Yeah, I Have Been Getting Scripting Help

Yeah, I Have Been Getting Scripting Help

some commentary on Lisa the Tearer by his manager, The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

Yeah, sexual madness taken down a notch, hopefully.

Previous Part: “Spooky Greetings from a Guy in a Nice Guy Costume(?)”

First Part: “Introducing Lisa the Tearer”

There are still some sexual references if you look closely enough at today’s video, but at the advice of some friends I’ve been consulting for this project, I decided to put more emphasis on Lisa’s Joker ripping, something that today’s Medium Mevlana, whom I met through a Discord server of content-creating hololive fans, also helped emphasize. God bless them, indeed.

And yeah, Lisa’s still gonna bug me, maybe even more harshly, but I’m feeling pretty brave lately. Must be because of, among others, my tiredness regarding having to explain to new collaborators about Lisa and his crap. And seriously, why am I even scared? I’m a hardcore fan of a Reaper VTuber, for crying out loud! And if Lisa’s torture is gonna be worse than death, then hey, at least I’m still alive, and I can still mock Lisa and his crap one way or another, right?

So yeah, just try me, Lisa. Just freaking try me.

Next Part: “Another Day, Another Posing”

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