Oh, you know…friendly people…friendly chats…some space…” he listed, a blush on his face as he looked away. “Okay, just…just…I don’t mind if you don’t take it, okay? That feels fair – ”

And he was cut off by a hug from Yang.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you so much!” she exclaimed, emphasizing that last “Thank you” via accidentally giving Jaune less air. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear!”


“Oh, sorry! I’m really sorry again!”

“Apology…accepted…” Jaune replied, breathing hard with a smile.

“Welcome to the family, Jaune!” Ruby greeted, accompanied by a yip from Zwei. “Group hug time!”

And all the teenagers did a group hug.

Oh, and Yang made sure to not cut off airways this time.

“Hey, can some old men join in?” Qrow’s raspy voice interrupted.

“No alcohol for tonight, though, Qrow!” Mr. Xiao-Long shouted.

“Eh, sure, as long as we’re one happy family!”

And so, a stinky old crow tried to join a group hug.

“Ew, Uncle Qrow!”

“Uncle Qrow, you need a bath!”

“I forgot about the stench! Ugh!”

“Away from me, away from me!”

“Aw, damn it!”

“Hahahaha! That’s Qrow, alright!”

They all had dinner that night, still.

“So…how’d you meet Jaune?”

“One angry meeting after my supposedly last concert. It was very life-changing.”

“Hm? How so?”

“I don’t like that look you’re having, Yang.”

“Ah come on, I’m just kidding around, Weiss-cream!”

With Mr. Xiao-Long and Jaune excitedly dragging stinky old Qrow Branwen to what the two blonde males called a “unique boys’ night out,” the girls plus Zwei were currently in Yang’s room, wearing pajamas while sitting on Yang’s special sleepover bed.

Ruby was wearing a red-and-black set with a checkered design, Yang was wearing a plain yellow set with a buttoned top, and Weiss was wearing a simple blue-and-white set that didn’t bear the Schnee family insignia.

Also, Weiss had her hair down, letting the usually bunched-up locks reach her upper back.

“You’ll have to work on your humor, then,” Weiss told Yang.

“Alright, then, Ms. Know-It-All,” Yang answered back, smirking. “Why don’t you enlighten me about the tricks of the experts, then? Of course, that’s assuming that you have a sense of humor.”

Now that pressed Weiss towards trying to find a good answer more quickly.

Hm, maybe that would work…


And so, with a pillow, Weiss whacked the blonde girl, knocking her off the bed.

“Ow!” Yang added, making Weiss smirk.

That smirk lasted for a few moments, though, as the blonde girl threw a pillow at the former heiress’s face, knocking her down as well.

“You picked the wrong gal to have a pillow fight with, Weiss-cream,” Yang said with a confident tone, towering over Weiss.

“Hey, don’t ignore me here!” Ruby interrupted, waving her arms in the air. “I wanna ask questions to Weiss!”

“But you’re missing out on a pillow fight, Ruby!” the older sister tried to dissuade.

“Yang, you always win pillow fights,” the younger sister deadpanned. “And I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to beat Weiss there, too.”

Well, Yang did seem intimidating and ready to wrestle her opponent to submission back there with the way she spoke and towered. Better to be spared in exchange for some bruised pride, then…or maybe…



What followed was a tangle of attempted wrestling moves, something that Yang managed to control more easily than Weiss could.

“Told ya, Weiss-cream!”

“Well, at least you tried, Weiss.”

As a result, Weiss was on the sheet-covered floor, with one cheek touching the surface while Yang lay on a pillow that was right on top of the former heiress’s head.

“Fine, I surrender…” Weiss declared, leading the top-heavy weight on top of her to get off from her position. “Now, what questions do you have, Ruby?”

At that, the little red reaper in pajamas played with her fingers while she scrunched up her face in thought. Then, she swallowed, and then…

“Are you and Jaune…together-together?”

Wait…that’s it?

“Haven’t we talked about that already?” Weiss asked back, eyebrow raised. “We’re not like that. We’re just business partners, so to speak. That, and friends. Strange friends, I guess.”

“Really?” Ruby wondered, and wow, the hope in those silver eyes of hers didn’t do a lot to hide her crush on the guy.

“You’re still having that crush on him, huh, sis?” Yang quipped, causing Ruby to blush.

“W-Well…yeah…I have a crush on him…and to be honest…I’m jealous of Weiss…”

Now that made Weiss snort.

“If you were in my place, you’d be trying to tear your hair out,” said the former heiress, wryly smiling. “Sure, he may be smarter than me when it comes to the streets, but when he teaches, he rubs it in.”

That, and she still didn’t think that her current state of life wasn’t finished with the delivery of surprises. Jaune often took charge when it came to dealing with their clients, and although Weiss had observed Schnee family members doing business before, dealing with concert logistics, let alone in lower-class settings, was a clearly different field that she didn’t deal with much before.

Well, looks like she’ll have to up her confidence and be more involved with Jaune when he works those deals again, then. Business was one thing which she found great importance in, and although mistakes were a daunting and sometimes inevitable prospect, she was going to make sure that she and Jaune weren’t going to be cheated.

“No more Ice Queen sitting in the throne room all day, then.”


And Weiss let out a yelp as she fell over and hit the floor again.

Then, she heard Ruby and Yang’s laughter.

The former heiress then let out a huff as she sat back up and rubbed the back of her head.

“You were thinking pretty deep there, Weiss-cream!” the blonde girl said, wearing a grin again. “Come on, lighten up for now! Whatever it is, I’m sure that you can deal with it!”

A part of Weiss considered Yang’s advice stupid, but trying to think more about business and the future and such held heavy thoughts up ahead.

Hm, maybe a little more fun wouldn’t be so bad before she went back to work again…

“Thanks, Yang,” a smiling Weiss told the blonde girl.

“No problem! Now, what to talk about next…?”

“Oh, oh, I know! ” Ruby entered. “Yang’s going to Beacon! She’s definitely gonna be awesome there!” But then her excitement went down. “Though I am gonna miss you…”

“Aw, don’t worry, Rubes!” Yang assured, giving her younger sister a hug and a ruffle to her shorter hair. “We can keep in touch! Though yeah, I am gonna miss you, too. Don’t go causing trouble while I’m away, okay?”

“I’ll try my best, Yang…”

For a while there, Weiss thought about discussing her own decision to not continue to Beacon and her history as a member of the Schnee Family, but seeing the two sisters in front of her like that made her think twice.

“Crushing somebody else’s dreams because my own dreams were crushed…How unfair. Plus, Yang would probably beat me up if I tried to do that.”

“Say, Yang, that hair of yours is amazing,” Weiss then decided to say.

“Well, I take care of it very well, of course! Anyone who messes with it will suffer.”

And some time later, Weiss ended up getting her hair styled by Yang, among other things that the three girls did before going to sleep.

And yes, Weiss felt like the night went by peacefully.

Author’s Note: Okay, seriously, this was a tough chapter to write. Perhaps my time management during the past week or two, which included increased Internet activity and processing of a bunch of heavy topics, was a major factor there. Also, special thanks to Feng Lengshun for some particularly worthwhile feedback on this fanfic. I’m gonna need to research lots more than I first thought, alright…and researching is also a part of a writer’s life, indeed…

Oh, and the approach of the V4 premiere is getting me freaking excited, yo~ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

And hey, better not forget: Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Next Chapter: -will show up next week, maybe-

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